Peter Boyles Show - Friday, March 19, 1999

"Boyles - Friday"
Posted by puma_overlooking_Boulder on Mar-19-99 at 01:32 PM (EST)

Important things first: Panico, I feel like an imposter trying to fill the shoes of a grand lady. Please reconsider and rejoin JW - justice for JBR needs all of us...

I saw Lewis's post on the Press Conference thread which gave the highlights of Boyles 7am chat with Carol. However, there were some other interesting tidbits so here it is:

PB: The lead detective, or the first detective into the Ramsey house, I shouldn't say lead, but the only detective in the Ramsey home when their daughter's body was found, resigned, Linda Arndt. Carol, what do you make of this?

CM: Well, from what I understand, I mean, you and I have different opinions on this, she's had a really tough one, I mean, it's been a terrible 27 months for her. A lot of the people who we know have left the case, like Larry Mason and Tom Koby and John Eller, they've all had tough times. But Linda Arndt stuck with it and she was working around a lot of hostile folks. From what I understand nobody wanted to talk to her, people looked down on her, they blamed her for everything that happened that first day but she stuck with it. You know, she's a victim's advocate-that's the kind of work she was doing the last 27 months and

PB: But wasn't she also...I'm sorry, go ahead.

CM: I know she made mistakes and she wasn't equipped to go in there. They didn't have enough people to help her and things like that, but man I'll tell ya it's got to have been a nightmare. It finally broke her, you know, it finally broke her.

PB: Well, she's taken leave before and she's sued the department before and then, at least according to Larry Schiller's book PMPT, when asked to give help to that gathering of eagles, when she was needed, she refused to help.

CM: Right, that's what the book says. I don't know. She's a person who said she lost her memory.

PB: I thought in Schiller's book she said she didn't want to talk to anybody connected to this cause she couldn't remember.

CM: She couldn't remember, yeah, she just couldn't remember.

PB: That's rough...

CM: Well, you know, you gotta give both sides. That first day when she came in she paged between 11 and until the body was found for someone to come help her. She was all by herself...

PB: Oh, I know.

CM: with how many people, twelve to fifteen?

PB:Yup! And I say it all the time, she was calling for backup and it always comes back to Tom Koby and his department and what his men and women did. And Tom Koby can sit in the coffee shop in Winter Park, he can sit on his hands in Boulder but Tom this is your fault. And I know you don't want to say anything and I'm not asking you to say anything but that woman was in that house and she did not have the training to be there. That's number one. Number two, she's calling for backup and the department did not respond.

CM: Well, I think she was doing the best she could under the circumstances. She tried to keep them together. You know, John Ramsey's walking around...

PB: Oh yeah. But they never made it a crime scene, Carol, she was in charge...

CM: I know, she should have had them interviewed separately.

PB: Yeah, everything. So that for her to say Gee, you know, for her to do the Pontius Pilate and wash her hands and walk away, she can't do that anymore than Koby can do it.

CM: No, she can't, she can't. It's just one of those things where I really try to put myself in their shoes and wonder what I would have done in the same position. So anyway, I hate to do the headline but one more casualty in the Ramsey case.

PB: Another one bites the dust!

CM: I wonder what she'll go do? She was great at what she did. She had an award the year before and everything. I wonder if she'll continue that kind of work in another town or what.

Will take a break and complete re the 48 hour notice discussion.