Peter Boyles Show - Tuesday, September 15, 1998

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"Boyles - Grand Jury Tuesday!"
Posted by Byron on 05:58:27 9/15/98

I was up VERY late last night, so I missed the beginning, but here goes. Carol McKinley and Bob Grant on.

CM- Hey there's a new call for a special prosecutor, have you heard about it? It's in the daily Camera.

BG - Nope.

CM - It's the McReynolds. They're calling for it, because they've been considered suspects in the past.

BG - Those who don't understand the process tend to vent with letters to the editor.

CM - I've heard Steve Thomas will be speaking publicly in the near future.

PB - I've some things done in one of the Denver dailies and the leading news TV station, that is every bit as bad as what's in the tabs.

CM - Why are people coming out of the woodwork?

PB - The McReynolds have left the state, I think they're living in Vermont. There's the CU connection. Santa Claus taught Chuck Green. McReynolds is a goof.

CM - Here's something strange from the Boulder Camera. Their pictures are on the front page...their bios are on the net.

BG - The names of grand jurors are always public. They're under the microscope like everyone else. Hopefully they can act without bias.

CM - 4 of the 8 women women are around PR's age.

PB - I remember sitting out there, when they got to the magic number, everyone went home. Did AH go eenie,meanie, minie, mo

BG - It's a random selection process.

PB - What's going to happen? BG - They'll get an overview of the case.

CM - So Bob, tell me about the secrecy here. Do you think that because there's been so much about this case...

BG - This is the people's process. They take an oath to be fair. No matter what they've heard in the media, they haven't heard any evidence yet.

CM - What happens if one of them does talk to the press? Will AH be tough on them.

BG - Thjey will be issued contempt citations. They can be fined and jailed.

PB - I've been told there will be no messing around on this one.

BG - It's to assure those people who may have something to say that they can say what they want knowing it will be kept in confidence.

PB - McKinley's here in regalia...she's going to be doing her network shots.

CM - He's wearing a giant daimond ring with PB in it, don't let him fool you.

PB - I'm wearing my Chinese whorehouse ring.

1. "cont." Posted by Byron on 06:05:04 9/15/98

I REALLY hope Panico is up soon, because they are going to be talking JBR, and I have to get to work in a few minutes.

5. "last segment from me"
Posted by Byron on 06:15:47 9/15/98

Playing tape of JR talking about his new mission in life.
PB - Sept 15th, mark this day on your calendar. We're in "Hast and Co." parking lot, across the street from the Justice Center. There are a lot of people upset. The Today Show is here, getting ready. Welcome to Chuck Green. Bill McReynolds now says he is caught up in "the web of evil" in this case.

CG - They're living in New England somewhere.

PB - The Santas were famous seekers of publicity for awhile, now they've left altogether, and now they've written a letter.

CG - There are a lot of contradictions in this case. They did say they were closer to anyone outside of the family to JBR, so it should be no surprise they were considered suspects. They appeared on many shows, and then they issued this ridiculous statement where they stated the media had hounded them, and went into hiding.

PB - Remember, when he left town.

CG - That's typical of this case. BMc, he tried to read a poem on the Maury Povich show, and he couldn't finish it because he started crying.

(I'm outa here!)

7. "Chuck Green on"
Posted by Panico on 06:20:05 9/15/98

PB: Telling him about Santa Claus letter saying they've been caught in the web of evil

CG: We have web of evil and entire web itself,

PB: Where are they living now

CG: In New England somewhere

PB: doing summary of Santa Claus deal--that they said they were closer to her than anyone else, even their own kids--saying he doesn't know why they're so upset, that it was just good police work--all the testing they had to go thru

CG: McReynolds sought out publicity in beginning of case, actually flew back from Europe to make appearances on Maury Povich etc, and then they issue this ridiculous statement... and that they went into seclusion to escape media frenzy--when they created it. That's typical of this case, not just with McReynolds, but with others. Reminds me of when he was trying to read poem he had written to JB on Maury Povich and couldn't finish it because he was sobbing

PB: Now they say they have been caught in the web of evil... each time you think this thing can't get more wierd, it does

CG: Ultimately this will all be sorted out...

PB: Joining us is Julie's starting to look like a little TV village over there. Starting to happen, isn't it?

JH: I think that now the system is starting to work

PB: Your over views Chuck?

CG: The jury could conclude there's not sufficient evidence, but I think they will find that they is probable cause to charge in this case. With all the evidence,--not just speculation, but the evidence, I think it will be Mr. or Mrs. Ramsey, there's no evidence to point to anyone else.

JH: It is the police that say that they remain under the umbrella of suspicion. I heard people say that it was a very strong case that was built.

CG: Not only have PD only identified ONLY P & J under umbrella, after briefing, Beckner came out and said "I think I know who did this" and in the private briefing they identified Ramseys. There's no doubt that's where they will lead GJ

PB: When we come back, Julie, I want your thoughts on GJ

9. "Do you know"
Posted by Panico on 06:23:05 9/15/98

what the @#$%&* pitts is? Being up since 4:45 am and having ISP down. That's what it is!!!! Well, there's more---was trying to record, recorder not working, went to 7-11 to get new batteries---didn't help @#$%&( recorder is toast! That's what ROYAL PITTS is. This has not been the best day of my life.

14. "Thanks Mrs B"
Posted by Panico on 06:43:10 9/15/98

PB sez he understands GJ will meet today and tomorrow, then off for week. Yuk! Playing tape from housekeeper..

PB: We're in Boulder--JH here--CG on line. People are back talking again about Burke, with enhancement of 911 tape

JH: Initially everyone looked at Burke, seemed to be happy normal kid, J & P says he slept thru whole thing---tape showed that wasn't the truth, Ramseys lied about that. What he knows is important.

CG: No one inside investigation believes Burke commited this crime. But now it's believed that Burke has knowledge--i.e. story that Rams told PD that JB was immediately tucked into bed, but Burke may know whether or not that's true, or had a snack, etc., but most importantly, on 911 tape, is that Rams have said that Burke was asleep throughout everything, including early hours of investigation. 911 tape according to sources, appears the voice of what appears to be Burke,...when Pats fumbled hanging up phone, voice identified as Burke was there. This affects credibility of Rams.

JH: PD has said that Burke has stuck to his story. You have to wonder what would be the motive for that.

CG: The way investigators have used this is intriguing. The time Burke was interviews in Atlanta, they did not expose to him that they knew this because they were afraid he would expose this to his parents...but when they were interviewed for 3 days, they did not know PD had this enhanced tape. We're told that they stuck with their original story---then they told them about the tape---we were told that was a very emotional moment, and that was a time that John became very angry.

PB: Also interesting, is the trip--when they left with Fleet White to drive Burke to his house, it's said that he didn't ask any quesitons about his sister, but asked instead about his Nintendo game---nothing about what happened or where is sister, or why are all the cops here.

CG: That's one of the reasons why Fleet White is one of the most important witnesses. He's one of the last outside family to ever see him alive. But the next morning he was with John when he found body. Supposedly, Burke had slept thru night and early morning hours and wa still asleep when PD, and supposedly John and Fleet together went up to awaken him, put street clothes on him and immedately take him to his house. Burke was going to wake up and go to Michigan for holiday, instead taken to Fleet's house, and never even asked any quesitons about it....

PB: This is significant--light switch.

FW says, according to Vanity Fair, he opens up the door to the room where body was found--I've seen photos, there is a conduit box, there's ....body was on left hand side at an angle, he said he looks in there, and door opens outward to the left. John claims to have seen it and THEN turned the light on.

JH: In putting together what one person says opposed to what others say---his observatons are extremely significant.

CG: There are 2 possible arguments I could muster up---a few hours has passed, and light was a little better--it would have had to come from quite a distance---and other is Fleet didn't quite remember the events correctly. Altho Fleet is star witness in case, I think his credibility is intact. I believe Fleet probably knows more and has told PD more than we know. But based on what we do know, I think he's more important than we can even imagine.

PB: (Earlier he predicted a possible surprise in October----some surprise evidence) Do you believe this?

JH: I know there are a few things that haven't come out.

CG: I think if there was a smoking gun we wouldn't be going thru GJ. I think PD has physical evidence that we don't know about. And I think, I've been led to believe, they have several examples of contradictions of Ramseys that will be very harmful to their credibility.

PB: Is that October surprise?

CG: I think evidence and powerful contradictions that will add up to powerful surprise. Julie said there are things Rams don't know, I think they will be called to testify and they will appear--I think there's certain advantages to Rams--this GJ, I think when they're called to testify there are certain things they will learn.


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