Judith Phillips' Letter to the Editor - August 20th, 1998

Dear Editor,

It took no courage to kill JonBenet Ramsey, but still, out of this politically driven fiasco by Boulder DA Alex Hunter and his "adversaries" at Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, plenty of cowardice has been shown. I want to state my heartfelt support for Steve Thomas, the lead investigator and moral compass of the Ramsey investigation, and for my friends, Fleet and Priscilla White, for their courage in requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Soon after JonBenet's murder, Alex Hunter appeared before the cameras to claim his office was closing in on the murderer(s). "We know who you are," he said. Now, Steve Thomas and the Whites have shown Alex Hunter for the liar he is; willing to obstruct the justice he swore to uphold. What is equally pathetic is the hand holding subversion of truth by Alex Hunter's sycophants in the Adams, Arapahoe, Denver and Jefferson Country District Attorneys' offices all the way up to Governor Romer's office.

Hal Haddon, the Democratic Godfather of Colorado, has left his stamp on justice. His clients, John and Patsy Ramsey, have only cooperated with police officials when it served theirs and their lawyers' purposes. And, the nauseating truth now demonstrates that their "lawyers" include the District Attorneys throughout Denver and Boulder at the public's expense. Hal Haddon's campaign contributions have purchased the ultimate price for justice.

As a witness for Steve Thomas, a friend of the Whites and a former friend of the Ramseys, I have prayed for the soul of little JonBenét, cried at the dance of delay for justice, and suffered the outrage when a child is murdered in my community while the District Attorneys all our society depend upon subvert justice to repay political debts to the Godfather.

The time for Alex Hunter's finger wagging, professional courtesies and political paybacks to the Ramsey camp bent on the rape of truth, or even cameo appearances by a governor beholding to the Godfather of criminal defense is at an end.

My children watch. My daughter played with JonBenet Ramesy and couldn't sleep for months after her murder. How do I explain to her the bureaucratic mantra of our leaders of less rather than more, never rather than ever? I can't, but I will never stop trying.

A special prosecutor must be appointed.

Judith Phillips
Boulder, Colorado