Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, May 31, 2000

1 . "Byron and Sabrina's report"
Posted by jams on May-31-00 at 10:42 AM (EST)

Byron reports on the Boyles show on JW - here it is:

PB started off by confirming the Rams/Thomas appearance on Larry King tonight. He also said each side gets to "bring somebody", that the Rams are bringing Lin Wood, and Steve is bringing Chuck Green (who will on this morning). He also mentioned the "stiff" the show got from Robison, and how all he wants to know is what kind of questions were asked. (Someone want to e-mail him Tamster's report?) He said Robison is "too busy doing all the network shows and that after today he leaves town on vacation and won't be able to reschedule"

PB - How many lie detector tests have they taken? It's not adding up here is it?

Caller - I'd like you to get one of those guys on who tells you how to beat the polygraphs. So far you've had the tobacco industry on talking about the safety of cigarettes.

Pb - There's nothing kosher about this test. The more times you take them, the better you get at it. Bob Grant says if you go in thinking the machine is gonna catch you, it will, but if you're comfortable with it, you'll pass.

PB - We got stiffed by Robison. All I want is the truth. We're big boys, we can handle it. But this guy is flat-out lying. It shows you his true colors. You know what happened, Lin Wood or Susan Stine, said 'You want to do this goof's show in Denver, or do you want J & P?'

PB - What is motivating these people? JR can't catch a cold. He's been Mr. Business. Lockheed couldn't wait to get rid of him...he's a detriment...I wonder what his fortune is down to? The 750K in advance for the book. They're flying all over the country now, they're hiring lie detector people, they're hiring more lawyers. I bet Chuck Green bought his own ticket.

Caller - Every time they open their mouths, it gets weirder.

PB - I got an interesting letter from Cyril Wecht, maybe we'll have him on tomorrow. (quoting from a NYTimes article about another murder) 'Convictions CAN be obtained on only circumstancial evidence. What is even more incredible is that people still defend (Hunter's) actions.'

...apparently the Rams and Thomas will be IN STUDIO TOGETHER, not on satellite feeds !!

Bill Johnson - I think it's sad they feel the need to do this.

PB - (reading from BJ's article)

BJ - If they didn't have anything to do with it, because the BPD fouled up the crime scene, they're left with saying "we didn't do it".

PB - They must have no regard for Burke. If your parents were constantly doing this, and being the brunt of jokes...what must he be going through?

BJ - It's become more and more ridiculous. People say 'why don't you leave the R's alone?...they won't leave US alone.'

PB - McKinley no longer has an interest in covering it...they told Larry King they hadn't taken a poly, but the statement from Lin Wood says they took another one May 6th.

PB - Wouldn't you like to be sitting in that green room? (speaking of LKL tonight)

PB - What is motivating them?

BJ - Most people believe they did it. They dig themselves in deeper and deeper every time they appear.

PB - 3 years and six months later...they gave themselves a test and they passed it. The first test was inconclusive, and I've talked to attorneys, and they said inconclusive equals flunking.

BJ - No one is picking on 'these poor people'...they won't go away.

9. "Peter just said....."
Posted by sabrina on 06:20:01 5/31/2000
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"The Rams are like a used car salesman, nobody believes them or is buying it.... You get all these polls and it's still 90% think they are guilty... other than Susan Stine AND THAT INTERNET WOMAN....everyone thinks they are guilty."

13. "more Boyles"
Posted by sabrina on 06:46:30 5/31/2000

Chuck will accompany Steve, Lin Wood will accompany the Rams. Carol was just on and she is amazed that the Rams will be going on with Steve Thomas. She said there were alot of negotiations back and forth with the Larry King show, first they did not want to appear at the same table, but then they finally agreed. Peter is saying he wishes he could be in the green room. Carol is flabergasted why they would be doing this and both are saying their criminal attorneys must be having fits.

Darnay is on now.

Darnay talking about how Larry King cancelled Chris Wolf.They interviewed Chris at length on the phone about what might be said, and then they just cancelled a few hours before the show.Darnay thinks their appearance on LKL tonight is like free throws at the end of the basketball game (bet he watched the Lakers game last night) (last ditch desperation when you are losing--for all you non basketball folks) Darnay says they refer to him as "publicity seeking" but what about Linn Wood. Also talking about inconsistancies about the dates they said they took polygraph tests. They denied taking tests on tv, when in fact it has come out now that they did. Darnay says "inconsistant" means you did not pass.

You did good, NYL!!

Chuck Green coming up.

"Chuck Green On Now...."
Posted by sabrina on 06:53:30 5/31/2000

Peter said he'd walk to! Chuck says this started Monday, they asked Steve first if he would go on with Lin Wood. Steve said no, he wanted to go on with the Ramseys, across the table.

Then the Ramseys agreed, LKL was going to hook up the satellites, and Steve said no, in studio across the table!!

Lin Wood will be in a side room along with an entourage, but they won't be on the show. Chuck said he is flying out with Steve on the same flight and he expects to be in a side room, but not on air. Chuck is handing the Ramseys a written request for an interview tonight.

Peter: Wonder if Susan Stine and CAP will be there? What do you think this is about?

Chuck: This is the first time they are appearing with one of their challengers. They have nothing to gain by this except boasting rights "we stood up to him".

18. "More"
Posted by sabrina on 07:05:10 5/31/2000

Peter: How do you think it will go?

Chuck: Steve said he spent most of yesterday preparing. He was going through his notes and reviewing materials. You have to be focused and prepared, with all the breaks there is not that much time.

Peter: Why are they doing this?

Chuck: The only thing I can see that they can gain is bragging rights. All their legal advisors I am sure except for Lin Wood must have advised them not to do this.

Peter: Patsy just said on Today show "The case will be closed after tonight."

Chuck: Maybe they will divulge the killer!You know, Pam said she knew who did it but she wouldn't name the name. Maybe they have some blockbuster thing they will pull out of the hat. Remember, the press conference was to be "new evidence". There was no evidence, just that Patsy passed the lie detector after the third try!

Chuck will call in tomorrow to Peter's show.