Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Webmaster Notes: This transcript was from Jameson's forum where she copied the Peter Boyles transcript from the Justice Watch Forum that Byron did so the transcript is incomplete and Jameson is famous for adding her own tidbits here and there in news articles or transcripts so there is no guarantee this is an exact copy and paste.

"Peter Boyles - 5/24"
Posted by jams on May-24-00 at 03:01 PM (EST)

I heard part of the show - BORG Peter and Caplis and Carol McKinley and Chuck Green - the show I heard made me want to puke - they are poison, filled with simple hate and cruelty.

They really need the Ramseys to be guilty to save face - they have all really put themselves on the line here - and the lawsuits are coming - I hope for every one of them.

Thia is part of the show I did NOT hear - transcribed by Byron:

PB - John and Patsy will hold what's called a "rare press conference". We know from the "magnificent 7" what that means...I talked to Carol last night...she had a midnight flight...I talked to her after her red-eye out of Denver...we will be speaking to her...will be speaking to Ben Thompson, Darnay, Chuck Green. Julie Hayden, etc. The Rams have taken a polygraph. Channel 7 will be covering the conference in it's entirety. Patty Dennis will be kicked upstairs at channel 9, they're going downhill, and I think it affected the Ramsey Mountain News as well. This "gee, John and Patsy are innocent crowd" is bringing them all 4's credit they covered it, Gene Parker refused to give them the test without a urinalysis to determine if they were taking drugs which would skew the results.

asst (it's early) - If they believe they're innocent, I'd just shut the hell up.

PB - That's why we're going to have Caplis on this morning. Chuck said this yesterday. I asked him "why are they doing this"? Caplis is right, she can't stay away. You and I have to submit to the urine tests...we'll see what happens...without even seeing this press conference it's just more manipulation. Darnay coming up. How many questions did you many tests before you passed...what kinds of questions did you answer?

PB - Lisa2 has reported Rams have taken polys. Patsy called them voodoo science in the past.

DH - The pressure is enormous on the Rams. They're a week or two away from having to turn over lots of info in the Wolfe lawsuit in discovery.

GN - They're trying to stack the deck..

DH - They used Richard Ratliff...he's the guy who was used by Richard Jewell...he was also used to clear the Aisenburgs..the irony here is that he gave them a clean bill...I hear he's former FBI.

PB - Isn't it fair to say the customer is always right.

DH - Yes. No attorney worth his salt would reveal anything negative. What's flawed will be the protocol.

PB - Channel 4 reported the intitial polygrapher approached had worked for Access Graphics. Apparently John felt he could go to someone he'd worked with before. They declined Parker after he requested urine samples. This guy who did the test probably never demanded urinalysis.

DH - We know PR had to go back five times when she was giving handwriting samples...

PB - Drinking your own Kool-Aid...hopefully we'll get Steve Thomas on...

PB - America's "fun couple" have announced a press conference. I wonder if people will be able to ask questions.

DH - I'm sure it will be that other tarnished their reps if they went...

PB - The Mag7 could hear their words...they brought in their own furniture...when they did Larry King...they brought in Greta Van Sustern, who ought to go hang herself...

DH - The reason the Chris Wolf was cancelled was due to this.

PB - To Larry's credit, he was going to have Chris on, and then due to this, he was cancelled.

DH - We were rudely dismissed. He had to promise exclusive rights to CNN, and then he's bounced.

PB - After the tip from the caller last week that the R's were here....they met with Cool Lou, Blue Lou...he walked away with files...

DH - I've always said Lou Smit was like a computer virus downloaded into the case...The Larry King people were extremely eager to have Chris on, and they promised not to bump him...they completely reneged...they claim Clinton was such a big story...he was going to be on a split-screen from Denver.

PB - The R's have passed some form of test...will there new developments...will they announce the real killer is now dead???....!!!!

DH - I don't think they're going to announce that, but they're going to try and hurt the hand-writing evidence...Zeigler is writing reports which will devastate their attempts to downplay the handwriting.

PB - Patsy is a drama queen. Why can't she just go away?

DH - She seems to need the drama of the beauty pageants...they're driven by the need to be found innocent...

PB - One of the questions I'll this a press conference by invitation guess is it will be...anybody who's given them a hotfoot won't be invited.

DH - The Rams won't put it out on the AP. It's invitation only. The participants may have to submit written questions in advance. Richard Ratcliff, Lou Smit,

PB - That's not a press conference, even if Lin Wood says it is. Carol says Lou won't be there.

DH - He may not want to participate because it will show him to be compromised. We know Howard Rile was used by the R's early in the case.

PB - Why won't they go away?

PB - Thrusting themselves back into the national news media...Lisa2 has a many different issues are out there...the man who I hope will become the next DA in Boulder will be on...this is probably an invitation only event...they found Gene Parker, who had done previous work for Access, was approached...the Rammers initially insisted the test be done in's Carol...

CM - 12:40 a.m. I flew out...they didn't look like media people on the flight...I'm ready to go out to the's gotten so's an open-ended press conference...not invitee-only

PB - What's your guess?

CM - They say there's new guess is the poly results...this test means nothing to the BPD...the person who gave it may not know the case...

PB - Channel 4 reported last night...Parker insisted on urine screening...I was told people can take beta-blocker drugs...

CM - That's pretty ridiculous...

PB - They're paying the polygrapher...PR called this voodoo science.

CM - The other question is "why now"?

PB - How many practice tests did they take?

CM - What must their defense attorneys be thinking now?

PB - We're going to try and get the Poz on... How many of the questions did you know beforehand?

CM - You want to know if the guy knows the case and the type of questions asked...

PB - They're both on Prozac...

CM - I've got to get going...

PB - Patsy can't just go away..
PB - (Craig Silverman on) These are your clients...would you allow them to do this.

CS - You work for your client. The best advice would be for them to "go away", but they're still at it...maybe one of them thinks they didn't do it.

PB - The media has literally poured into Atlanta.

CS - I was called yesterday. This long-running poker game continues...

PB - This Gene Parker must be a good guy...

CS - It isn't just drugs, there are certain breathing techniques you can use.

PB - What does it say about their sincerity?

CS - We're going to see some experts come forward and say they passed with flying colors.

PB - How many tests did they take before they passed?

CS - Who knows? From a PR perspective, this will likely be a good thing. They'll probably say attorney-client privilege to every hard question. Hopefully there will be a computer print-out, a videotape, or a list of questions asked.

PB - I'd be willing to bet we'll never see it, and we'll never get these questions answered.

CS - Maybe not to you and me, but for the general public, and that's who they're playing to, this will be a good day for them.

PB - Rams back into the spotlight. Carol says the amount of media is enormous. Let's go to Doug Nodean in Atlanta.

DN - Of course we'll all be there. The case never dies.

PB - First of all, sort of a slow news week.

DN - Their book just came out. I understand the authorities have rejected it without seeing the results. The latest blip seems to make them look better. There's a lot of sympathy in Buckhead for the R's. "Leave them alone" is coming from the neighbors.

PB - Can I give you a question? Parker was asked initially. He said that was the deal-breaker.

DN - They're also rejecting anyone associated with the FBI.

PB - The thing Lin Wood used was that Richard Jewell was cleared by the FBI. Did you know that?

DN - Nope? Are polys admissible evidence in Boulder?

PB - No, not anywhere.

DN - Then why are they doing all this?

PB - Because they were caught in a lie. Then they come out and announce they'll take it. Then they start to manipulate it...they've hired their own guy.

DN - How much did they pay for the test? Why not just submit to the FBI.

PB - We know the answer...because they can't pass it