Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, February 24, 2000

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"Boyles Thursday, 2/24/00 - THURSDAY

PB: We (Schiller) were on a Geraldo show about a month before the GJ conclusion and he said to me he said he believed the Ramseys would be indicted for the murder. He also said that he wasn't quite sure which of the two did what inside the house. Now if this movie turns out to be what some people say it's going to turn out to be because the highest price guy, and this movies gonna get a lot of attention... Caller: Yeah, Kris Kristofferson's gonna say, you know...

PB: He's gonna be Lou Smit. Well Lou Smit as you know, in the views of the people who really understand this story, Lou Smit is basically a turncoat. And the Ramseys tricked him, I believe, with their own professed Christianity. You know they prayed together at the side of the house.

Caller: Yeah, yeah.

PB: Then they went to the gravesite and prayed together and Lou doesn't believe another Christian could do this. And Patsy's a cancer survivor, Smit's wife's a cancer survivor...I mean, there's a lot of crossover. But in the history of investigations, according to people that I respect, they said there's never been a case where an investigator switches sides.

Caller: Well, the reason I'm bringing him up is cause I was flipping the channel and I was watching, what's his name, Godwin, John Godwin?

PB: Yeah, sure.

Caller: And he was on that show yesterday. I haven't seen him in months.

PB: Are you talking about John Gibson?

Caller: Gibson, yeah, that's probably who it is, you know, whatever, but you know who I'm talking about.

PB: Sure I do.

Caller: And there he is, Larry Schiller.

PB: Sure. He's just building the hype for the weekend.

Caller: And there he is like knocking elbows with him and saying, "Hey, by the way I got your name in the movie, too." And he talks about how he thinks there's "other suspect" theory. And I'm thinking, my goodness, what a sell-out. I mean how can people just change their minds like that?

PB: It has to do with, now at this point, knowing what I know about Lawrence Schiller--and I'm not opposed to Lawrence Schiller, I basically like him, I've had lunch with him...

Caller: I even shook his hand. I went to that whole media fiasco.

PB: But what it really says, Rob, is that Schiller's outcome of this movie is now going to dictate, I believe, Schiller's position. My personal belief is because they have, the two highest profile actors in this film are Ann Margaret and Kris Kristofferson.

Caller: Oh, I didn't know Ann Margaret was in it.

PB: Ann Margaret is playing another crazy in the movie.

Caller: Is it Sunday now?

PB: The movie's Sunday and Monday or Sunday and Tuesday. I'm not gonna be here; someone make a tape for me. But the point is she, Ann Margaret is going to play Nedra, now known as Needra, Paugh, Patsy's goofy mother. So why is she important in this? Well, we'll see. Because clearly all Needra ever did was sit there in that chair and look like Truman Capote and try and tell everybody that Patsy and John were innocent. That's basically--but she also went down and hid in the basement in Atlanta when the fight went on between John and Fleet White. I don't know what they're going to do with this.

Caller: Well look, before we close out. I just remembered during the town meeting, Schiller was saying "I ended the book purposely within the...", I never read the book but in the last paragraph PB: I did. It's the best of anything that's been put out about it. It's a very good book.

Caller: The last paragraph's supposedly how to look at it through JonBenet's eyes

PB: Yes. Well, unhh...

Caller: So we can't forget about, you know, the tragedy of the whole thing. Now I'm seeing this Schiller guy selling out totally.

PB: Well, it depends. Again Schiller has made movies before and Schiller's been a very good investigator.

Caller: Oh, I didn't know that.

PB: Oh yeah. Schiller's made film in the past. Actually I think he was involved in like "Bluebird" or "War and Peace", that thing they made with Elizabeth Taylor in Russia. And he was also the investigator on the execution of Gary Gillmore, he worked for Norman Mailer for the book "Executioner's Song".

Caller: Hunh, OK.

PB: He did OJ Simpson's book; he ghosted it for OJ but then

Caller: OK. I remember that, sure.

PB: But then what he did, is he did, "American Tragedy's" the name of the book, the second book. But what he did was "I Wanna Tell You", OJ's book. But then he flipped; he took OJ's money and he wrote OJ's book and then he flipped and he wrote, I thought, a very good book called "American Tragedy" but he went on the other side of that which should have been an indication to, at least to, and I wasn't smart enough to see it, that he certainly is capable of going on both sides of the wall. But he took the advance from OJ which I don't know how much money it was. And the Ramseys, I mean, this is the Ramseys version, this book that's coming, is the Ramsey's version of OJ Simpson's "I Wanna Tell You."

Caller: Yeah!

PB: I mean, this is so predictable.

Caller: Yeah I know. It's kind of depressing, too.

PB: But it depends on how the book does. We know for one interview we know that's been already granted is Barbara Walters for a special with the Ramseys. Look, Barbara Walters, God bless her...

Caller: Bahbwah...

PB: But she doesn't know her rear end from third base when it comes to this case or for that matter, some people say, anything. But can you imagine Barbara going "Well, Petsee, if you were going to be a twee what kind of a twee would you be?" Remember that great question if you were going to be a tree what kind of a tree would you be?

Caller: Um-huh