"Referencing the Shapiro tapes"
Posted by ACandyRose on 11:46:14 7/27/99
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Mullins and the Ramsey Conversations

This was taped on Sept. 4, 1998 where Joe Mullins learns of Shapiro's conversations with John Ramsey - and expresses his disappointment that he wasn't told earlier. Notice the three references to a person known as "Jameson."

(this is from an 8 minute audio but this is just the last section of the tape. The link is at the bottom of this message)


Shapiro: "We talked about getting together at Jays you know real late at night after closing and a then you know he said a than you for everything and I will get back to you and then
Jameson told me what happened with the attorneys when found out and they phucking like are you insane kind of thing and they forbid him from ever talking to me again or anyone else they shut the family out cause they were really getting really liberal, they let (bleeped out) in the house, they started talking to me um so you know I donít know, I heard he clearly liked me you know Jameson told me though once he found out that I said Patsy did it he said you know Jeff is just too young to understand, he hasnít had any children, heís not married to understand that I love my wife very much and there is no way I would ever believe she is involved in this and there is nothing I wouldnít do to stand by her. So, you know, I donít know, I donít know, I think he liked me, I just think that aÖÖ"

Joe Mullins : "Well what do you want to do, do you want to write up that interview, do it as an interview?"

Shapiro: "Well I told him it would be off the record."

Joe Mullins : "Well alright if you told him it would be off the record then you didnít say that too me, you see."

Shapiro: "I think some day he will talk to me again. I have been told that he wants to, itísÖ."

Joe Mullins: "Why donít you write a transcript of what you talked to him?"

Shapiro: "Okay"

Joe Mullins: "And say and send it to him and say Iíd like to write this little story for my newspaper what do you think, leave it up to him and with a line saying you told him that you said it was off the record."

Shapiro: "Okay" (long pause) "What do you make of that Joe?"

Joe Mullins: "What do I make of it, I think you have betrayed us, I think you have taken money under false pretenses."

Shapiro: (Takes deep breathe)

Joe Mullins: "If you really have some problem with what we do your gonna make yourself ill you know, you should get out of it."

Shapiro: "So what do you want to do at this point?"

Joe Mullins: "Well what am I gonna do, do you want me to tell Frost to fire you?"

Shapiro: :No!"

Joe Mullins: "Itís a , you know, I think youíve a, I think youíve betrayed us. Just as a young man, you, if you really have problems with this then just get out of it."

Shapiro: "You mean I betrayed you because I didnít tell you?"

Joe Mullins: "Yeah, I mean we are in the business of doing a story a week and that would have been a very very good story. It would have been a, the first real talk that a tabloid had with John Ramsey."

Shapiro: "So what are you going to do about it?"

Joe Mullins: "Well what am I going to do, I think the ball is in your court. Ah, the, the, the matter with a, with a, Steve, is a, I mean I told you Steve that was one of the ways we hoping to put pressure on him. Obviously he is a , heís a, you know, sensitive guy but I donít blame you for you know for a, risking the Ö.Steve ThomasíÖ.. attorney ÖÖ.because you were acting on my instructions.

Shapiro: "Yeah"

Joe Mullins: "But to interview the Ramseys and a, also I told, you know I am very, you talk to people and you let things a, you let things out you shouldnít do and you talk to
Jameson and you let some stuff out you know and to Carol and people like that and itís kind of damaging to us and of course it will come to the time where people will say heís more trouble than heís worth."