Peter Boyles Show - Monday, June 5, 2000

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Posted by Byron on 04:53:01 6/05/2000

PB - The R's have posted their vision of the killer. We'll speak with Caplis and McKinley. (also mentioned Armistead saying...'He finally got it. Dick Tracy' caller - I've seen the R's picture, and do you know what it looks like? The face on the front of Whitley Strieber's "Communion".

PB - That's great! I've never been to the bar near Area 51 called "The Little AliInn", but... Timothy, I think you've solved the whole thing. You have solved the Ramsey murder. You should call the family. The Rams' site is You're amazing. What a great call.

new caller - It looks like the spitting image of Adolph Hitler.

PB - It's either an alien or Adolph Hitler. J & P have posted, based on a psychic's picture, this picture. I know you believe this. Adolph did have a gun. Did you see this picture?

PB - Armistead takes a walk...what's that about...either their checks are bouncing...I hear he's a stand-up guy...maybe the lights went on and he said I can't do this anymore. McKinley up next...

PB - She's lost her pager. Two big Rams' stories.

CM - Armistead was part of Haddon. He didn't agree with their tactics.

PB - They've been been going on TV for years.

CM - Maybe he smells something funny.

PB - Ah-ha. So he bails.

CM - Maybe he's dug up as much as he can get.

PB - Carol. It's to throw the police off. That was his job.

CM - I've heard it was Lou Snit's idea to put this picture up.

PB - This good Christian man is now believing in psychics. I thought the best part was when Linda soon as she said it on TV...they said her psychic impressions do nothing for the case in place of evidence...

CM - What's even weirder is this psychic died in we can't ask her...well, maybe we can...

PB - You've seen the picture. If you cover the haircut...remember Whitley Strieber? This is how JBR was able to be killed in the house, without the intruder leaving any evidence.

CM - That's good...your listeners have great ideas

PB - When you've seen this looks like...

CM - I talked to Ed Gelb Saturday.

PB - We'll be right back

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