"Leeza and Judith Phillips"

Posted by Panico on 10:35:04 10/07/98
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Judith is telling ho she met Ramseys 14 years ago through work.

LG: What kind of parents were they? I've heard they had very lavish Christmases, etc.

JP: That's the way Patsy was. She wanted to present her home in a way that would be fitting of John's position. When they first moved to Boulder, Patsy was so involved in fixing up their home. Then she got involved in groups, often flew back and forth between Boulder and Atlanta. Her schedule was always to fast and furious. Those 2 children were virtually raised by nannies

LG: When you first heard about the murder, what was your reaction?

JP I was shocked--I was horrified

LG: Did you believe Ramseys were innocent at that time?

JP Absolutely

LG: All the friends were rallying around then. But since we've seen them all fall away. What happened?

JP: It was a gradual thing. It began for me when I returned from out of town. I believe that was my saving grace to have been out of town or I would have been accused?

LG: You really think they would have accused you?

JP: Yes

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LG: You sent a letter to the PD, right? Why?

JP: Yes, I felt that I had to offer support to Detective Thomas and also to Fleet and Priscilla White. The Whites were so incredible to help Ramseys with so many many things after the murder.

LG: When is the last time you saw Patsy Ramsey?

JP: March of 97. They were very secretive about there whereabouts--we had to communicate with them by secret notes etc. Then I found out that John and called my husband and told him where we were. My daughter wanted to go see Patsy.

LG: Was she cold?

JP: No, she was just removed.

LG: What would you tell Patsy now?

JP: I would just tell her to tell the truth.

LG: What do you think the truth is?

JP: I think that Patsy wrote the ransom note. She was always the kind of the person that had the strongest will of anyone I had ever known. For her to come thru stage 4 cancer and survive is unbelievably. But Patsy with her incredibly strong will survived it.

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