Fleet Russell While Jr. & Priscilla Brown White

April 7. 1998
John Buechner
President's Office
University Of Colorado
Campus BOX 35
Boulder, CO 80309

Dear Mr. Buechner:

Your assistant, Belle Anderson called this morning to say that you would not be able to speak with us by phone until later in the afternoon. It is now 5:PM and we have not heard from you. I am sure that you are extremely busy with Conference and other demands so we do understand.

Ms. Anderson said that you received our letter which was delivered to your office yesterday afternoon. Today the Rocky Mountain News, the Boulder Daily Camera and Time magazine carried articles on the planned documentary. We have enclosed copies for your reference. Additionally, the Denver morning talk show host, Peter Boyles, was to have David Mills on his program this morning but he did not make an appearance prior to the end of the show.

I hope that we clearly stated the problem in our letter. Fifteen months ago, John and Patsy Ramsey and their defenders made a conscious choice to exploit friendships, families, children, churches, schools, law enforcement agencies, our city government, and the media. They have no regard whatsoever for the damage and hurt they have caused. Now they have decided that exploiting the University of Colorado may serve their purposes.

We urge you to give this matter your closest attention. Please feel free to contact us.

Fleet Russell White, Jr. And Priscilla Brown White