"Ramsey's In D/FW...Full Report"
Posted by tamster on 18:44:13 5/30/2000

I just returned from the Ramsey interview on James Robinson's televangelism network.
I'll put together my full report in just a few minutes.

2. "part one"
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Ramsey Interview - part one

When I arrived at the studio, I was surprised to see a number of security guards around the facility. One was posted in front of the administration building, others were posted both inside and outside of the studio. They had started seating people before I arrived and I was told that the line had been wrapped around the building. I was supposed to meet Chebrock there, but I didn’t see her, and because so many people were already seated, I thought she might be inside.

The studio was much smaller than I expected. It was also decorated in a style that would have certainly met Patsy’s approval. There were a number of reporters on site. Deborah Ferguson with Channel 5 was outside and said that they were not allowed inside and were not allowed to tape anything. However, just before the show was to begin taping, the reporters were escorted inside and seated on the front row. They did not tape anything.

James Robinson and his wife, Bettye, entered the stage and talked for a few minutes. Robinson said that they were interested in answering and solving problems through prayer. Then a group prayer was said as the Ramsey’s entered the set.

I was disappointed when the Ramsey’s sat down, because my view was obstructed by a cameraman. I was able to see some of the interview, but had to watch most of it from a monitor. The first thing that I noticed is that Patsy is much more attractive in person than she is on TV. Even from the monitors on the set, I could tell that she didn’t look quite the same. I was surprised because John is so much shorter than I expected him to be. Patsy was wearing a light blue blazer, an off white shirt (open collar with no scarf) and khaki slacks. John was wearing a medium blue shirt, navy blazer and khaki slacks.

Robinson began his introduction, stating that the Ramseys and Jonbenet were among the most famous names in the world, that everyone knows the name, Jonbenet. He added that it is hard to believe that Jonbenet was murdered three years ago, and that the parents had been accused and suspected by many.

He then prayerfully and graciously welcomed the couple, who came forward to answer questions and ask for prayers. God forbid that Robinson ever becomes a judge and jury.

Robinson asked them how they handled being the focus of attention? Patsy answered, one day at a time. She said that was her grandmother’s favorite song and that she sings it regularly. It was such a trauma losing Jonbenet that everything else pales in comparison. She was not much aware of what was going on (after JB died).

John said that he was shocked to be looked at as a suspect. As he understood it, police always look at the parents. He begged them to keep things in perspective and to look at other suspects, but that the police stopped there.

Patsy said that Linda Arndt said on national TV that John was a murderer and that she could see it in his eyes. Then John added that originally he was the focus of the investigation and then, for some reason, that focus shifted to Patsy.

John went on to say that the loss of Jonbenet was the hard part, that everything else paled by comparison. They had suffered and were hurt as deeply as possible.

They were asked about the grief process and Patsy said that they hadn’t completed the grieving process because they were trying to find the killer. They haven’t been open to express a lot of their grieving until recently. They were also not open to the press due to the ongoing investigation and the Grand Jury proceedings, that it was not proper. They added that the charges that they didn’t cooperate with the BPD were not true and that was a dilemma.

4. "part two"
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Part two

John Ramsey then went on to say that he was surprised at the suggestion of a friend to bring in attorneys. Then, they were represented by two attorneys. He added that he wished he was as rich as he had been painted to be. He never felt like a big shot and that he worked in the computer business and got lucky. They were asked if they ever felt untouchable and John said that he never felt untouchable. Patsy added that she did a lot of community work and was always volunteering at school. One of the hardest parts about returning to Boulder after the murder was that she was no longer doing her community work.

Robinson said that during the CNN interview, that they didn’t really appear to be with us. Patsy said that she was on heavy medication and that she didn’t even remember getting dressed for the interview. Her friends had to help her get ready and one of her best friends didn’t even recognize her.

John added that Patsy was literally bed-ridden and that they were not making their own decisions; they were responding to their friends’ desires.

Patsy added, that she remembered thinking as they left the funeral at Peachtree, she wondered why there were people and cameras there. She didn’t understand how they knew about Jonbenet.

Robinson asked them to tell him about Jonbenet. He said that many people saw her as an advanced model but that the photos in their book were typical family snapshots. Patsy said that their private photos were not available to the media and that the pageant videos and photographs were sold. John said that Jonbenet was a performer, that she loved being onstage and entertaining.

Patsy said she loved standing on her head in the front yard.

Patsy went on to tell a story about Jonbenet. She said that they were in the grocery store once and that Jonbenet was in the buggy, when Patsy went to pick out coffee filters. Jonbenet called them, “coffee feathers” and that every time she makes coffee, she thinks of that.

Robinson asked them what happens now? What will come of this and what has happened to your relationship with God?

John answered that it is a journey. He hit bottom when his oldest daughter died. His first words after her death was, “There is no God.” He had to build his faith from there, through the help of friends. Patsy added that it was tough, that Jonbenet was a baby then, and that before that point, they had a beautiful family and everything was perfect. It felt as though the rug had been ripped from under them.

John said he was forced to think, what was life about? He read a lot and that friends mentored him and helped him study the bible. Patsy added that she prayed to God to help her help her husband because she didn’t know what to do late at night when he was weeping. Their faith that was built after the death of Beth helped them a lot when Jonbenet was killed.

Robinson asked them if God had used this? They answered absolutely. Patsy said that she is in a constant state of prayer, that she doesn’t have a TV and that she only listens to Christian radio because she is in the car so much. The radio feeds her every day and that God is real to her. She went on to say that she went through this with the cancer thing too.

7. "part three"
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Part Three

John Ramsey said that there is pure evil out there. But that there were also a lot of good people out there too. He said that you know God loves you by the people he puts in your lives.

Patsy said that even though she didn’t have a TV, she felt like she had been Touched by an Angel. They were at a diner one night after Burke had been to the movies and were having a pity-party because Burke didn’t want to sit with them. She said a little old woman came up to them and pointed at them, saying that she knew who they were. The old woman then told them to hang in there, that God loves you. That made them feel much better.

Robinson added that when you see someone with a broken heart, it needs to move you to prayer.

He then said the prayer: Let God reveal the killer. Let justice be done.

They said their goodbye’s and then this was the end of the taping of the first program. After a brief break, the taping of the second program began. The make-up artist spent the most time touching up John’s forehead, and then briefly touched up the area under Patsy’s eyes.

The second taping began with Robinson introducing the Ramseys and their book, DOI. He said that they have made very few appearances and that they wanted to come and talk about life and the future, they wanted to look ahead and ask for prayers.

Please note: during the second taping, I started coughing and having an allergy attack. My notes for this segment are not as complete as the first segment. The very nice Euless police officer that was standing right next to me throughout the program, handed me a cough drop, and I was able to begin taking notes again.

Robinson then asked them about the lie detector tests, stated that they had passed them, and asked them if they felt better now that they had been completed.

John stated that he didn’t feel any different after taking the tests. Patsy said it was very nerve wracking and that she was in a big chair. She added that tests told what they had known all along. John said that they shouldn’t have to prove their innocence, that the constitution says that people are innocent until proven guilty. That the title of the book, DOI is basically about lost innocence.

Patsy agreed that the presumption of innocence is lost in this country. John said that the media has usurped the justice system, that it is dangerous and not right. They said that the lie detector issue came out of a media interview and that they had not been asked by the BPD to take the test. That the issue was raised by Barbara Walters. John said that he insisted on the conditions that the tests be fair and independent. That he has lost trust in the BPD and that it has created a dilemma for them.

8. "part four"
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Part four

The Ramsey’s said that they wanted the killer caught. They continued saying that when you lose something as fundamental as a child, you realize what is important in life. John said he though a lot about what life is about. Patsy said that we are only here for a short period of time and that they will see Jonbenet again. God had cured her from stage IV ovarian cancer and she had to ask, why? She felt that there has to be something that will come from this.

She felt that God had healed her from her cancer, and that he wanted her to talk about it and give him the glory.

(I don’t have it noted who said this) God didn’t have this (the killing) in mind but God will use it and there is a reason that Jonbenet’s name is known around the world. There is a purpose.

The Ramsey’s said that they have read the book of Job and that there is much to learn from the story of his children and the message of eternal life. That Job had 7 children and had lost everything, but that God had restored his gifts to him.

Patsy said that Jonbenet and Beth are still alive, that they are just not with them. She has 5 children, it is just that 2 are not here. (Robinson had talked about a segment on children in Romania that will be spliced into these broadcasts) and Patsy said that she would like to go to Romania and help the many children. That she had a lot of hugs to go around.

She went on to say that there is a darkness in this world and it is a spiritual battle between good and evil. Patsy didn’t understand why they were picked out of all people and thrown into battle, that they don’t understand it. If that is where God wants them to go, then they will go.

JR said that they pray every day that the killer will be found by the authorities. That God is the ultimate judge.

Pray for the killer to be found. Pray for the Ramsey’s.


Robinson asked them about forgiveness, and if they will be able to forgive those who have said so many things about them.

John said he feels sorry for them.

Robinson asked if they could even forgive Geraldo.

Patsy asked, isn’t part of forgiveness repenting?

Robinson said, no, that Jesus forgave those who crucified him and they didn’t repent.

Patsy said, oh, ok, then he’s forgiven. (This is the part that absolutely must be seen).

Robinson then said something about God saving Geraldo, but my notes are incomplete here. Robinson then went on to say that God would want Jonbenet’s to live on, that there must be prayers from the heart, and to not conjure up the horrors of the deed, but that God can extend grace. This was the end of the taping.

As they were taking off their mikes and getting ready to leave, Robinson said that they had to catch a plane to New York in 30 minutes, and that they were going to go and meet Geraldo.

Patsy laughed and said, “NO I’M NOT!”

11. "impressions" Posted by tamster on 20:06:20 5/30/2000 Whew. Seeing them upclose and personal wasn't exactly what I expected it to be. I don't know how to quite explain it, but I felt more curiosity than anything. The Ramsey's were escorted through a back door both when they entered and exited the building.

I am not kidding, there was a Euless police officer standing right next to me for the entire taping.

The audience did take the entire thing hook, line and sinker. In fact, while I was in line to be seated, the lady in front of me was making some snotty remarks about the reporters on the scene. She told a friend next to her that they should leave, that there was nothing there for them to report.

Everybody clapped and prayed on cue. The lady seated next to me asked if this was the first taping I had attended. Maybe it was because I appeared to be the only person in the audience (including the reporters that were allowed inside) to be taking notes.

Anyway, it was an experience that will take me a few days to fully process. I'm glad that I went. And I think my allergy attack was a subconsious way of gagging over their statements.

27. "Romanian Connection"
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Patsy chose the children of Romania because Robinson will air a segment on Romanian orphans during part of this broadcast. I think they had talked about the Romanian orphans before the taping.

You know, that way he can ask for money to help feed and clothe the poor orphans (not to mention, make his boat payment).