The brutal murder of your beautiful daughter JonBenét has touched this nation in a way I haven't witnessed in my 25-year career. Our obsession is not with you, it is with finding justice.

It has been over seven months and I am angered by your behavior in hiring investigators, experts and lawyers in what appears to me to be an effort to protect your interest rather than to find the killer.

Please read the following carefully:

First, the experts tell me that your published "profile" of the killer is laughable.

Second, you are displaying certain characteristics that are totally opposite those of most victim parents, so we must look at the entirety of your behavior.

You claim the killer was likely to have exhibited certain behavior. You ask if we, the public, know someone who was experiencing one of the following before JonBenét was killed:

Conflict with a female
Conflict with family
Financial stress
Legal problems
Employment problems

We all know someone experiencing one or more of those situations. Your list describes the average American.

Your behavior over the past seven months has not elicited compassion or empathy, it has elicited suspicion and mistrust. For example:

The hiring of a public relations firm.

The hiring of separate teams of lawyers.

Your unwillingness to take separate lie detector tests administered by the Boulder Police Department.

Your substantial delay before you agreed to talk to police and then only when a long list of bizarre conditions had been met.

Your inconsistent theories on who killed JonBenét.

Your quick dismissal of the foreign terrorist as a suspect with no explanation.

Your assertion on CNN that Boulder was unsafe.

Your current theory that an acquaintance of the family suffering from marital, financial or employment problems killed JonBenét.

Your most recent flyer claims the killer continues to roam the streets of select Boulder neighborhoods.

Your continued tactic of talking only to handpicked members of the media and your unwillingness to engage in an unrestricted interview with an objective journalist, such as Ted Koppel.
Fred Goldman's behavior exemplifies the true victim parent of a child who has been murdered. You, on the other hand, have led Colorado and the nation on a seven month, low speed, white Bronco chase.

If you wish to respond to my letter you may call me collect anytime at (303)825-8255 or you may FAX me at (303)825-3299.


Peter Boyles