This was on Jameson's Timeline from December 1997. Jameson does not indicated where she found this posting on the Internet so there is no way to go back and trace it.

December 19, 1997

A post on the internet by BABAryan -

" I decided to visit JonBenets grave ......The headstone had just arrived this morning. The headstone is beautiful. simple but elegant. It has a small angel with a little heart in the middle of its chest. Her name is large. I had a chance to talk to Mrs. Ramsey. She is very striking, small and nothing like you would think she would be. Looking into her eyes, you will see pain not guilt I can tell if someone is trying to lie to me. Five min. with people and I can tell if you are giving me a line of crap. This women did not kill her daughter. I spent 15 min. with her and her step-daughter and a friend. Mrs. Ramsey said that the headstone is not all there yet. Another section is coming. she stated that so many people bring things to the grave that they wanted someplace for people to place their gifts Mrs.Ramsey said that they were at the cemetery last weekend and placed angels in the tree next to the grave. They placed two larger angels on the grave. Now with a headstone is looks peaceful and elegant. May god bless JonBenet and take care of her."

End of posting........