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The topic is: Tuesday night at 10 (et), we'll be joined by former
- Boulder detective Steve Thomas. For more information, please go to
- or click the SURF
- button, above

[ACandyRose] Type HEREHello :-)
[PRIVATE FROM SYSTEM] Sorry, This room is moderated and you do not have - permissions to speak.
[SteveThomas] test
[crimeADM] It's been rumored that the Patsys were considering a divorce - at the end of 1996. Is that true and do you think that's relevant?
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[SteveThomas] Never ehard that ebfore. Not what they presetned to us.
- Nothing according to close friendas and family. We would have foudn that
- out, i think
[crimeADM] The question on the table before we were both disconnected:
- It's been suggested that the paperback will contain a number of
- corrections. Are any of them major?
[SteveThomas] moderator, can you take a poll, does everyone want to hang
- on until 10pm MST (12midnight EST?) I know mrsbrady has to get up early .
- . .
[crimeADM] Sorry. I geuss you answered that after I fell out of the room
[crimeADM] Everybody says yes... emphatically
[crimeADM] Was a copy of Manhunter found in the Ramsey home?
[SteveThomas] great, this is interesting form my little office in my
- converted garage (where the book was written, BTW)
[crimeADM] Mindhunter. Sorry
[SteveThomas] Ramseys deny it, apparently. Sgt tom Wickman, who came back
- to take chagre of the original crime scene, says it was there.
[crimeADM] (with all the people saying "YES, STAY!" the original question
- scrolled off the screen
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[crimeADM] Were the juvenile and criminal records of the Hoffman-Pugh
- adult children checked?
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[PRIVATE FROM Dunvegan] Happy to hang on!
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[crimeADM] Did the other police in the house feel John was the killer, as
- Arndt suggests?
[crimeADM] Sorry. There was still a question out there
[SteveThomas] Hoffman-Pughs immediate and even some extended fmaily were
- investigated. Again, absent a great conspiracy (I am not a conspiracy
- thoerist), these simple people of simple means were not invovled. Linda
- the maid loved Patsy like a sister, the husband, although some scrapes
- wiht law, showed no evidence to suggest invovlement, etc. again, too long
- for this chat the moderator remidns me. But Hoffma-Pugh si not invovled!
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[crimeADM] Did the other police in the house feel John was the killer, as
- Arndt suggests?
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[SteveThomas] Re: Arndt's sugegsiton she knew JR was the killer. She is
- the lone voice on that one. Other detectievs working the case had not
- only never heard Arndt make her GMA comments before, but the others were
- in consensus that Patsy was the actor in this
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[crimeADM] She might have gotten bounced; it happens to the best of us
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[SteveThomas] Shreveport letter -- short and sweet, a former freind of - Patsy's, she wrote, saying we needed to look more at JR and PR ealry in - the case. Some hints and innuendos. nothing case breaking.
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[crimeADM] Did the police ever request help from psychics?
[SteveThomas] never requested it, but boy, did we get tons of it. all * unsolicited
[SteveThomas] I have tremendous freinds in the GBI. But as to ongoing - activity, i cant/wont comment
[crimeADM] Did the "teddy bear saga" have any bearing on the case? (3
- people just asked this at once, for some reason)
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[SteveThomas] Teddy Bear: Patsy suggested a teddy bear depicted in a
- crime scene photo didnt belong. Rememebr, on Dec 28th we didnt know
- exaclty what sister Pam hauled out of there. So we were tryiing to
- determine if it DID belong, and from where it mght have come
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[crimeADM] Whether or not Ben Johnson gets elected, do you believe there
- will ever be an arrest in this case?
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[SteveThomas] Not if one of the in-house deputies of Hutner gets elected.
- Keenan, in fact, has made comments to the effect of "moving on". Tell
- that to a murder victim.
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[crimeADM] Do you think Alex Hiunter is waiting for the "smoking gun", or
* does he think the evidence suggests an intruder?
l post directions on ho wto get there at JW
[zenazena] pobrecito
[Auntie] How much did you have to pay your co-writer?
[shana] Steve, thank you ...America's hero has been re-defined, and it
- isn't a former football player (never was, really)\
[MadToddler] really, I work cheap
[tweety] Your knowledge of law enforcement tactics and countermeasures is
- unbelievable, the BPD didn't know what they had, did they?
[crimeADM] Okay, guys, let's evreybody behave
[Sweebie] don't forget the qusstions at APB
[Ruthee] Thanks for the chat Bill, Good night everyone.
[Peggy] Steve....please schedule another chat
[violet] is how to get to the JonBenet forum
[Girl4Justice] Steve, I'm sure JonBenet is thankful for all you've done
[mary99] when do you go online thre, Steve?
[mary99] ABP I mean?
[Lo] steve, are you maried and willing to adopt?
[shana] violet, LOL, like he doesn't know already
[starry1st] Great job, Bill. Thanks again
[zenazena] Moderator thanks for your hard work, bet u were goin nuts
[SteveThomas] thanks violet
[pip] thanks for keeping the rams looking over their shoulders!
[violet] never hurts to refresh his memory!!!
[Angie] Steve this chat has been brilliant
[violet] thanks steve
[Bailey38] Thanks Bill!
[Digerati] Bill RULZ
[shana] Thanks to did a GREAT job!
[MadToddler] I work free then
[crimeADM] No flirting with the guests!
[ACandyRose] is WHERE
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[Blue] Yes, thanks Bill!!!!!!
[Lo] yeah thanks bill
[MadToddler] Thanks bill
[Lo] ok... together at the count of 3
[zenazena] Steve...will you pose for playgirl????
[MadToddler] since when can't we flirt with the guests?
[Starling] Steve I came late - just know your book is a great read. good
- luck :-)
[Bailey38] BJ...YES..everyone GO and read!
[pip] lol BJ
[Lo] PRINCESS!!!!!!
[zenazena] lol
[Lilbuddy] Goodnite all - Thankyou Steve
[Colorado] Steve are you going to campaign for Thompson?
[Lo] is steve even still here?
[mary99] Thank you, for getting Steve online with us
[zenazena] yes
[Dunvegan] Many thanks to Steve Thomas for his graciousness in extending
- his time on this forum!
[zenazena] mr hotty is here
[pip] I'm off to the Tattered Cover to buy your book, steve!
[tweety] I'll pray for your serenity, and continued courage. Thx
[zenazena] darn
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[Peggy] Have a nice night
[zenazena] Just the upper body would do
[zenazena] llol
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[crimeADM] Let's let the poor man go, now
[SteveThomas] jsut watching, all this is new to me . .
[Angie] This has been the best chat I've ever been to
[MadToddler] woohoooo
[crimeADM] We don't want to scare him away
[Colorado] ;-)
[ACandyRose] We will break you in real good :-)
[zenazena] its lots of fun...
[starry1st] lol, madT....
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[Lo] do you let girls kiss ya goodnite?
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[MadToddler] omg J
[MadToddler] BJ
[SteveThomas] So for real this time, good night -- easy, candy rose LOL
[Angie] Steve saw you on 20/20 down here in NewZealand last week
[MadToddler] you crack me up
[Girl4Justice] Ben Thompson for DA
[pip] After working for BPD this is a piece of cake!
[Bailey38] Steve...there are some other chats Bill has hear also that
- made for a good read..I think you'd find them VERY interesting!
[Dunvegan] Many thanks to Steve Thomas for his graciousness in extending
- his time on this forum!
[rico] Steve...join us at JW chat violet is jameson
[Colorado] Good nite STeve and thanks
[mary99] moving to CO to vote for Ben...
[pip] gnite Steve
[zenazena] Steve Thomas for Centerfold
[zenazena] lol
[Blue] Steve, I do hope you answer some of the Hoffman-Pugh questions at
- APB...
[Sweebie] steve you can come chat at webbsleuths , we don't bite, honest!
[pip] LOL z
[violet] no i am not, i buy my bread
[Colorado] LOL Rico
[Starling] LOL
[MadToddler] Steve likes me, BJ, he calls me Missy Toddler
[SteveThomas] goodnight jameson . . . . . . .
[Digerati] violet is jameson...NO...hahaha
[Buzz] Steve please come to JW tonight
[Bailey38] Goodnight Steve...Thanks again Bill!
[pip] Jameson is goners, steve
[Lo] jams'been gone for over an hour
[arrie] goodnite steve
[crimeADM] {sigh} Okay, everyone... let's all say "GOODNIGHT, MR THOMAS"
[MadToddler] FLOL steve, jameson nearly copied your whole book to the net
[SteveThomas] Goodnight, Bill, will call you tomorrow
[tweety] Thanks Bill!
[Buzz] Thank-you
[Lo] woah, i hope you're faster in bed
[Dunvegan] Goodnight, and good sluthing, Steve
[Paralegal] goodnight mr thomas
[violet] Goodnight Mr. Thomas
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[pip] Goodnight Mr. Thomas
[Blue] Steve:Jameson has been gone for awhile, but there are a half dozen
- or so from Jameson245 here.
[arrie] someone plse tell me name of mrsbrady's site
[mary99] jameson is ALL the rams and their friends, Steve
[Angie] Steve if you go to the daily on Jw there is an easy way to get
- to JW chat
[MadToddler] Call your agent, steve
[pip] I thought there was an odor...
[ACandyRose] Jameeson is out celebrating her "mother day" outting from 3
- years ago
[Auntie] PLEASE PLEASE come over to jameson's forum, NOW!
[Lo] check your armPIPs
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[starry1st] awwwwww shucks
[Digerati] BJ you are too funny
[arrie] mrs bradys web address???
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[MadToddler] BJ what a hoot
[pip] hmmmm
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[crimeADM] Sorry, I had to give Mr Thomas a chance to escape
[Bailey38] BJ...Are we chatting tonight, or is everyone tired?
[zenazena] It was fun
[zapata245] be still my beating heart
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[zenazena] lol
[pip] good idea, CrimeAdm
[crimeADM] You want Mrs B's new address? Hold on for a second
[arrie] thanks so much adm
[zapata245] BJ, I need to talk to you
[scoobi] Bailey - will you behave !!
[MadToddler] watch, he'll log back in under an assumed name now
[pip] adm, are you a follower of this case?
[zenazena] yes, thanks so much adm
[mary99], I think
[Bailey38] scoobi....*L*..I'm trying!
[zapata245] I am not tired, how could anyone be tired when steve is
- around
[crimeADM] Somebody was asking for some other information a few minutes
- ago, I think?
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[Digerati] scoobi, where have you been girl?
[tweety] I'm sure he's tired
[scoobi] it's only nine pm hwere
[arrie] thank you somuch adm, i tried but did not connect..i 'll try her
- again
[MadToddler] he should have his people set up an addy for his fan mail
[Blue] Nite all....
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[tweety] That cop typing is strenuous work
[mary99] when will Steve be back here?
[crimeADM] When I speak to him, I'll ask whether I can
- forward mail to him
[scoobi] didj - working, bowling, being nasty on all
- the forums - hahaha
[Digerati] LOL scoobi
[MadToddler] cool, thanks bill
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[crimeADM] I can certainly understand why he wouldn't
- want his email address made public
[Bailey38] scoobi..*lol*
[zenazena] please do adm how can we send it
[MadToddler] lord, no, not his hom address
[MadToddler] well we can post to JW, he reads there
[crimeADM] Even his email address would be ill-advised
[arrie] He should run for DA in boulder
[Digerati] Bill...suggest to steve to get a yahoo mail
- acct
[tweety] Was there limitations on the content of the
- questions he could answer?
[MadToddler] that's right bill he shouldn't post his
- real email
[pip] but - he's not an attorney :-(
ft channel #crime
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[mary99] My new hereo
[crimeADM] I bet he never did that much typing that
- fast in his life
[Angie] he's my hero
[Bailey38] Bill..I was impressed also.
[arrie] Please invite him back
[scoobi] where have all the lintheads gone.......lalala
[MadToddler] Steve Thomas ROCKS!
[Digerati] Niters everyone! And again, thank you ,
- Bill
[crimeADM] I was supposed to have an assistant also. A
- lot of PR people are going to get phone calls in the
- morning
[zenazena] That was the coolest
[tweety] Rattle their cages Bill.......
[mary99] I'd type for Steve if he'll let me!'
[Bailey38] Night Digerati...take care!
[arrie] You go ! Crime ADM- you were great too
[zenazena] I agree arrie
[mary99] thanks, crime ADM
[pip] I'm in Colorado - I'll go find his "office over
- the garage" and type for him!
[mary99] :)
[arrie] I only wish the Ramseys would be arrested! THen
- we could really celebrate with steve
[Bailey38] There are great guestions at the abp site
- also.
[tweety] Does he still live in CO?
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[MadToddler] BILL, thanks for the amazing adventure
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[crimeADM] Thanks for coming, everybody
[mary99] He was also answering questions on forum here
- at
[Bailey38] MT...I was hoping to cover more Foster, but
- oh well..*l* time.
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[MadToddler] you did great, see you later bill
[crimeADM] If we can arrange a return date, I'll
- mention it in the newsletter right away
[Katie] Thank You Great Chat
[AstrologyGal] Thanks for having us Our Pleasure
[mary99] bye
[tweety] By everyone
[arrie] Thank you..looked forward to it and so glad you
- had us!!
[MadToddler] Bailey I had to get out and couldn't get
- back in :(
[arrie] Goodnite all
[Bailey38] did great!
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[Bailey38] MT...Well, when THAT book comes out we'll know more.
[crimeADM] I think the Intenet was a bit screwy tonight, Mad; the heat,
- drains... I think my computer almost blinked out a couple times
[scoobi] every time I tried to finger out how to ask bill a question I fell
off my
- stool..hahah
[ACandyRose] I wish he had answered on the question as to whether the internet was
- helping or hurting the case
[Bailey38] scoobi..*l*.....BJ...Same here.
[crimeADM] I think, Candy, he isn't familiar enough with the internet to answer
- that
[scoobi] musta signed back on umpteen times
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[crimeADM] I had to tell him over the phone how to get on in the first place
[pip] internet virgin!
[Bailey38] scoobi/...I saw that..and was getting worried. Good to see you by the
- way.
[zenazena] maybe he will get hook like the rest of us...
[Bailey38] pip..*l*
[zenazena] hooked
[ACandyRose] A virgin :-)
[Bailey38] The thing is..he's sincere, very sincere.
[scoobi] too young for me.....have to teach him too much
[ACandyRose] Yes he is
[ACandyRose] I want to talk to him some more
[AstrologyGal] LOL scoobi
[pip] BJ, you just want to TALK?
[ACandyRose] LOL
[Bailey38] scoobi..*LOL*
[crimeADM] Well, he does seem to want to join us again, so I guess you'll get the
- chance
[ACandyRose] Oh yes, do invite again
[Bailey38] BJ...Same here...he wants to talk.
[Bailey38] Bill..I hope that you can.
[scoobi] Bill - aglad I signed up for your newsletter - thanx
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[zenazena] I do too candy....
[ACandyRose] Will there be a transcript of this chat?
[zenazena] he seemed like a nice man....and sexy too
[zenazena] lol
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[crimeADM] Yes. I'll have an edited version in a few days and an unedited version
- which will include everything including the couple of hours before he got here
[ACandyRose] Well there is no doubt about it the man is good looking but he is
- honest and sincere too and that makes him look even better
[zenazena] bunches of the ladies that I chat with really do refer to him as Mr
- Hotty
[Bailey38] Hey...I'm jealous that autumn got that honorable mention.
[crimeADM] (for some reason, some people want to plow through unedited transcripts)
[ACandyRose] I love unedited transcripts
[zenazena] me too
[zenazena] relive the moment lol
[scoobi] be surprised what we read between the line unedited - bill
[ACandyRose] When people burp, I want to know about it. LOL
[crimeADM] I should have the unedited one online by tomorrow nigth and the edited
- one by Moday at the latest
[Katie] very true
[zenazena] lol
[Bailey38] I think he was embarassed by the typing..and I felt sorry for him on
- that.
[crimeADM] (one thing about moderated chats: MUCH easier to edit!)
[Bailey38] BJ..*L*
[zenazena] Well hell we all mess up, I know I do
[crimeADM] That just proves he's not net-savvy
[zenazena] g nite everyone
[scoobi] I'm perfect - it's a very hard job but somebody's gotta do it -
[AstrologyGal] I think he might be related to me the way he types LOL soon Steve
- will be Computer Junkie like the rest of us
[Bailey38] zenazena...Same here..can't spell worth a chit. Bill..Very good point!
[zenazena] I used to get imbarrased, and then I realized, hey they cant see me
- ...who cares, now I can say or type anything...
[Bailey38] scoobi...That you are!
[zenazena] for reals nite everyone
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[Bailey38] When he said that he typed with two fingers...I felt that we were - bonding..*L*
[scoobi] very interesting about how many other oficers have resigned - ya think ??
[scoobi] nut !!!
[Bailey38] scoobi...that's something I wonder about also..has there always been
- this rift in the dept. or is it just this case?
[Bailey38] scoobi..*hehehe*
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[scoobi] well he said there were many bitter feelings and some would never speak
- again - kinda hard to work that way everyday =
mbg has left channel #crime
[Bailey38] That's sad...and very stressful i'd say.
[scoobi] and finally !!! - the detectives are in agreement that burkes voice IS on
- the tape -
[scoobi] I wish Ruthee and steve could sit down and have anice looooooong talk -
[Bailey38] Yes scoobi..Finally. BJ..I WILL get that transcript scanned and mailed
- to you about the tape, so you can archive it.
[ACandyRose] Okay, cool
[Bailey38] The Geraldo one about the 911 tape.
[ACandyRose] Good :-)
[Bailey38] I'm just lazy and it's been wild around here for a few weeks.
[scoobi] AAuntie - are the delphi forums screwed up tnite - could NOT even get in
[ACandyRose] The Delphi forums seem to be making a lot of changes and during their
- software whatever, it seems to be aproblem getting in
[ACandyRose] I can't even get in half the time
[scoobi] geez Auntie - don't they know who you aare ??/
[ACandyRose] LOL, I guess not
[Bailey38] It slows down when I try to post also.....scoobi..*L*
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[ACandyRose] I should email them and tell them I am a friend of Steve Thomas and
- maybe they will stand up and take notice
[scoobi] most of my post go off into cyberspace - my cat is learning some very bad
- language
[Bailey38] Scoobi...*l* long as the cat doesn't repeat it in front of company!
[Bailey38] BJ...I think that you should.
[Bailey38] And one more thing...How about that GOLFCLUB?
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