Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, June 1, 2000

8 . "Sabrina reported on Mrs. Brady's call"
Posted by jams on Jun-01-00 at 07:57 AM (EST)

Couldn't sleep! Turned on Boyles and guess who is on!! Peter says it's the BEST website on the case!!

Ma says Patsy snarled at Steve! (Ma-- watch what you say, you can get on the list "to be sued") Similar to the line we have heard in the interview "don't go there, pal". Real Patsy came out at times last night.

Ma thinks Larry King did a good job, he tried to keep it under control. Peter says Larry doesn't usually ask tough questions but last night did a good job. Ma agreed.

Ma said Patsy made 2 major slip ups: one, saying that Patsy wished she was arrested, and #2 "ransom note writer is the killer, then Patsy referred to the ransom note writer as a "she" . Killer had a sex change!!

Other guests this morning include Darnay Hoffman, Norm Early,Cyril Wecht,Chuck Green and maybe even Steve Thomas.

9 . "Byron's transcript"
Posted by jams on Jun-01-00 at 08:01 AM (EST)

PB - What a night it was. We have a lot of folks who want to talk this morning. JR was doing the Secret Service routine, throwing himself in front of the bullet. Too bad we couldn't put a muzzle on him. The paintbrush question was the best. I want to begin...she runs the finest website...we call her Mrs. Brady...

Ma- Good morning.

PB - You are the consumate R watcher.

Ma - The classic was when PR snarled. It was one of her "don't go there"
PB - She snarled at Haney..,

Ma - I thought the true Patsy came out. Was Lin Wood off-camera motioning to them?

PB - Part of what came down...are you making the commitment to meet with the BPD.

Ma - They were setting up parameters on the meeting.

PB - ST got them admit they've never been to the poice station...ever...LK was shocked.

Ma - Larry did a great job.

PB - We've seen them do this before..PR wishing they'd been arrested...remember when JR said he wished they'd been indicted. Were they praying to be indicted?

MA - In their book, DO Intelligence. She made two major slipups. That she would get a free and fair trial. About the ransom note writer...first it was "he", and then it was "she".

Ma - At least they didn't bring up the dead killer last night.

PB - They hit a home run last night. ST says I think you're good for it. Steve Thomas will be on..Darnay...Norm Early...Cyril Wecht...(others)we've got Ma on the line.

(Very hard to keep up, especially when you know it's going to be read by the participants themselves...

PB - In her home, where she precides over THE best website, Ma Brady's URL's and the Justice Watch forum. I told her I was going to make a talk-show host of her.

Caller - The rest of the country wants to hear the evidence. What about the pineapple?

PB - I thought those things as well.

Caller - ST had a huge audience, and he didn't do it.

Ma - He's very circumspect about the actual evidence.

Caller - When little child has a vaginal infection...JR was so definite...about "our pediatrition"...

PB - When they passed on the evidence at the big get-together, there were many who thought JBR was sexually molested. Ma, do you feel that way? Ma - Yes (much longer answer...sorry's early)

Caller - He didn't hold their feet to the fire? When is someone going to confront them with hard evidence?

New caller - Can you give me the web address?

Ma - Gives addy

PB - What did you think?

Caller - I thought PR looked drugged. I wish he'd nailed them on a couple things as well. PR says, how could we possibly do this?

PB - Go down to the penitentiary and ask Susan Smith, and others. We have example after example.

Caller - John did that interview a couple years ago with that computer magazine.

PB - Lin Wood said the offer hasn't been formally submitted.

Caller - (quoting from article) Would you kill your daughter? Then why would you think I would? Did you see the Greta Van/Cochran show? I wanted to smash the screen.

PB - Greta is a scientologist.

Caller - Did you hear DNA was found from Hoffstrom's nose in JR's rectum? (please fill in the names)

New caller - He really missed his chance.

Ma - It was two against one, with LK jumping in willy-nilly. He did seem very nervous.

Caller - He should have been prepared for that.

PB - As much as I like ST, it's easy for me to say doing what I do, there were points I wish he'd made.

Caller - Why did not anyone not ask PR about the clothes?

PB - Have you noticed how she's wearing the same clothes? Darnay on the line, Mrs. Brady is with us.

DH - Good morning Mom! I personally was disappointed. It was like the Super Bowl, or a prizefight where they feel each other out. I thought it was a draw.

PB - Ben Thompson said that as well. When ST had the chance to nail them to the wall, he didn't do it.

DH - I thought it was appropriate when PR said it was a Jerry Springer moment. Everybody talking over each other.

PB - I thought it was interesting about the paintbrush.

DH - I thought some major concessions happened, including the ransom note writer being the killer.

PB - I was thinking of you last night (so was I) There was a home run.

DH - I also noticed how the R's have backed off the death penalty. John Andrew said the killer should be forgiven.

PB - When the paintbrush came up, and PR was asked about it, she said she didn't know whose it was?

DH - She's really painted herself into a corner with a same clothes situation. I call it the B.O. defense.

PB - Ma, stick with us. ST couldn't get his questions out with the one of the R's jumping in and talking over him, but he also missed some chances

PB - So Mrs. Brady, if you were to grade the performance.

Ma - LK an A, Rams a D, and ST a C.

DH - I'd give LK a B. The Rams would be nuts to go into court with this.

PB - I don't think there is a Team Ramsey anymore. Do you?

DH - Lou Smit and Lin Wood.

Ma - We still have the spin doctors at Thomas Nelson. We've got the kook in Maryland. The ones that work behind the scenes who were plain scary (are gone)

PB - I thought admitting the ransom note writer was the murderer was big.

DH - I thought JR made a foolish commitment to suing ST in civil court...and where was the duct tape to put across their mouths?

PB - That's what did OJ in.

PB - Our guests, DH and Ma. What next? Will they show up in Boulder?

DH - They might. This is all press bravado. It took them three weeks to sign

Ma - I don't think the BPD will agree to meet on their terms.

PB - Lots of folks to come. Chuck Green's column today is great. With us now, but a man I've never actually met, Cyril Wecht. What I'd like you to talk about, a murder in NY. Emphasizing, convictions can be obtained on circumstancial evidence.

CW - There's another case, another where the victim's body hasn't been found, the athiest Madelyn Murray O'Hair (I knew her husband Dick O'Hair) The point I'm making is, that the idea you don't go forward in a case if you don't have witnesses, obvious evidence...the obvious cases are plea bargained..the cases that go to trial are the circimstancial cases. From the standpoint of the DA office, is there a justifiable basis to go ahead and charge? Do you have the ransom note? Do you have the piece of pineapple?

What about PR wearing the same clothes? My god, is there anybody out there with any intelligence, who believes anybody else would not have had murder charges brought against them?

Any coroner or Medical examiner will tell you about cases like this one, where there was not a great deal more, look at the Louise Woodward case, there was a broken wrist made three weeks earlier, there was evidence that went away from her. C'mon man. (great rant...I love this guy!)

Caller - I thought people were just talking over each other.

PB - LK isn't used to confrontational interviews. He likes softball questions. He did as well as he's capable of doing.

Caller - The hidden agenda...let's get both sides together and compare notes...they want to find out what the police have (I was thinking the same thing)

PB - Lou took files with him. I would suspect Beckner will turn it down. They want to "share info".

Caller - Any good police investigation won't share info. Didn't JR ask about experts?

PB - She was kind of flirting with him. Supposedly PR asked ST if they could just work together.

PB - On the line is Ben Thompson.

BT - I thought it was extraordinary they made an offer. I think if I were BPD, I'd call their bluff. No rules, no conditions.

PB - That won't happen. They'll twist it.

BT - They couldn't back out if Beckner adds no conditions. They just need to say we're thought is they won't show up...bring them in...if he's got experienced people on the case...the worst that can happen is they don't have anything. I would have gone to Beckner's house, and told him to take them up without conditions.

PB - Was it a major win or loss?

BT - I would call it a draw. The fact that the offer was made was extraordinary. They were very prepared.

PB - You got to see a side of the R's you never see, and ST brought that out. Mrs. B brought that up as well, the hiss. I think it's a hollow threat.

BT - You're going to spend quality time with my lawyers. They were trying to intimidate Steve. Beckner wants to separate them, and they won't do that. Let's take the next step.

PB - Peggy in Littleton.

Peggy - I couln't believe the show last night. One of the q's, how could you know, you weren't asleep...I'm a good observer of facial expressions...I actually think...what I saw last night...the smirk with Team Ramsey...I think they're scared.

PB - What did yoiu think of PR?

Peggy - My Mom comes up, and said "the mother did it".

PB - Marilyn Van Derber Atler said (I've met her) When I saw JR, I saw my father. One of the great moments missed...there's this theory...the "John can see in the dark"'s a small room...when JR goes in and screams...FW thinks if I couldn't see the body...JR didn't turn the light on, yet screamed and then turned on the light.

Peg - She refers to her as "this child", never "my daughter