Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, March 18, 1999

7 . "Yup fly--"
Posted by Panico on Mar-18-99 at 10:16 AM (EST)

PB: We're all hustling this off air with our sources---as people know, there's been a lot of action. The alternates with the GJ says "they were freed" They got outta jail right

CM: Maybe they did---they're laughing

PB: What does it mean to you?

CM: I've talked to a lot of attorney about this and they're all baffled about this--even if it's $50 a day, who cares---but then I've heard that it just mean that the GJ is winding down. They're taking 25th and 30th off. What do you think it means?

PB: I think it means that it's sooner rather than later. April 15th is a date that came from a source.

CM: Umm hmm. Alex Hunter is in Connecticut right now at a conference put on by Henry Lee.

PB: I'm thinking, that's like you and I going to lunch and not talking about the Ramseys! (laughing)

CM: I was talking to Henry Lee recently and sees it on a solve ability of 2 to 5 on a scale of 10. He'll be flying out here for (bite me, I didn't get it)

PB: Will Barry Scheck be flying in for that?

CM: That would make sense.

PB: It'll be an OJ trial--they're going to put the cops on trial. I think that's what Henry Lee is saying.

CM: The news today is what we need to talk about and that is that Lou Smit if here---he's gone inside. He believes that he has information that points away from the R's, and there's speculation that they've kept him away, but that isn't true---he was in there last week.

PB: I'm personally glad that they let him in, because otherwise that could have been a stumbling block. Charlie Brennan has a really good story in Rocky Mtn News about the "Ramsey Foundation" and it says 'lawyer gives' and one of attorneys gave 5 grand. That whole thing was like everyone thing--a total charade.

CM; You know, I think it is still in the works, what they're telling me is that they dont' have time to work on that because they're trying to find the murderer of their daughter......... I would imagine Lou Smit was either dropping off documents or telling GJ what they know. .... You can tell something's going on here in Boulder--people are walking with a lighter step. The GJ is NOT meeting today----the alternates were released (not the jurors)

That's it!

Edited to say that GJ IS meeting today--sorry about that.

Re-edited to say GJ is NOT meeting today---just had a call from Fox News---it is NOT meeting today.