Peter Boyles Show - Friday, October 1, 1999

"Peter Boyles- 10/1 a.m. show- NOW!"
Posted by sabrina on Oct-01-99 at 08:19 AM (EDT)

Craig Silveman and Carol M. will be on later on..

Peter actually had J.T. Colfax on earlier who explained what he did and details about his prison sentence. J.T.said he was CONSTANTLY questioned by police, had to give hair,handwriting samples, etc.....the point being he was considered a suspect so all this talk about the focus on the Ramseys and not looking at anyone else is hogwash! J.T. even mentioned Mrs. B's website as having a link to somewhere!(I don't remember which link he mentioned)

Hope someone can transcribe the main part of the show, I have to go to work soon.

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Posted by sabrina on Oct-01-99 at 09:06 AM (EDT)

Craig Silverman just on, he said Amstead was there probably just to drop off documents, that he could NOT testify as he is paid employee of the Ramseys. Craig says no indictment,it will be another Sid Wells thing.