8 . "My letter to ABC"
Posted by jams on Apr-10-00 at 08:34 AM (EST)

I watched in horror today as you allowed Steve Thomas to LIE about the handwriting analysis of Patsy Ramsey and give credibility to an "expert" who had been discredited earlier.

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being no possible match, Patsy was a 4.5. The FBI, CBI and US Secret service can't make a match - so WHO DID??? Vassar professor Donald Foster. He is NOT a handwriting expert and his work as a text analyst is highly questionable.

20/20 did a program on Foster and Thomas in October of 1998, the show was riddled with disclaimers and the following day it was revealed that Foster had written a letter to Patsy in June of 1997 - a letter stating he knew she was innocent - totally innocent - would stake his reputation on that - indeed his faith in humanity...

That letter was written the same month he turned in ME as the killer of JonBenét Ramsey - and I have documentation to prove that!

In April of 1999, I went on 48 Hours and told my story.

But today he is given credibility in Thomas' book - and apparently on YOUR SHOW!

If you are interested in finding out the REAL story about Donald Foster, please go to www.jameson245.com and click on Donald Foster (the link is in the right hand column.)

I sincerely hope you will report the truth, not promote misinformation.

I don't have Thomas' book yet, but parts of it that "leaked" have reached me - he lies about what I spoke about with Lou Smit.

Thomas Lies.
He lies.

And Elizabeth Vargas and 20/20 are allowing that to happen on THEIR watch. Shameful.