"Letter to Carol McKinley"
Posted by jams on Apr-16-00 at 07:50 AM (EST)


You went to Atlanta and interviewed the Ramseys - I would have liked it if you had told the public that they cooperated with you - answered all your questions.

Why didn't you?

I think the answer to that is because you couldn't say the same about Steve Thomas - and you sure as HELL don't want to upset your BORG friends by exposing Thomas as less than sincere.

You asked the Ramseys the tough questions - I think a lot of good stuff ended up on the cutting room floor.

I don't think you asked Thomas the tough questions. Nope, nope.

Like - What ELSE did Foster say about jameson. What was in the letter to Patsy - what was in the letter to the literary agent - what was your offer to jameson?

Nope - Carol - you are BORG and determined not to get confused by evidence.

You should be ashamed - you aren't an investigative reporter, you are a media whore - the BORG stories are popular - and you want everyone to like you.

You had a chance to do it right - and once again you did not.