Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, January 7, 1999

"Peter Boyles-Thursday"
Posted by Panico on 11:48:03 1/07/99

Of course the show has all been on the hearing and Daddy Billy Boy, but he did have Carol McKinley on and was an interesting conversation. First part of it was kidding around about Carol's birthday tomorrow. I'm going to start a Happy Birthday thread for her today so that anyone that wants to can post on it by tomorrow--and I'll let her know it's there.

PB: Fox News and you broke the story of the subpeonas going out in the Ramsey GJ investigation. If you would maam, please talk about it.

CM: We knew it would happen--it happened over the holidays and the 5 people who were in the house the day of the murder, who were consoling Patsy, who were nuts wondering what was going on and saw everything have been called to tell the GJ what it looked like and what they know. So that means John and Barbara Fernie, who are, or are not friends of the Ramseys, I can't figure that out. I don't know if they've had a break up or not,

PB: Most people believe they have

CM: Yeah, I think that I've heard that Barbara Fernie is having a real hard time with all of it, just as so many other people in this chase... so those two -- Priscilla and Fleet White have been called and Hoverstock (sp?) has been called from the Episcopal Church in Boulder. He's important because he was Patsy's spiritual advisor early on.

PB: Uh huh, and there are people that believe he was maybe even a confessor

CM: Well, you know--you can always speculate that and wonder if she said anything to him, but she might have said something to him about someone else

PB: Indeed

CM: I mean, who knows just what he might have to say and what he can say, because I know there's a clergy/client privilege, you know.

PB: Absolutely, if you remember OJ Simpson and Rosie Greer

CM: Right--exactly

PB: There are people that believe OJ confessed the 2 murders to Rosie Greer, but because Rosie is a clergy, he could not be brought forward.

CM: Well, yet another parallel---- so the Fernies, Whites and Holverstock have been called in--from what I understand Fleet White may have to be subpeonaed because for some reason, he doesn't want to go in--after all that, I don't understand what the problem could be, it could be he doesn't trust the investigation still, but if he doesn't, he'll be held in contempt of court, so I imagine they'll get him in.

PB: I'm with you--if Fleet has written letters and attempted and did indeed contact Roy Romer and all the things we know Fleet has done, this is his chance.

CM: Right--and he has to realize that these men and women are really more of an independent body that any trial would be--they're able to ask questions, they're able to investigate on their own

PB: And he's got Mike Kane in there

CM: Mike Kane's in there and Mike Kane is a good guy--the cops call him their crusader

PB: Absolutely

CM: So we'll see what happens, but you know, we knew they were going to be called in sometime and it happened over the holidays. But I'm not sure what the dates are--probably in the next couple of weeks

PB: There was a story that this GJ is seated until April--or the funds are there till April, now there's talk about extending it beyond that--other sources have said this will be done by February, but how many times have we heard "This thing will be done by...."

CM: laughing---how many times have we had an office pool on dates? I'm thinking it's going to take longer than we thought. I really do--if they're just getting to these people--they haven't had the coroner yet--they gotta have the coroner in there, I can't believe they wouldn't call him. There are a lot of people who wonder if they'll even call John and Patsy.

PB: You know, that was going to be my final question to you because I understood from some sources that they may not want the Ramseys to come.

CM: Well, I would think the GJ would want the Ramseys to come.

PB: I'm with you. But, how telling is that if John and Patsy do not receive subpeonas?

CM: Well, you know they have the video tapes--they've interviewed them twice formally-- once for 3 days. Maybe they feel like they have enough--maybe they feel like what John and Patsy would say to the GJ, they've already said anyway. It's kinda like--you know the John and Patsy interview was not interesting to me--I know everybody watched it, but to me, what else are you going to ask them? They've already said "I didn't kill JonBenet" 15 times, so to me, that's not the interesting interview.

PB: I'm with you. The interesting interview ...

CM: Maybe that's why they wouldn't call them.. Again, it's secret and they have not leaked anything. I get a lot of my stories, not from the GJ or investigators, but from other sources, so they've kept quiet.

PB: Indeed they have. They've been very very quiet. As a matter of fact, I can say this--we attempted to contact Linda Pugh who was their housekeeper and she has spoken with us publicly once before. We contacted her early this week, because there was a story out that she will be in front of the GJ and, to her credit and I admire her for it, she said "I've been instructed not to talk to the media--game's over"

CM: And Mike Archuleta has been subpeonaed also.

PB: He's also shut down as well. That's smart--it's not only smart, --legally, you know, you don't want him in there sitting next to JT Colfax. That's a wise move, right?

Carol's phone started cutting out---- so that's it.