This is an "edited" chat by Jameson to remove, "entering and exit and small talk." Although there is no reference stated, Jameson's chat normally happen in her "#webbsleuths" chat room in IRC. All chat responses by Lin Wood are noted in red while other visitors in the chat room are noted in black.

"Lin is in chat - - "
Posted by jameson on Mar-29-01 at 11:10 PM (EST)

Just for a while - - join us!

2 . "Very interesting - "
Posted by jameson on Mar-30-01 at 00:37 AM (EST)

LP logged it and will post s cleaned up transcript tomorrow. There were about a dozen of us there - RST and BORG - and it was an open chat. Lin did pretty well keeping up with us - - and a lot of questions were answered.

He did say he would be on the morning talk shows next Tuesday and that Lou Smit was planning to give Katie Couric an interview that would air in installments over a week, probably in late May.

Lots of stuff covered... watch for it!

3 . "Transcript part one -"
Posted by jameson on Mar-30-01 at 02:00 AM (EST)

I did the best I could to take out all the entering and exit and small talk - -

jameson - Lin - would you mind if we invited in a few others? If you have a while?
LLW - The next few weeks and months will be very interesting...go right ahead...I can answer a few questions
LuvyPigen - this is a federal court suit, like the Wolf and LHP ones filed by Darnay?
LLW -Yes, filed in the same court in Atlanta
LuvyPigen - will the polygraphs be allowed in?
LLW - Interesting question...we would certainly welcome their admissibility
LuvyPigen - I read a couple of cases where 5th district allowed polygraph results
LLW -The myth about polygraphs is that most people believe they are not admitted in evidence because they are not reliable or a proven science
LuvyPigen - Daubert lets them in under federal court rules
LLW - Yet the real rationale behind not admitting them is the fear that the results would have undue influence on the jury
LuvyPigen - which means prosecutions don't want "passed" results in front of jury?
LLW - Absolutely, especially from Ed Gelb -- the best in the business
jameson - The forums are still saying the Ramseys failed tests - - could have cheated
shana - jams, yes, some cite other polygraphers
LLW - I was there -- the forums are wrong
LuvyPigen - Toriello, Baxter, Fonts
shana - LLW, what do you say in response to reports from other polygraphers w/ "inside info"?
LLW - I would have to know who those other polygraphers were and there factual basis
LLW - I know that I checked out Gelb and Baxter and they are the best -- their results are good enough for me
shana - LLW, thx, good answer
jameson - They are saying the Ramseys actually failed the New Jersey polygraphs and possibly some early ones with Gelb
LLW - There was no failure -- period
LuvyPigen - well, I"d like to see the Gelb/Ramsey tests admitted if ST case goes to trial
shana - Is it Backster or Baxter? Just curious
LLW - Backster...I stand corrected
jameson - Will the handwriting reports be made public in this deal? the US Secret service and the others
LuvyPigen - CBI, FBI
shana - ALL of them, hopefully
LLW - I think eventually all the handwriting reports will be made public...I want them to be released
jameson - HEY - - can Thomas be asked about what was said when he went to Quantico? how one side was shown, basically only the BORG side
LLW - Yes...just as Beckner and Wickman can be asked about some of the seminars they have recently given
shana -I would like to see all handwriting expert results posted, preferably in chart form.
LuvyPigen - I'd settle for just the conclusions
shana - there is confusion abt the indices
shana - LP, yeah, but on a scale w/ a legend please!
LuvyPigen -; if CO rules the grand jury secrecy rules unconstitutional, will that free up the handwriting reports?
LLW - I think the CO gj issue as it survived will not be as helpful as it appears...
LLW - there is nothing to prevent any witness from telling his or her story
shana -IS nothing? What?
LuvyPigen - as long as they don't reveal what they testified to at gj?
jameson - they just can't discuss what happened in the gj room, right?
shana - As long as they do it anon?
canadiana - i thought they could not discuss what they said to the gj?
LLW - they just cannot couch it in terms of this is what I told the grand jury or this is what I was asked by the gj
canadiana - so if they do not use the words 'i said in the grand jury....'
shana - LLW, OIC...but that's not actionable, even if it happens to be just the same as their GJ testimony? Curious.
LLW - correct Canadiana
canadiana - ; so, they can actually tell their story (the witnesses) but not say they told the gj?
LLW - ; Yes, Canadiana
canadiana - ; thanks. interesting. so people could be talking already if they chose.
jameson -; Darnay is using this to get people looking forward to her book
LuvyPigen - ; from what Darnay said on Crier yesterday, he wants LHP to be able to say how the GJ treated her
shana - ; didi, wonder why they haven't so far, don't you?
canadiana - ; yes. really wonder
canadiana - ; the jurors cannot talk though.
jameson - Lin - - is there any reason why Foster couldn't talk - - like he suggests in his book? I don't think so but some say he is bound to secrecy
LLW - Foster is looking for an excuse not to talk
jameson - that's what I think
LuvyPigen - can't blame him on sure wouldn't help Foster any
maikai -; who are the DOE'S????
LLW - ; We do not know for sure but in discovery Thomas will have to identify them
maikai -; Can Thomas plead the First Amendment? protecting sources?
maikai -; I LOVED the part about not stopping the publishing of the book! My dad kept saying they should get a restraining order
LLW - ; It will be difficult to assert a privilege against individuals who have broken the law by revealing confidential police information
maikai -; oh good
LuvyPigen - ; unless Thomas claims he's a priest
maikai -; John Douglas? Lou Smit?
LLW - ; Your Dad was right but deep down the BPD wanted this book published
maikai -; I agree dad said the same thing
shana - ; Deep down as in Beckner?
LLW - ; The DA tried to gag Lou
maikai -; yup..
LuvyPigen - ; sounds like the BPD helped, from what Thomas wrote
LLW - ; true
maikai -; "some" of the BPD
shana - ; Oh, so these weren't his thoughts alone?
LLW - ; The Boulder 7
LuvyPigen - ; "some" I agree
LuvyPigen - ; shana he thanked officers still at BPD in his book for helping him with confidential materials
maikai -; and that "Jane" Doe.......
shana -; LP, yep, thx
LLW - ; LuyPigen --exactly right -- he admits they provided him with confidential information
LuvyPigen - ; yes, it's the first thing in his book..Author's Notes
LuvyPigen - ; if the secrecy rules are lifted, the jurors should be able to talk, shouldn't they?
maikai -; How many jurors do you think would REALLY talk?
jameson - do you fear him shredding evidence now?
canadiana - ; jams? who shredding evidence?
maikai -; I think ST is shredding like crazy, lol
jameson -; Lin - - does this mean - - could it be - - can you depose KANE???
LLW - ; I will depose Kane in Burke's suits based on the interview he granted to the Harrisburg newspaper
LuvyPigen - ; hmmm I vaguely remember the Harrisburg article...will have to look that one up
jameson -; I don't remember that paper
LLW - ; Patriot Times -- declaring "no evidence" to support the speculation about Burke
shana -; LLW, will there be more from the Ramseys in The Enquirer, perhaps followups by phone interviews?
shana -; Followups to "correct" info
jameson -; The enquirer reporter told me there wouldn't be more articles from that interview - just the one
canadiana - ; LLW? why did the Rs give the interview to the NE?
maikai -; why just one, jameson?
LLW - ; I suspect there will be follow up stories in the tabloids from the interview
LuvyPigen - ; there was much grumbling on the forums about the Enquirer interview being given
jameson -; the reporter said there wasn't anything else there (to twist, I think)
maikai -; was that partly an offensive strategy?
LLW - ; Examiner has already indicated another is forthcoming
shana -; LLW, but nothing official from the Ramseys to correct info/adjust impressions or how the story was written?
maikai -; Examiner is low on the tabloid food chain
LLW - ; but Jameson is right
jameson -; Examiner - - they work close with Darnay Hoffman
LuvyPigen - ; ugh
maikai -; like I said...LOW on the food chain lol
LLW - ; they had to make up facts to get one story from the interview
shana -; Which ones?
LuvyPigen - ; any chance the transcript of the Enquirer interview might be released via Lin Wood?
maikai -; why don't they offer a reward again?
shana -; LLW, so the speculation that the interviews were part of the Star settlement is completely OFF?
jameson -; I would like to see all two hours
LLW - ; John calling to change his story before the deadline...pure fiction
shana -; LLW, thx
canadiana - ; anything else?
LLW - ; Patsy hugging the reporter
maikai -; all the relationships with the tabloids are incestous
canadiana - ; and why did they do the interview in the first place?
LLW - ; Patsy offering cookies
LuvyPigen - ; Darnay Hoffman stated on the forums that the Ramseys were paid for their Enquirer interview
maikai -; what's wrong with cookies?
LLW - ; Patsy saying she considered John molested JBR
LLW - ; and the list goes on
canadiana - ; will you sue them for that? it is pretty damaging.
maikai -; did you have any idea they were going to twist things?
LLW - ; the Ramseys were not paid for the interview
LuvyPigen - ; thank you
shana -; LLW, she didn't say that per the article but it was implied...are you saying those words abt Nedra in the other bed weren't actually Patsy's?
maikai -; sue them for being A-holes? they'd love it
LLW - ; the story was reported first in PMPT at in early 1999
LLW - ; Patsy told the story about Nedra to emphasize how foolish it would have been to even consider the idea -- in response to an ugly question by Gentile about whether John might have had sex with JonBenet while Patsy was recovering from cancer
shana -; IC, so she considered it in response to the question
shana -; (or rather, such could be implied)
LuvyPigen - ; the interview was questions from tabloid, answers by Ramseys...story fictionalized around answers
LuvyPigen - ; that's how the tabloids write
jameson -; they took sentences out of context - - the better to twist
shana -; LLW, would you rather she not have answered the question that way, to leave such room?
canadiana - ; well the Ramseys arent' stupid. why would they think the NE would not 'twist' things? why on earth would they do the interview in the first place?
shana -; I'm no lawyer (ha!) but I'd think that wasn't the best answer to give
LLW - ; I believe in letting Patsy be Patsy...she is the real deal...what you see is what you get...consistently...I think she is great and incredibly courageous
Guest - deflamation of character? What about all the characters the R's defllamed? It could come back and haunt.......
LLW - ; Who did the Ramseys defame?
jameson -; The Ramseys really haven't defamed anyone
LuvyPigen - ; did the Enquirer make a contribution to charity in JonBenét's name?
shana -; LLW, I would like your comments on the JBR Fdn, if you would
shana -; What is its purpose, originally and now? It doesn't appear to be a charitable org to which one would contribute $.
shana -; It looks like part of a tax plan to me (nothing wrong w/ that) but it seems to be mentioned often as a donation source. What's up w/ that?
LLW - ; It was established for good and decent purposes but it has been maligned so badly that I fear it will never be a useful tool to help other kids and their families

4 . "Part 2"
Posted by jameson on Mar-30-01 at 02:17 AM (EST)

canadiana - ; BUT why did they do the interview?
shana -; LLW, had you been on the Ram Def team early on, would you have recommended they NOT do the "subtract interview" and others?
shana -; LLW, I'm curious about why a lawyer on their side would want the Ramseys to volunteer so much info
LLW - ; The Enquirer represented that they wanted to pursue a serious interview to write a serious article touting their recent articles on Rodham and Jackson
canadiana - ; and you all believed them?
shana -; LLW, that was the motivation behind the Ramsey acceptance of the interview for the NE, their good intentions?
maikai -; they cut their own throats by distorting things
LLW - ; the Ramseys have answered questions from BPD for over 66 hours...there are few new questions and only truthful answers
shana -; LLW, OK, but why so much public exposure (unleashed) by them? Wouldn't good legal representation suggest they stay quieter?
LLW - ; No, the Ramseys have been accused for so long as hiding behind their fact, they have not stared across the table at their worst accusers...with nothing to hide of fear
shana -; LLW, but you know as a lawyer that letting a client loose to speak serves-up fodder for speculation and then some
shana -; Starting 1/1/97...the CNN interview...damage to them from the beginning
jameson -; I know the answer but would like you to state it here -- Did you settle the Burke cases for "pennies" just to score a win - - as suggested by some...
maikai -; lawsuits are part of their operating costs.....
LLW - ; I cannot reveal any details of the financial amounts of the Burke lawsuits...I can only refer you to my background and track record of 24 years...draw your own conclusions
maikai -; you think the killer will ever be found?
LLW - ; I am told that if objective , experience homicide detectives could take over the case, it could be solved in a matter of months
shana -; LLW, like who? Jay Salpeter?
LLW - ; Like the Boulder County Sheriff's Dept
shana -; LLW, really? Who from that dept?
maikai -; Boulder County Sheiff's dept? wonder if the perp is still in the area...or even alive
BraveHeart - What about the possibility of a special investigator?
maikai -; When are you going to be on the Today show? Any other shows?
LLW - ; I am scheduled to appear on CBS' Early Show next Tuesday am
LLW - ; If time permits I may do Today after CBS
LLW - ; Katie will be doing a 5 part Monday-Friday presentation on Lou Smit and his evidence in May
maikai -; wow! thanks!
LuvyPigen - ; that's good news
canadiana - ; are there other lawsuits pending? like the one who wrote the book...hodges?
Sparrow - Lin, what is the earliest that this will go to a jury?
;_lilly_of - Have you considered the possibility of this opening up other suits? and one last one from me is-what makes you think this one will fly?
LLW - ; Hoffman's suits could get to a jury before the suit against Thomas
shana -; Good question...any suits left unfiled?
LLW - ; This one meaning the suit against Thomas?
Sparrow2 - yes
LuvyPigen - ; are you involved in those suits against the Ramseys?
TeamR - if you don't mind my asking, are you doing this suit on contingency?
LLW - ; My representation of the Ramseys is on a contingency basis
maikai -; how will you get the fight Darnay?
maikai -; your Thomas suit says Ramseys not privy to it
canadiana - ; are you planning a suit against hodges?
shana -; LLW, are there any other pending lawsuits Ramsey v on the pipeline?
LuvyPigen - ; don't feel overwhelmed...this is like a press conference...questions flying
jameson -; let him breath guys!
LLW - ; I am not sure Hodges like Boyles and Hoffman and others should be given a legal forum to promote themselves
canadiana - ; thanks!
shana -; I wonder abt the statute of limitations on do you establish a toll date?
LLW - ; Burke will be suing Court TV
shana -; Oh my
jameson -; they are SO BAD
maikai -; Oh...I hope that godawful Grace witch
jameson -; J&P should sue them as well
TeamR -; glad we don't get CourtTV in Canada
shana -; Its anchors too?
;_lilly_of - Burke is rather young to sue anyone.
Sparrow2 - agree Jams
TeamR -; Zany Zahn and Co
canadiana - ; why court tv? we don't get it here so i have no idea.
jameson -; Burke was damaged, he can sue
_lilly_of - at his young age?
maikai -; he can...or parents can on his behalf?
_lilly_of - hie what 15?
jameson -; sure - accused of murder
TeamR -I thought so. THanks
_lilly_of - no-just badgered.....IMO
LuvyPigen - ; there are statues of limitation...have to sue on his behalf while applicable
canadiana - ; court tv accused burke of murder?
maikai -; All these lawsuits....and the killer still goes free...sad
LLW - ; His parents on his behalf
LLW - ; very sad

6 . "end of chat with Lin"
Posted by jameson on Mar-30-01 at 10:18 AM (EST)

LLW - ; The system of justice has been turned upside down in the Ramsey case
LuvyPigen - ; no one wants their child maligned publcily
TeamR -; agree, LLW
LuvyPigen - ; agree
LLW - ; The victims forced to prove their innocence while a killer goes free
TeamR -; but it is noble work, Mr Wood. Remember that
maikai -; yup...and probably some lowlife loser
LuvyPigen - ; the public promotes that...prove your innocence or be maligned! that's wrong
maikai -; BTW: Had a lot of respect for you, Lin, in defending Richard Jewell
LLW - ; Thank Maikai still fighting the Atlanta paper for him
canadiana - ; LLW, how can the system be fixed now? do lawsuits really help?
TeamR -; You and the Rs are doing everyone a service with these suits
jameson -; I think there will be - - or should be - - new laws because of this case -- how to handle situations like this
Sparrow2 - ; agree TR i think our whole country will be better for these suits
maikai -; Amendment to the First Amendment!
LLW - ; draw a distinction between entertainment and news
shana -; LLW, I agree to that, but the Ramseys have provided entertainment too, despite their intentions
maikai -; Ramseys didn't provide can you say that?
jameson -; Will you get to rest a bit now tht this suit has been filed?
maikai -; hah! work has just begun
Sparrow2 - ; Lin, do you know who the killer is?
LLW - ; I only know who the killer is not
LuvyPigen - ; I'm in agreement with LLW again
LLW - ; but I do know that JonBenet was brutally murdered
maikai -; yup..she was
_lilly_of; LLW-Who is NOT the Killer?
maikai -; pssst...Lilly...Ramseys
TeamR -; lilly, who do you think?
maikai -; have you talked to the Aisenberg attorney? Cohen?
maikai -; yup...Cohen wants Congress to address it
canadiana - ; do you honestly believe the Ramseys should have behaved differently in the very beginning.
LuvyPigen - ; LLW can you tell us anything about the 911 tape?
LLW - ; the 911 tape -- if it supported the Thomas theory, it would have been leaked long ago
TeamR -; is the 911 tape going to be heard at this trial, Lin?
LLW - ; It was shopped as was other evidence until the "right" answer was purchased
LLW - ; I intend to take action to obtain the tape in the near future
TeamR -; I see
shana -; LLW, what do you mean? The tape was sent to several other labs b4 the one that heard Burke? Is that what you're saying?
LLW - ; yes
LuvyPigen - ; sure went to Secret Service and FBI first
TeamR -; shana - if you were entertained by
what the Rs have been through, you should seek help fast _lilly_of; Sorry guys-obviously you gotta Non Pro Ram on----thanks-for lettin me vent here....trying to be civil....appreciate your hospitality
Sparrow2 - ; lilly, if you think the Ramsey's provided entertainment, I'd advise you to get some therapy
shana -; You don't have the enhanced tape?
maikai -; tape hasn't been released
TeamR -; of course he doesn't!!
LuvyPigen - ; only Burke's criminal lawyer received the tape copy
shana -; TR, really? Some have said they heard it on TV
TeamR -; some people have said they've seen Elvis
maikai -; how about taking action to "clear" the Ramseys like Richard Jewell?
LLW - ; fairly viewed, the GJ refusal to indict should have been their clearance -- the evidence is not theremaikai -; that's right!
shana -; LLW, fairly viewed, this was an investigative GJ, right?
LuvyPigen - ; by Colorado definition, it was an investigative grand jury
canadiana - ; did the GJ refuse to indict? i thought we did not know that.
maikai -; it was a GJ called for POLITICAL purposes was embarrassed...wanted media off his back
LLW - ; this was a GJ impaneled to indict John and Patsy Ramsey -- it refused to do so
shana -; LLW, do you know for a fact if the GJ was asked to vote on an indictment?
LLW - ; true, Maikai, but Kane wanted an indictment
shana -; Seems to me their tasks if not their attendance were severely limited
maikai -; Kane did.....Hunter knew better
LLW - ; if the GJ had voted to indict, it would have leaked
maikai -; sure it would have been leaked
shana -; LLW, OK then, the purpose of the GJ was investigative?
canadiana - ; but..wait. do you KNOW FOR A FACT the GJ refused to indict?
LLW - ; If the GJ was not allowed to vote because the prosecutors knew they would vote to no bill, I am sure the threats from the DA would chill any leaks
TeamR -; moving on...LLW, do you think it's accurate to call this the "civil trial of J & P Ramsey"?
LLW - ; yes
shana -; Well then it's good that the GJ jurors might be able to talk to clarify that
LLW - ; couple of more then off for some rest
LLW - ; I wish the grand jurors could speak freely...
maikai -; (make them good!)
canadiana - ; i still do not understand. are you saying you don't know for sure but you are assuming they refused to indict?
jameson -; agree Lin - - maybe one day they will be released from that vow of silence
shana -; IMO, the real question is, were they even working towards an indictment, or just as an investigative body w/ higher powers to subpoena
LuvyPigen - ; I think common and legal sense reveals that the GJ did not indict
maikai -; I think we all know what they were thinking
LLW - ; I do not know for sure but I did not check my common sense and legal experience at the door..this GJ would not indict if a vote was allowed
shana -; Personally, I don't think a vote was even asked for
maikai -; remember...there were a couple scientist types on the GJ canadiana - ; i agree shana
LLW - ; I agree Shana
LLW - ; because Kane & Co. knew the outcome would be a no bill
shana -; LLW, that's where we differ...I don't think it was convened to indict
shana -; I think it was convened to garner evidence from reluctants, or w/ legal powers to obtain such info
LLW - ; Spend a few minutes with Kane, Shane...he dreams indictment every night
jameson -; lol
maikai -; Kane...evil
Sparrow2 - ; Kane will be having nightmares soon imo
maikai -; the DNA was one big stumbling block
Sparrow2 - ; and the pineapple maikai lol
maikai -; blasted pineapple
LuvyPigen - ; aaccck pineapple!
Sparrow2 - ; lololol
maikai -; I'd like to know if Meyer's revised his opinion....
maikai -; does he know about the pig experiments?
jameson -; Any lawsuits right around the corner?
LLW - ; give me a month
maikai -; more??
mapek - LLW, are you in favor of allowing the grand jury people speak? or do you think they should continue to be gagged?
_lilly_of; Let all speak who have something to say..............IMO maikai -;
Lou Smit...John Douglas
LLW - ; and Smit
mapek - LLW, are you in favor of allowing the grand jury people speak? or do you think they should continue to be gagged?
shana -;
LLW - ; I wish the grand jurors could speak freely...
jameson -; Lin - - I want to thank you for joining us and being so cordial with everyone - and if you ever want to join us again, I would be happy to set it up
TeamR -; LLW thanks very much for your time - I would wish you good luck, but honesty is the greatest ally, and the Rs certainly have it on their side. Take care...
_lilly_of; thanks for allowing me to visit guys-nite. Appreciate you LLW also....
canadiana - ; thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions
LLW - ; God night all...thanks for your interest
LuvyPigen - ; thank you LinWood
jameson -; Goodnight Lin
mapek - thank you for chatting with us llw
shana -; Nite, LLW, thanks again!
maikai -; good night, Lin...keep up the good fight!
Sparrow2 - ; Thank you
Fluppy - thanks LLW - ; MY best to you
BraveHear - Thanks Lin, give'm hell in court
*** LLW has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

8 . "note"
Posted by jameson on Mar-30-01 at 10:23 AM (EST)

The log is LONG - - and full of comings and goings and side conversations. I put together the "journalist friendly" version and tried to make it easier to read with understanding.

I believe I did a good job.

Sorry there was no notice for this - - I was thanking him for the suit for posting and invited him to join me in chat with LovelyPigeon. He was right there! As you can see, he is a very open man - willing to answer our questions.

I think we got a lot out of this chat - - no doublespeak with Lin.