Peter Boyles Show - Friday, June9, 2000

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Posted by Seal on Jun-09-00 at 10:29 AM (EST)

PB - We have a packed morning, the highlight will be Sonny Barger...joining us now is Darnay. The story is out in the tabs...LHP's story...Linda will join us...why did she take it to the tabs? DH - She was upset after watching LKL. The Rams want to change the way news is reported. They're trying to cover up their crime. They're called slap-suits. They've killed some of the coverage. Notice the Star didn't put the story on their cover.

PB - We're going to work with you, then we'll slap-sue you.

DH - She says she recognizes the handwriting as Patsy's, and more importantly, she verifies what might have happened as per the bathroom. It's easy to understand, there may have been a lot more abuse going on behind the bathroom door.

PB - Patsy's make-up, as everyone knows, there were pics taken at the White's.

DH - She's dressed as she was the night before...and now she's trying to prove this is the way she is...I call it the "B.O. Defense".

PB - She's in full makeup.

DH - The reason they had to leave Boulder is because PR can't get her lipstick.

PB - Back with LHP. There's a great column by Patty Calhoun about sketchman.

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Posted by Byron on 04:34:09 6/09/2000

(as you can see, I miss a lot...anybody want to add commentary on the missed stuff?)

PB - Joining us is LHP.

LHP - Good morning.

PB - When we first met, you firmly believed PR was innocent. What changed?

LHL - A lot of different things.

PB - When you were defending her, you didn't know they were giving you up.

DH - While the coroner was on his way, they were already on their way to Linda's house.

PB - What time did they arrive at your home?

LHP - 7 p.m. They wanted me to sit down at the table.

PB - How long was it before you knew PR had fingered you?

LHP - A long time really...Perfect Murder...

PB - You were just the first of many they've fingered.

DH - Right. In their book, they talk about how LHP made the comment about how beautiful JBR was.

LHP - Nedra said she was worried about the kids going out alone because she was worried about them being kidnapped, and then she turned around and said I said it.

PB - They're off the scale for doing that...Do you watch them now? Is the PR on these shows remind you of the PR you knew?

LHP - No...I see a very different person. She was kind.

PB - One issue is PR's make-up. In the multiple lies of J & P, there are three different versions.

LHL - Patsy NEVER got dressed to go downstairs to make coffee, she'd go down in her robe, and then go back upstairs to get dressed and put on makeup. I don't believe she ever got undressed.

PB - For her to be dressed indentically, did you ever know PR...What was her wardrobe like?

LHP - Nordstrom....the only thing I ever saw her wear twice maybe were a pair of jeans.

DH - Look what she was wearing two days in a row, festive clothing.

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Posted by Byron on 04:42:50 6/09/2000

PB - Linda has done a very reasonable piece...they call the room the wine celler.

LHP - The truth is, I don't believe a stranger or intruder knew the room was there. I was there 13 months, it was Thanksgiving, before I ever knew it was there.

PB - I undertand that's where they kept Christmas deocrations.

LHP - No, those were in another room..they kept the trees in there. They never talked about that room.

PB - The broken cleaned that house...JR tells police he had broken the think that's a lie.

LHL - I never saw them go any way into the house except through the garage, and the front door was often unlocked. (missed some important stuff here)

PB - Staging of the crime...

DH - That window is hinged. The important thing to rmember, PR wasn't into cleaning up things herself. That was Linda's job,.

PB - The intruder never leaves any fibre, skin, goes over the bushes the same way...many people believe PR broke the window herself.

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Posted by Seal on Jun-09-00 at 10:32 AM (EST)

Posted by Byron on 04:50:11 6/09/2000

PB - I want to end with the handwriting, but let's get back to the bathroom...she had her own bathroom, she lived the life of a princess...what do you think happened?

LHP - I know on Monday, the last day I was there, PR got upset with JBR, and my daughter saw her take her into the bathroom and close the door...I don't know what she did in there.

DH - The only way you could have performed the abuse was behind closed doors.

PB - You believe PR killed JBR.

LHP - I do.

PB- I believe what you believe. Why do you think PR wants America to believe she's the victim?

LHL - I think she believes she didn't do it. She's lost it that way. I don't think she meant to hurt her. We could talk all day about a lot of things.

PB - The note itself...

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Posted by Byron on 05:03:48 6/09/2000

PB - The real centerpiece is the alleged ransom note.

DH - It's the only piece of evidence that doesn't have an innocent explanation.

LHP - I think that 'don't grow a brain John' sounds like PR. I've heard her say phrases like that.

PB - You said that after you saw the note how a chill ran down your spine.

LHP - The "R's" look like her writing (another letter)

DH - My experts are working pro bono. I've submitted four samples in the Chris Wolf case.

PBN - What conclusions have you arrived at?

LHL - My conclusion is PR killed her. I believe like ST does, I wholeheartedly believe what he does.

PB - What started out as selective appearances, now releasing sketchman...why wasn't sketchman in the book...the whole thing.

LHL - Something they cooked up to keep the focus off of them.

DH - They're like a virus, a cancer...they're trying to change the first cover up a horrendous child murder...the R's are dead set on doing something like McCarthyism over this case.

PB - They make these veiled threats...but they're always centered around their son...they threaten me, through Lin Wood.

DH - They've threatened the governor of Colo, how dare they.

PB - He's going to have to do it or get off the pot (ST)

DH - They sued the New York Post, they'll be lucky they're not sanctioned...Lin Wood sued over a cartoon.

PB - You're very brave Linda.

DH - The only person looking out for JBR is the housekeeper.

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Posted by Byron on 05:07:05 6/09/2000

PB - We'll play some of the OJ stuff. I believe he's doing this because of the success he believes the Rams are having. Patty Calhoun will be on about her column.