March 18, 2000

From Jameson's WebbSleuths Forum:

"My husband and I went to Atlanta to spend Friday evening at a reception the publishers put on for the Ramsey book - actually it was a "dedication". The group asked that God would bless the efforts and let the book lead to the truth being revealed.

Guess I should start at the beginning.

We arrived a bit early - went to the lobby and bumped into Pam, Linda McLean and a few others - I am not going to name the people I met (well, maybe a couple) but will say I didn't understand why Patsy wasn't particularly looking at me as I walked toward her, got closer and, let me tell you, her cousin Debbie is REALLY a look-alike. (Her photo is in the McLean book.) The woman wasn't looking at me because she had no idea who I was!

We visited for a half hour or so until it was time to go to the meeting room (in a very, VERY nice hotel). It was invitation only and NO ONE got in that section of the building without their name being on the list. Or someone vouching for them. Lots of security and not one media person in sight.

The meeting room was set up with tables and chairs, coffee, tea, soda, finger foods. We all just mingled for an hour. Many people who had heard of each other got to meet. You can imagine that - I didn't know many people there, but I recognized a few and others warmly introduced themselves to me and thanked me for what I do.

Some of them do monitor the JonBenét forum - they send their kind thoughts to all members of this forum.

The publisher started things with a few words, the John and Patsy spoke. Of course they thanked all of us for coming, I am not going to go into too much detail but want to share a few things.

John spoke about why they wrote the book, then Patsy went down the dedication page. Family stood up and was recognized. She spoke about the lawyers being more than lawyers, they have been very special. She spoke about the investigators, then turned to the media. She spoke only of one journalist by name - Sherry Keene-Osborn. She gave a verbal tribute that moved many to tears.

moving on... then the floor was opened up and people shared their thoughts. They spoke of JonBenét - and they spoke of her parents, people they support now. Pam and Polly spoke, Susan and Glen Stine, Linda McLean, some others - I will not share names because they are mostly anonymous and I think would prefer to stay that way. John Andrew gave a wonderful little talk - the mild-mannered young man did a great job telling how he felt. John's step-mother and her husband also were there; they too stood up and expressed full support and love for John and Patsy. Jeff Ramsey spoke, and so did Lin Wood.

Lin Wood, movie star handsome, green eyes and styled hair, had the last word - as all good lawyers try to do - and he said one thing that impressed me greatly. Richard Jewell was persecuted for three months. The Ramseys have been persecuted three years and counting...

The TV's were turned on and we all watched the Barbara Walters special.

It was an emotional hour. The Ramseys had not seen the show earlier, we all watched the show together. It must be said, one couldn't help but watch the reaction of those around them. Pam and Polly broke down, John and Patsy reacted, but in more subtle ways. There were some cheers and jeers during bits of the show. (I am sure you can guess where) and there was silence when we saw the pictures of the injuries left by the stun gun.

How terrible that crime was - how terrible to have to relive it over and over - how terrible to have someone say YOU did it! My heart broke for John and Patsy.

We visited after - stayed in the meeting room until midnight, then moved to the lobby for more chat... my husband found himself driving us to our room just about 2 am. It was an amazing night.

The hopes of ALL the people present is that the book, the interviews, the articles, will bring about an end to this mystery.

If anyone has information on this crime,

PLEASE call 720-904-3739.

or send an email to

Or send your info to PO BOX 724505, Atlanta, GA 31139

Or somehow get a message to me - I will see to it that it reaches the Ramseys and their investigators.

This crime will not solve itself - if someone can help, PLEASE get involved before another child pays with her life! "