Calls for Immediate Intervention by Governor Owens

LANSING, MI - (October 14, 1999) - Justice Watch, a non-profit, internet think tank made up of dedicated professionals and amateurs examining the brutal slaying of JonBenet Ramsey since February, 1997, today denounced District Attorney Alex Hunter's decision not to file charges in the case, and are calling for the immediate intervention of Governor Owens to investigate allegations of impropriety and prosecutorial misconduct.

Reaction of the Justice Watch members to Hunter's announcement ranged from disbelief to rage. Members agreed that there are too many questions unanswered, too many allegations of impropriety, collusion, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. They are determined to ensure that the investigation into the brutal slaying of JonBenet Ramsey will not be swept under the rug. They are equally determined to see that this District Attorney's Office is held accountable for this travesty.

The backgrounds and life experiences of the JW members is broad, ranging from criminal prosecutors, federal investigators, physicians, child abuse experts, and media representatives to homemakers, mothers and retirees. Their resources, information links, and discussion forums have been opened to the public and they have been instrumental in working with authorities, or, in the case of the District Attorney's Office, the JW forum and its open discussions have been referenced and utilized by that Office in its dissemination of information. Suzanne Laurion, the spokeswoman for Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter, has met with members of the JW community and has been in communication with them throughout the investigation. "I think you guys do a great job," said Laurion. "Everyone depends on you to find out what's going on."

Justice Watch spokesperson Chris Wheeler acknowledged that the members are committed to setting this investigation back on track and in responsible hands. "Governor Owens must appoint a Special Prosecutor to review all the evidence, transcripts, statements of all witnesses and suspects, as well as the Grand Jury proceedings. Further, we are also requesting the Special Prosecutor be unhindered and unobstructed in his/her investigation by not allowing any member of the Boulder prosecution team to participate in or influence the process."

Updated information can be seen on the Justice web site and it's affiliate information resource,