The Leeza Show - Monday, May 3, 1999

Coffman and Boyles on Leeza

muni - 04:05pm May 3, 1999 MST
Murphy believes an intruder killed JonBenet.

Leeza reads from PMPT then says Peter believes Patsy Ramsey could have garroted JonBenet.?

PB: Absolutely

Leeza: Why is it so far fetched to you Jack? You've gone on record saying this just doesn't happen.

JF: Well, it does happen but statistically it's very, very, very rare for a mother to kill her child. I'm a parent, you're a parent, I would take a bullet for my kid.

PB: Not true - It's not true.

JF: I think it is true. Most ligature strangulation's happen to be male on female. Secondly, I'm not even sure, because we really can't tell from the autopsy results how the baby died.

PB: Yes we can!

JF: We know that Dr. Myers autopsy report says she was strangled with the ligature {ligature meaning the strap} And that she had broken blood vessels under her eyes - The broken capillaries. We also know that there was a huge skull fracture on the right side of her head.

PB: Which the coroner never knew until the next day - The police at the scene did not know the little girl had been struck in the head.

JF: Part of the problem is, I don't know Dr. Myer, and Peter and I were talking about this off-camera. I don't know whether or not the autopsy is botched. I don't take a shot at the guy without having seen or being a doctor. But on the one hand, there was a huge skull fracture - she might have been hit in the head first and then strangled.

PB: She was hit in the head first.

JF: NO - No, we don't know that! - The autopsy says is done by a doctor who says she was strangled….{everybody talks at once.

Leeza - to the audience: See, this is what they're up against if a trial happens. This is the kind of stuff…

FC: I think that is beside the point. The point is, she was strangled and the cause of death in the autopsy report is death by asphyxia … That's what the coroner said. She was strangled to death and she was hit in the head. In any case, both of these things happened. I'd like to say one thing though, we use to have lynch mobs in this country where people, before they were tried, were taken out and strung up. But we don't have that any more in this country, thank God, we have media mobs now and we have virtual lynchings. {LOUD APPLAUSE for Frank!} Before there is a trial, people are held up and called murders, child molestors, on television without any evidence, and public sentiment is whipped up against them before there can ever be a trial … I don't think that's right…

{PB – Interrupts AGAIN and if looks could kill … Keeps saying GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE…}

PB: Wait a second - that's easily said and it's said all the time… OJ Simpson, Susan Smith, the killers at Columbine High School, who's being tried in the media and is being lynched?

JF: Patsy Ramsey


JF: How do you know that?

PB: I said {pointing his finger at Jack angrily and yelling..} I DON'T KNOW IT - I believe it. I'll bet it.

JF: No, that's not what you said. {amused watching Peter come unglued} OK, I'll bet with you - That's easy - Because neither one of us is going to win the bet.

The profiler says something to the effect that we need to look at the bigger picture … Leeza agrees and says we'll do that when we come back… Let's see if Patsy Ramsey fits the profile of a mother who may have killed her child… Does that work for you Frank?

FC: Yes, I think so and I don't think there is that evidence that she was a child abuser and there is no evidence against John Ramsey being a child abuser. If there was, I think there would be more confidence among pros er investigators that they were guilty.


My Comment ~ Way to go Frank Coffman ~ You were the voice of reason against the lynch mob mentality and the audience agreed with what you had to say!!!