Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, October 7, 1998

4. "Morning to you"
Posted by Panico on 06:18:28 10/07/98

in California! Be careful, Jan--some will believe you and run with that info! Okey dokey, that will be fun for you guys to call in.

PB: Stephen Miles and Lee Hill in studio. Lee, I think if you ran again---I wonder what would happen.

LH: Interesting, but many of the things I had on my platform have now been implemented.

PB: Since this tragedy has begun, this is the 3rd mayor, 2nd chief of police, 2nd city manager. Maybe we can call Carol McKinley--I think Thurs is scheduled GJ day. What has happened inside Boulder since this began is very reflective. Stephen, why are you suing John Ramsey

PB: Because you believe John gave you up?

SM: All the comments were attributed to John--including the Enquirer---of course now they're saying different

PB: You get called into your neighbor's home one afternoon ---How far do you live from Ramsey home?

SM: It's 5 short blocks

PB: One afternoon, your neighbor said to come over to your house. What happened

SM: A gentleman there introduced himself from Enquirer---said "I'm pleased to meet you, I'm sorry to tell you ---our investigators have found that the Ram camp are intending to target you as a suspect in the killing of their daughter. We believe they're doing this to take attention away from themselves. Then they asked me questions like, why would they do that, and did I know them

PB: Did you know them?

SM: No

PB: How did the Enquirer get your name from John Ramsey?

SM: He said to me that our people said that John Ramsey intend to target you--at that point, my neighbor said to me, 'trust me, this is a real situation'

PB: How did you feel?

SM: I felt very cold and clammy--I'm sure I loked very pale at the time...and my God..

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Posted by Panico on 06:38:20 10/07/98
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Hey--you're up early! Wanna take a turn at typing gals?

Getting a BIG bunch of commercials out of the way.

PB: : Sueing John Ramsey-- Stephen lived in the neighborhood of the Rams and was given up. Stephen, you know you're not the only one--there have been at least 6 that John has decided to attempt to make them the target. Lee, I know you're a good attorney. You gotta believe Fleet and Priscilla White? Can you talk about these things? My point is that Stephen certainly isn't the only one.

LH; A lot of people have been accused, I can only talk about Stephen. He wakes up one morning and his face is on the tabloids across the nation--and the articles continue about that. I have to say JR's attorneys insist he had nothing to do with this. This leaves us in position that we have to find everything we can to see where they came from.

PB: : Enquirer says 'our sources are good' Who did reporter say was his source?

SM; He wouldn't name him--said 'one of our investigators' that they're indeed very thorough.

LH; With Stephen, as near as we can determine, it's associated with an arrest made in '75---he has a reputation for art--someone told PD that it was pornographic---there was a party, PD came in--they seized some 2,000 photos and arrested him for pornography---after looking at all pictures etc--they determined that he hadn't taken any pornographic pictures. All those charges related to exploiting a child--were dismissed.

PB: : But someone knew that had happened?

LH: Absolutely. The dissolution of the case was the minor charge was Stephen buying alcoholic for a minor--all the other charges were dropped.

PB: : Do you believe that operating in Boulder were private investigators working for Rams were the ones that found this info on Stephen and gave it to someone who gave it to the Enquirer?

LH: It's possible. Haddon's office maintains nobody with that firm had anything to do with this story

PB: : Today there's no one left standing for the Rams, except Stines who left town. What's the chance that someone knew the story....

LH: There's so many possibilities---but we're trying. Stephen and his whole family have been casualties---putting blame on innocent people. We're determined to clear Stephen's name and the only way is to follow this

PB: : If Enquirer won't give up source, what are you going to do?

LH We're very hopeful that we will uncover the truth

PB: : What will be interesting is will what was done to me be done to the Enquirer? I want to see how a judge would treat Enquirer reporter. If they threaten them with jail, I would be a very surprised sob. I want to see JR or Enquirer hit for $20,000----so when is this going to happen?

LH: Thursday we have a big motion---we have a trial date set for February, but it's likely it will be continued

PB: : Will be interesting to me--about giving up sources--to see if there's equal justice . What's your bet on this

SM: There are a lot of uncanny similarities. I hate to take joy in your adversity here--but it's a real interesting course courts taken

PB: : All I want is to see the Rams treated as I was treated.. If there's such a thing as a shield law--I'd like to see it--it wasn't there for me. I've been hit for $44,000 total and never even had a trial. Let's do a little compare and contrast. Now you buys walk in there and let's see if they drop $44,000 on the Enquirer.

5. "Good morning"
Posted by Byron on 06:20:02 10/07/98
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(I thought it was Stephen Miles - PB keeps saying Mills)

PB: (now he corrected it) I go way back, and have talked to Lee Hill, back when he was running for city council. Your platform was largely the R case.

LH: The platform was broader than that. Changes have been affected, so people were listening. There's a new interaction and mobilization.

PB: The is the third mayor, second chief of police, etc. What has happened in the city is amazing, and in the middle of this comes your client. Why are you suing the Enquirer?

LH: The headline on the NE attributed all of the remarks to the Ramsey camp.

PB: You get called into your neighbor's house. How far do you live from the R home?

SM: About five blocks.

PB: You go to the next door neighbor's home...

SM: A guy introduced himself as from the NE, (microphone trouble?) Our investigators have determined that the R camp are intending to target you.

PB: Had you ever met the R's?

SM: No, but my next door neighbor had.

PB: They were friends.

SM: Our invest. have determined that JR intends to target you. My neighbor said, trust me, this is a serious deal here.

PB: How did you feel?

SM: I felt cold and clammy...

7. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 06:41:19 10/07/98
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Good morning Jan, Panico, MMC.

PB: Suing JR, the attorney is Lee Hill. Stephen was given up, and your're not the only one, but you're the first one to sue him. You've got to believe, Priscilla White, Fleet White...

LH: Bear in mind the scale. SM wakes up one morning, and his picture is across the country accusing him of being a child murderer. JR's attorneys deny he had anything to do with it (my fingers are really slow today)

PB: Who did (David?) name as his source?

SM: He said they have a good team.

PB: Why do you think JR gave you up?

LH: With SM, this seems to have to do with the photograph of the 17 year-old. Someone must have called the police with this info. All of those charges having to do with the porn charges have been dismissed. The resolution of the case was not a big headline item.

PB: Operating in Boulder were private investigators working with the R camp. Do you think they found this out and bootlegged this info into the Haddon offices? What are the chances of some Boulder citizen, who knew the R's...

LH: We're determined to get to the bottom of this. Deflection of blame on innocent people.

PB: If the NE won't give up the source...

LH: We'll be checking other sources...

PB: What has been done to me, will it be done to the NE and JR? One of the reasons I have you here today, if they go after the NE, and threaten jail.

LH: I was going to ask you for briefs (as to your situation) We have a trial date set for next year.

PB: I want to see what they do on the other side of this. What's your bet as to how this will be handled?

LH: I almost take joy in your situation.

PB: That's ok. I just want to see how it's going to work on the other side.

LH: We want SM's name cleared.

PB: I was found guilty without a trial. $44 thousand and change. When you boys walk in there...

(man, my fingers are fumbling this morning...very glad Pan is there to get most of what is being said)

Interesting no mention of Judith Phillips by name. She is referred to as a friend and neighbor.

8. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 06:56:00 10/07/98

PB: Because the NE did they get your photo that was on the cover?

SM: My next door neighbor is a photographer also. When she came over she said she needed a photo, and on the last shot, she asked me to clasp my hands behind my head.

PB: Do you think your neighbor give you up on this?

SM: No. LH: She has social relationship with the NE. PB: What was the text? LH: The text said JR intended to deflect attention from himself if he was indicted. PB: You want to talk to JR... LH: Yes, and PR, and anyone who has info on the case. PB: What do you think is going to happen? LH: We hope we can present to a jury. PB: I have a prediction, you won't get past... SM: It's how much justice can you afford... LH: It's one of the biggest lawfirms in the country. SM is impovershed, as is the lawyer PB: One of the reasons I asked these guys to be here, is they need help. Anyone in the audience who would like to help. LH: Basically, I don't want to pass the hat.We were fortunate enough to meet with the cybersleuths, I understand you did too, and they expressed an interest in helping. Phone is 303-449-9244. Lee Hill PO Box 21181 Boulder, Colo 80308. We appreciate the cybersleuth's help on the internet as well.

9. "More"
Posted by Panico on 07:00:36 10/07/98
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PB: For me it's a fascinating lawsuit to watch.

LH; This hearing is Thursday afternoon.

PB: And you'll be with us Friday morning to let us know what happened?

LH: Yes

PB and LH agreeing it will be interesting to see if there's equal justice.

Coming back with open lines. (From California, I hope!)