"Affidavit by Robert Russel"
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I, Robert L. Russel, upon being duly sworn, depose and say:

I was the District Attorney for the Fourth Judicial District from 1965 to 1985, with previous experience as a deputy District Attorney, U. S. Department of Justice Attorney, and U. S. Army military police officer. I have been a member of the Colorado Bar for 40 years, including practicing as a criminal defense attorney.

As District Attorney I worked closely with Lou Smit when he was a detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department on many homicides and other cases. Because I tried many of these cases myself I was very familiar with his work ethics and procedures. He was very meticulous and thorough, probing all leads and pieces of evidence no matter where it led. His sole interest was to find the truth and not just bolster the prosecution's case.

His detective work in our area while at the police department, the District Attorney's office and the Sheriff's office was almost legendary. He was instrumental in solving a number of high profile homicide cases. His reputation in the community of El Paso and Teller Counties and in Colorado is outstanding.

Lou Smit is the best police detective I have ever known. He is also extremely unselfish, honest, and fair.

signed by Robert L. Russel
Notarized by Sandra Lorez on March 4th, 1999

2 . "Robert L. Russel "
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Robert L. Russel initiated a progrma of volunteers: