"Jim Marino on the Subic Bay Plaque"

Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 01:40 PM (EST)

Is this "plaque" a small business award or is it a Subic Bay plaque? Was it over the desk or was it found hidden in a basement closet?

If it was found hidden, whose fingerprints are on it - or was it wiped down?

How does Jim Marino know the precise wall where this plaque was hanging? Did John tell him? When did the Ramsey's notice the plaque off of the wall? Why did John Ramsey "laugh" when Marino asked "why would you point to yourself?"

Ah! But if the plaque was found in a closet - doesn't it appear someone removed it - so that investigators wouldn't draw that conclusion?

Where was Mr. Ramsey's desk? Was it in the den? In the same general area where mysterious lights were seen? The same generalized location a flood light was turned off? The same place a blue robe was found? What other evidence came out of this room?

September 25, 1997

RIVERA: All right. Well, rather than just name-calling, I want to ask Jim Marino, before I get to John Soderman and Lisa Rykman, the reporter for Rocky Mountain News up there, what did the cops ask you? First of all, what time did they come to see you?

Mr. MARINO: No, they had me come to the station.

RIVERA: So you went to the station house. What day of the week, do you remember?

Mr. MARINO: I don't remember.

RIVERA: Remember the month?

Mr. MARINO: The--immediately.

RIVERA: Immediately.

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, sure.

RIVERA: Was it still in December, then?

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, there was 160 people on a list, apparently.

RIVERA: All right. You came to the station house. How did you feel about doing that?

Mr. MARINO: I was insulted.

RIVERA: What'd they ask you?

Mr. MARINO: If anybody knows Jim Marino from the case and the Ramseys' side especially would know that there--just absolutely no way that I could have been anywhere near the house.

RIVERA: What'd they ask you?

Mr. MARINO: They asked me what I did that evening, where I was, alibis. They taped me for an hour and a half. They pulled hair out of my very few hairs that I have left in my head. They had me write the ransom note. Twice they had me do that.

RIVERA: Really?

Mr. MARINO: And I write in block letters, and apparently they wanted me to write it like the letter, and I said, You c--you can make me write this a million times. I can't write it like you guys want me to write it.' And now that I see the--the ransom note, it looks like a child wrote it, quite frankly.

RIVERA: Oh, it looks like a faker wrote it to me.

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, John or Patsy knows how to spell business,' I guarantee you. There's two S's in business.' The--and I saw--said to John--I said, at the end of it, it says--points to SBTC, which apparently is Subic Bay Tr--Training Center. There's a...

RIVERA: Where John was stationed during the Navy.

Mr. MARINO: Right. There's a plaque on his wall. If you sit at his desk, you can see the plaque. So someone sat at this desk and wrote this note, apparently. I asked John--I said, Why would you point to yourself?' And he just laughed, 'cause it's ridiculous. The--the er--all the evidence points to him, so whoever did this wanted the evidence to point to him.

RIVERA: Tell the truth, Jim. Weren't you mad at John Ramsey when the police summoned you? Didn't you believe that he, in a desperate attempt to throw the finger of suspicion in another direction, fingered you?

Mr. MARINO: At first, yes. And in fact, I found out in April, when Patsy did her--her--her own briefing, which was several hours long, she named all of our--us as fra--as friends of the Ramseys as top suspects.

RIVERA: Is it not a fact that the first time you and I spoke, you still felt that John Ramsey was the man who fingered you?

Mr. MARINO: I'm upset at that, but it doesn't mean that I don't have graciousness of the Lord to say I'm sorry. The man helped me out all those years. He's a good man to me.


In another are of this transcript Marino reminds the world he is a "Christian." I'm not passing judgement but this is the same dude who frenquently bar hopped with John.