This was a thread from the old Boulder News Forum where a poster named "Lacey" discovered the word, "hence" used in the ransom note was also used in the Ramsey's Christmas newsletter.

Subject: Back from Hiatus
Name: Lacey
Time/Date: 13:17:47 12/29/97 (9:17 a.m. est)
Hello, everyone, just checking in and lurking around, trying to catch up on the news.

What on earth is the source of this stun gun thing? Guess I will have to go back a few more threads to pick that one up. Sounds like so much conjecture to me, though.

In working my way through Mrs. Brady's dailies, I did catch the Ramsey Christmas Greeting. Did anyone happen to notice their use of the word, "hence?" It struck me because it also appeared in the ransom note ... another tie to Patricia Ramsey??? In any case, I don't know anyone who uses this word in their normal speech so I made a note of it.

It will take a stunning presentation to convince jurors that she composed and wrote the note, but I believe it can be done. Point by point. Okay, must lurk.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! And happy new year to you, too.

Subject: Check in
Name: Postergal
Time/Date: 13:28:29 12/29/97
Thank you Mrs Brady. I became quite disoriented in your absence. Something just didn't feel right. I put salt on my grapenuts and sugar on my eggs, and then I realized I had my panties on backwards.

Lacey - I was worried about you. I just posted about it yesterday. Glad you are back.

Now Fly - where did you buzz off too? I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses your multifaceted perspective.

Subject: one more thing
Name: Lacey
Time/Date: 13:42:58 12/29/97
Thank you, thank you, I wondered if anyone at all missed me! Okay, I went ahead and printed the "hence" thing because I believe it is significant. The Ramsey Christmas Greeting and The Ransom Note both use, "and hence," and I think this is some kind of idiosyncrasy of the author. Don't misunderstand me, I am not considering this by itself; it is the aggregate evidence, and this is just another similarity.

Subject: Lacey: Welcome back
Name: Curious
Time/Date: 13:50:31 12/29/97
I also missed ya.
Good catch on the "hence" usage. Just another piece to puzzle.

Subject: Hi to Everyone
Name: Nina
Time/Date: 14:11:03 12/29/97
Lacey, great catch! Since the perps probably will not make a confession, they will -we hope- trip themselves up. This vocabulary 'trip' is one way. Very sad, the Susan Chase funeral report. Thanks Mrs.B.

Wondering if the Rams went away for the holidays, or are they lurking behind the curtains in Atlanta? I may have missed that.

I wonder if another transvestite laden cake is on order for PR's birthday today? hmmm.
See you later.

Subject: Hence
Name: Postergal
Time/Date: 14:05:03 12/29/97
Lacey - I agree about "hence" too. I'm sure Patsy wrote that Christmas message. It is so childish. It is fascinating how she needed to find, and share with us, a Sunday School style justification for celebrating Christmas. This issue must have been of great concern to her.

I would not be surprised if she is is using a similar, childish, "Christian" construct to justify keeping quiet about the terrible things she knows.

Subject: To Postergal
Name: Betsy
Time/Date: 22:46:14 12/29/97
I'm taking another work bread, so I may not see your answer for a while. I am tired of not being able to see the end of threads, and think maybe I should get a computer.

Unless someone knows if the new WEBTV coming out after Christmas will be able to see long threads. Also, I would like to see those videos you are talking about. I never got to see the early stuff. I WebTV going to have the capability to see moving images, does anyone know?

If I get a computer, I decided to get a state of the art Dell, as opposed to the Gateway, because people told me the Gateway has worse service for idiots, which unfortunately....Could someone let me know if the Dell is the best (I don't need graphics or anything fancy), and please tell the truth and no kidding.

About the "hence" in the Chistmas message. I admit that freaked me out, as well as the "reason for the season", which sounds sort of silly for a letter they could have had others edit.

Back last summer I called the hotline number and complained about the wording of the fliers---the "Read carefully..." etc.

That is when I was getting a little suspicious about the lawyers (I am always suspicious about lawyers, since a certain unmentionable family member of mine is a lawyer....enough said....), so when Michael Bynum was on PrimeTime, that made me look at his performance carefully, which I found somewhat strange. That stuff about him telling his height and weight (when he looked like a pygmy next to Diane Sawyer, but maybe it was the camera angle) was picked up by a few friends of mine as weird.)

Okay. Back to the "hence'. I use this word a lot because I write leases all the time even though I am not a lawyer, so it seems natural to me, but most people do not use that word, or words like ergo, or stuff like that.

Here are my explanations:

1) The same demented lawyers wrote that message, and should return any fees they charged the Ramseys, because it makes the Ramseys look ridiculous. The Ramseys should review stuff on their Web Page, and they are ultimately responsible for it, so I am surprised they let that be put there, unless they are away. Nevertheless, they are still responsible, and if they don't want all Burke's friends thinking they are crackers, they should have been more attentive to that site.

2) The Ramseys deliberately had the lawyers put the word hence in the message, so people, including the murderer/s, would think that they are guilty, and the murderer will feel secure and maybe try to murder again, but the authorities will all be watching the real murderers and will stop them from committing another crime, after they get enough evidence to arrest them for the killing of JonBenet.

If there are debtors prisons in this country, and if Con Edison uses them, my next message will be from behind bars (does Guiliani supply Internet in Jail---he's a good guy, so I hope so) because I am such a slob I didn't pay my bills yet. Be back later.

Subject: Re: Inside Denver
Name: Lacey
Time/Date: 15:33:43 12/29/97
She has definitely nailed it. Soooo many "you have to wonders." Makes ya wonder.

Just One More Thing then I will shut up -- I am trying not to obsess about this, but even the sentence structure is the same, maybe even ... identical: "If we monitor you getting the money early, we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence a earlier pick-up of your daughter."

You can drop that right into this format:

"Had there been no birth of Christ, there would be no hope of eternal life, and hence, no hope of ever being with our loved ones again."

They're down to a very small suspect pool. This similarity certainly bolsters my opinion that they must have her on that note.
Okay, I will go get a life now!

Subject: to Lacey
Name: Darla
Time/Date: 21:02:18 12/29/97
You are brilliant! This is something I would send an e-mail about to the police.

Subject: Call the decectives!
Name: Jan
Time/Date: 17:01:40 12/29/97
If you call the cops, and tell them the comparisons you noticed, maybe they could check it out and HENCE an earlier arrest. Great sleuthin'.

Subject: Good late morning
Name: Seashell
Time/Date: 17:57:38 12/29/97
to you all. Welcome back Mrs. Brady and you don't have to duck any rotten fruit from me. I think born agains become so, so that they can do just as they please and not have to feel guilty. The wearing of sporty crosses and quoting the Bible is justification for any evil act. Can you imagine the mentality of a person (PR) who actually believes that if it weren't for Jesus, we'd all be rotting in some hot place or other? I threw that dogma out when I was 8 years old.

Great catch on the word hence! She must be the only person in the galaxy who still uses it. Their culpability is so obvious and I wonder how Haddon can continue his job. He must love money more than justice.

Subject: the pious rams
Name: Mouse
Time/Date: 22:44:01 12/29/97
After enjoying today's consensus on old time religion, I am again amazed at how very like-minded most of us are -- like cookies from the same cutter! A good observation on "hence" Lacey. And Debbb, I think you're right about SBTC standing for Saved By The Cross -- no doubt placed there for good luck.

Subject: note
Name: Lurker
Time/Date: 14:34:16 12/30/97
Hi Allie.
Feel like ranting far as the handwriting goes...Are any of you going to convict someone on the unscientific, subjective goings on of dueling experts? Forget it. It's a small piece that is only going to be frosting on the cake. They need all the ingredients first. And as far as I'm concerned, the length,words, content of the note is more incriminating than the handwriting analysis.

P.S. Lacey...don't now where you saw the word, hence used by the R's recently, but if true, it's a shocking clue, IMO. How many people use the word 'hence' as part of their daily vocabulary.

Subject: Hence Usage
Name: Curious
Time/Date: 14:49:39 12/30/97
Lurker: Hence was used in the Christmas message from the Ramseys (see the RamseyFamily website).

The word 'hence' is typicallly used in logical arguments (debating, and math/science, programming, etc), and is rarely used in Christmas messages. I did a couple of web searches. The one with the most hits (almost 250,000) was on Infoseek. I scanned hundreds of the headings as well as dozens of the text bodies. You simply don't find the word used in casual Amaerican usage. Curious -- Lacey should forward her find to the police.

Subject: Curious
Name: Lacey
Time/Date: 16:06:16 12/30/97
I didn't know whether others would agree, but this similarity was very convincing to me that she did it, or at least, wrote the note.

This because of the small suspect pool that must exist by now, and the forensic document examiners' inability to rule her out as the writer. Comparing the two, The Note and The Christmas Message -- it's not only "and hence," but the entire sentence structure - you can drop one right into the other, format-wise. Ain't that weird???

I agree with you, and you know, even if you include the original suspect pool of those who provided handwriting samples, it's unlikely that any two of these people use this same type of phraseology. This is just something I noticed on my own, an undeniable similarity. A quirk of the author, to express herself in this way. The forensic document examiners obviously have much more, since they can't rule her out.

It's givin' me the chills. They've got her on the note. (And probably have for a while.)

Subject: To Curious
Name: Lurker
Time/Date: 16:14:00 12/30/97
Curious, do you have an URL for the Christmas message? I checked the Poltzin site...did I overlook it?

Subject: Luker: URL
Name: Curious
Time/Date: 16:40:37 12/30/97
Here's the Url to the Ramsey Family Statements site.
Sorry it took so long, things got busy here.

Lacey: Please get your findings to the police. You just can't be sure what they know and don't know.

or hit URL button.

Subject: Nah
Name: Lacey
Time/Date: 17:50:13 12/30/97
But feel free to contact them yourself, I hold no ownership over this info. I was hoping Mrs. B would pick this up on her daily, maybe she will call attention to it herself and save us the trouble.

And the fact is, I had my fill of notoriety over that letter to the editor last month, where my full name and city was on the Internet for a full week. Made me nervous, made me cringe. I had to keep reminding myself that this was for JonBenét and all the people who care about her still.

I don't want anybody tracking me down and bothering me. Sounds lame, I know ...