Jameson's Letter to Westword
She posted the letter on her forum on June 29, 2000 in response to a book review "People & Places, Best book on the murder of JonBenét Ramsey" regarding Steve Thomas' book, "JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey murder Investigation."

Jameson's Posting:

My letter to WestWord

I read the book review on Steve Thomas' book - - the one calling it the "Best Book on the Murder of JonBenét Ramsey". What garbage!

Thomas carefully wrote that book making SURE to let the reader know it was NOT to be taken as FACT but his OPINION, his THEORY.

The BORG media (that means the lynch mob media) LOVED the book - but I honestly doubt most actually READ it.

Thomas built NO case against Patsy Ramsey.

His personal theory is NOT supported by the evidence. For example, the headwound bled VERY LITTLE - evidence the garrote was in place first. But Thomas has the garrote placed on her long after the blow to the head and does not even attempt to explain the lack of bleeding in the skull from a 8 inch fracture and displaced bone.

He misquoted some important people - Chet Ubowsky of the CBI, for example. He later admitted on Boyles show that he had never heard Chet say that - but he heard someone else heard... and this was a DETECTIVE??? Heaven help us all!

Not one reporter writing on his book mentioned his "true professional" prime witness is discredited on page 284 - not one that I found. But there is more to that story. Anyone wanting to find out the true story of Foster should visit my web page at


The book review I just read ends with this - "He has been branded a bitter, irrational man, an incompetent cop and a money-hungry publicity-seeker. Yet in this flurry of ad hominem recrimination, Thomas's facts have been neither addressed nor disproved. This book may bring us as close as we'll ever come to understanding the murder of JonBenét."

Thomas knows the authorities are not going to open case files to discredit him - but John and Patsy Ramsey met Thomas on national TV, on Larry King Live and DID tell him he was wrong, that he will be sued for his efforts to maliciously hurt the Ramsey family.

I have also had a small voice here. I am in Thomas' book. He totally misrepresented MY part inthis - and lying by omission is still lying.

I have taken the time to disect his book - not the best job, but adequate, I think. I have a companion to Thomas' book - read a chapter ofhis bookthen my comments - it might just open your eyes a bit.


Thanks for letting my voice be heard,