"Wolf police report - 7/27/92"

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"Wolf police report - 7/27/92"
Posted by jameson on Feb-23-01 at 09:38 AM (EST)

I managed to get a copy of a Sheridan Police Department police report. Chris Wolf was arrested for public indecency on 7/27/1992 - - and it was not a case of him "peeing on the side of the road".

Robert Christian Wolf was 32 years old and living on Pine Steet in Boulder at the time of his arrest.

At 10:20 pm, Officer Siskar was summoned to a business on SantaFe. A man there told the officer that he noticed a car stop in frnt of his business, a man got out and went to the north side of the building. The man said he went out to see what was going on and he saw Chris Wolf "...in the back parking lot with his pants down, his penis in his hand, masturbating."

Then a female approached Officer Siskar and told him that she had also seen "Mr. Wolf standing and masturbating..." She also said that Mr. Wolf "...walked up the stairs to her door with his jeans up but opened with his penis exposed and asked to use her restroom. She said no and he left."

Officer Siskar had the car info sent out over the radio and Officer Sample did locate the car, at 10:30, and Chris Wolf. The car was parked in the parking lot of the High Spot Bar and next to the Adult Palace.

Wolf was walking around outside, he was approached by officer Sample who told him that they were looking into a report of public indecency.

Wolf told the cop - "I was just taking a leak." At 10:35 he was read his Miranda rights, said he understood them, was willing to talk butmight change his mind later. Wolf told the officer he had been on his way to "the Smut Shop" - that things hadn't been going well for him, he had a lot of problems.

Wolf said he had been on his way to the "Smut Shop" (Adult Palace) when he decided to go into the alley to urinate. He said he had been urinating when he a female "...walked out and..."

... and according to the police report, Wolf then said he wasn't going to say anything more. He was brought to the Sheriden PD and processed.

He had $10.27 on his person.

I hesitated to share this with the forum, but the police report IS a matter of public record. I wouldn't do this but Mr. Wolf is saying the Ramseys hurt his reputation - - and in checking on his reputation, I am wondering what they hurt!

I would further point out that either Wolf is lying to his attorney or his attorney is lying to us. He indicated that Wolf had been to a beer party, needed to pee and some female passed by and took offense... that is NOT indicated in this report. Both a man and a woman said he was "masturbating", and I think most adults can tell the difference between that and "taking a leak".

There was no mention in the report at ALL of alcohol or possible intoxication. I guess I need to say that I have NO evidence at all that the man abuses alcohol, or even indulges.

Message to Chris Wolf - - PLEASE explain to me how the Ramseys hurt your reputation? I have been around for a long time and I knew that you had been turned in by a girlfriend, might not have a solid alibi for that night. I knew that you had some strong political views and didn't seem to like rich people flaunting possessions. But I didn't think bad of you. Like so many others in this story,I think you may well be just one more person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But YOU made yourself an issue - you said they hurt your reputation. So I started looking closer - - what reputation??? Not only did you do the "willy wagging", but by filing this suit, you made sure people would check on your history.

Your reputation, IMO, just dropped a whole lot - and YOU did it.

Suing the Ramseys is absolutely ludicrous! They didn't harm you. You and your lawsuit did.

July 27, 1992 Police Report