1 . "My questions"

Posted by jams
on Jan-27-00 at 10:32 PM (EST)

I will start out by saying that I think his handwwriting evidence is weak and unconvincing. The FBI, CBI and US Secret Service couldn't make a match with a thousand pages of handwriting samples. I don't believe these people did it with two cursive notes and a page from a photo album. (The ransom note was printed.)

The lawsuit. It was set into motion when the BPD had the case - it had not been given to the DA yet. I believe that is why it was simply tossed aside.

I guess my question to Darnay would have to be - If you were serious about that lawsuit, why not do it again now that the DA really IS in control of the case?

Another question.... Since there is SO MUCH reasonable doubt here, why would you want this case to go forward? You would have experts say that she wrote the note but the defense would have an equal number deny it. (Your FAX proves that is the case, IMO.) So what is the motive to push a loser prosecution


2 . "Question. Well, questions."

Posted by Mr911Ross
on Jan-27-00 at 11:14 PM (EST)

1. Other than your interest in the murder and investigation of JonBenet Ramsey, what ties do you have to the Community of Boulder, or the State of Colorado?
(a) Do you, or have you in the past, resided or owned property there?
(b) Have you ever voted there?
(c) Have you ever paid taxes there?
(d) Are you a member of the Colorado Bar?
2. Do you have a resume, and would you mind if Jameson245 linked it to this website?
3. Have you ever personally tried a case, civil or criminal, in which handwriting experts were called? If yes, could you briefly describe the experience(s)?
4. If you were prosecuting the Ramseys right now, what would you consider the three biggest weaknesses to that prosecution?
5. Who would you charge with murder, and why?
6. How many murder cases have you tried, (a) as a prosecutor; and (b) as a defense attorney?
7. How many jury trials have you handled, (a) in civil cases; and (b) in criminal cases?
8.Ten years from now, what do you think people will remember you for, as it relates to the Ramsey case?
9. Do you believe that you will have had a positive effect on this case, and why?

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and attention to my questions.


4 . "Answers"

Posted by NewYorkLawyer
on Jan-27-00 at 11:41 PM (EST)
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As to my lawsuit: CRS 16-5-209 allows a court to review a district attorney's refusal to charge someone for a crime only if it is made without any reasonable basis in fact, or arbitrarily. Since a grand jury has looked at the case, and several additonal DA's have also examined the evidence, it would be difficult to argue that Hunter's decision was "arbitrary and capricious." There is no point to bringing it now.

The existence of potential reasonable doubt in the evidence of a crime DOESN'T mean it should NOT be presented to a jury. Remember the Louise Woodward Nanny case in Massachusetts? Barry Scheck and the other members of Louise Woodward's criminal defense team introduced what they believed to be reasonable doubt with conflicting medical testimony. The jury voted to convict anyway. IMO a jury would convict Patsy with the evidence in JonBenet Ramsey case.


1. The answer is "No" to all questions.

2. Yes, I have a resume. I once published it on CyberSleuth. No one was interested, and there were no comments after someone made a request. I'm disinclined to repeat the exercise. However, if you're interested, my biographical entry appears in the newest edition of Who's Who in American Law 2000, and in the 55th Edition of Who's Who in America 2000-2001.

3. No.

4. (1) Lou Smit's public statements of Ramsey's innocence; (2) The Boulder DA's office's statements of Ramsey innocence (i.e., Trip DeMuth, Pete Hofstrum, etc.); (3) CBI's chemical destruction of the original ransom note to test it for palm prints.

5. Patsy Ramsey under the Felony Murder rule. Patsy wrote the ransom note IMO and experts will show this to a jury. Under the Felony Murder theory anyone participating in a dangerous "predicate felony" (e.g. First Degree Kidnapping -- JonBenet was involuntarily removed to the basement area which makes it a kidnapping under the law and a kidnappping ransom note appears at the crime scene.)

6. None as a prosecutor; several as a defense attorney.

7. Numerous civil and criminal jury trials (the most famous being the Bernie Goetz case, which was broadcast LIVE worldwide on CNN and Court-TV.)

8. I don't know, AND I don't CARE!

9. YES! (I've been told as much by numerous reporters and lawyers.)


5 . "Simple questions....."

Posted by Maikai
on Jan-27-00 at 11:42 PM (EST)

l. What are your ultimate career aspirations?

2. Who is your hero, and why?

3. What kind of kid were you?


6 . "Maikai"

Posted by NewYorkLawyer
on Jan-28-00 at 00:01 AM (EST)

1. To continue to stand up for the rights of crime victims.

2. My father. The reasons are personal.

3. "Sweet."