Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - Tom Miller was a guest in chat for the CrimeNews2000 Forum. The chat was logged by the CN2000 forum as well as myself. The full chat log can be found at CRIMENEWS2000 Forum: http://www.crimenews2000.com/


(mapek) A question from CGirl: Can you tell us when and why you got involved in the JonBenet Ramsey case?

(TomMiller) March, 1997, as a handwriting expert and lawyer, contacted by Craig Lewis of the GLOBE

(mapek) What kinds of things have you done for the case?

(TomMiller) After answering the ransom note, I made known my opinion that Patsy Ramsey was probably the author

(mapek) Regarding the handwriting analysis you did on the ransom note, what can you tell us about it?

(TomMiller) Expressing my opinion was considered inflammatory by Jefferson County Officials aided by their receipt of the investigative file of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, to impeach me.

(mapek) Sabrina would like to know: How many samples of Patsy's handwriting did you have which you compared to the ransom note to come to your conclusion? How long were these samples?

(TomMiller) I had many exemplars, not as many as the CBI holds in its vaults, eg. the CBI has never made available their samples, conveniently sealed by the grand jury.

(mapek) Buzzie would also like to know: Who do you suspect leaked the ransom note to the media?

(TomMiller) Team Ramsey, as came out in my trial, wrote the Boulder Police Department for permission to release the note, which Linda Arndt had already provided them. The BPD said, "no." The note appeared within 30 days of so of Team Ramsey's request (incited by John Douglas).

(mapek) Regarding the commercial bribery criminal case brought against you, what can you tell us about the background of it?

(mapek) and.. Florida would like to know your thoughts on: What was the real purpose behind the prosecution of this case?

(TomMiller) When I refused to testify against my client, Craig Lewis, who had broken no law, the State came after me to force my testimony against my 1st Amendment right -- not to speak -- the 1st Amendment right to a free press, and against my obligation to my client.

(TomMiller) A destructive criminal justice system (which is for sale) wanted to silence me.

(mapek) Candy writes: Dear Mr. Miller, Do you believe Alex Hunter, Hal Haddon, or other Team Ramsey/law enforcement officials were behind your prosecution on these charges?

(TomMiller) Evidence at my trial revealed that Hal Haddon, Lee Foreman and Patrick Burke demanded that I be prosecuted.

(mapek) From Buzzie: Hello Tom! Congratulations on your case acquittal. I do believe Haddon staged this performance in an attempt to peg you with a felony charge. Glad he wasn't successful.

(mapek) A few questions... Was your personal diary ever returned or is it still in evidence files? Does it contain information that may be used in a future trial?

(TomMiller) The original was returned in May, 2001. The photocopy, used by the DA, Dennis Hall, is still in his possession. My lawyer reports that Mr. Hall has stipulated to the return of his copy and destruction of all copies. Information from my journal will be found in my book. I will believe it when I see it.

(mapek) Buzzie would also like to know: Did you discuss this in any depth with Mr. Lewis beforehand? Did you notice or were you curious as to what was in the "large manilla envelope"?

(mapek) and Buzzie also asks: Specifically please, what was your understanding of what Mr. Lewis hoped to glean from the interview with Don Vacca?

(TomMiller) Mr. Lewis wanted information on the ransom note, the autopsy report, sources inside the DA's office, the police department, and any documents or information regarding the JBR case. I wanted to examine the ransom note as a handwriting expert. I did not know that Mr. Vacca had been given the note.

(mapek) it sounds like Lewis knew that?

(TomMiller) I don't know what Lewis did or didn't know.

(mapek) When did you find out that Vacca had the note?

(TomMiller) When he revealed himself to Lewis' offer.

(mapek) i see, thanks

(mapek) Florida writes: I understand it cost you $100,000 to have your name cleared by defending yourself in court. What do you think of the deal Lewis made with the prosecutors where the Globe ended up making a $100,000 "donation" to the CU School of Journalism? It seems rather unfair to me.

(TomMiller) Craig Lewis got what he paid for, which was the dismissal of charges for a bribe to the CU School of Journalism. I got what I paid for, which was a trial by jury, for roughly the same amount.

(mapek) Also from Florida: Why was Craig Lewis not called as a witness since he was with you when the offer was made?

(TomMiller) Craig Lewis, since the charges against him had been dropped, could not be forced to testify. In fact, he refused.

(mapek) From CGirl: I understand that Fleet White did not appear for your case and was subsequently arrested for failure to appear. What knowledge would Mr. White have that would have concerned your case in the first place?

(TomMiller) First, that a fair trial requires the particiapation of good citizens. Second, anything and everything he knew about the ransom note.

(mapek) From Florida: Do you have any idea why neither Fleet White or Steve Thomas showed up in court? And, what did you expect to elicit from their testimony?

(TomMiller) Fleet White said he would not testify for "a tabloid lawyer". Steve Thomas is being sued by the Rs, and wants to protect himself through silence, as did I by force of the indictment, which the jury dispatched.

(mapek) what did you expect to elict from Steve Thomas' testimony?

(TomMiller) Anything and Everything he knew about the ransom note and its release to the public.

(mapek) From Buzzie: Can you offer any insight as to why Dan Glick was not issued an arrest warrant for failure to appear?

(TomMiller) Neither Steve Thomas, despite the fact his attorney was lurking in the hallways of the courthouse, nor Fleet White paid attorneys to represent them for lack of response. Glick's lawyer, spent days reporting to the Court, to excuse his conduct. Newsweek (for whom Glick works) can afford that level of justice.

(mapek) Also from Buzzie: Did anything ever become of the complaint to the Disciplinary Council concerning your "improper courtroom conduct"?

(TomMiller) The Supreme Court of Colorado deferred investigation pending the outcome of my trial. It's their move.

(mapek) Do you have any evidence linking Hal Haddon's firm with any contributions or efforts to the Jeffco DA's election?

(TomMiller) The Colorado Secretary of State is required to keep records of political donations. See for yourself.

(mapek) From pkc for mr miller: your own case aside, how many other trials related to the ramseys might you expect (or have expected) to be deposed for and /or testified in?

(TomMiller) I hope none. But, if asked to testify regarding the handwriting in the ransom note, my testimony will be, as always, truthful.

(CG_work) Ok, then what knowledge of the note would Fleet have in regards to your trial?

(TomMiller) He saw the note. He may have had a copy. I don't know who he shared that knowledge with, but it was evidence that the charge of commercial bribery was "bogus" as the note had been released.

(Sabrina3) can you explain the 4.5 out of 5 we always hear about in regards to Patsy's handwriting analysis? Was this the CBI or her own investigator (paid by her)

(Sabrina3) What did you grade her?

(TomMiller) I didn't "grade" her. I said she probably wrote the note. I want to examine and photograph the original and any exemplars held as evidence to say more than that.

(pkc) this is just a technical question --is there anybody at all outside the ramsey family who could have standing to initiate a wrongful death civil suit against the ramseys for jonbenet's death?

(TomMiller) Lets not go there.

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