Larry King Live - Wednesday, October 20, 1999

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(I didn't get the first part, this is where I came in)

Showing heavily drugged Patsy and John on CNN after the funeral.

Larry: You think there’s someone out there too right?

Linda: Yes, we KNOW there’s someone out there

Larry: Have you spoken to Patsy since the DA’s no indictment announcement?

Linda: Yes, I spoke to her that night. Well, she said “Thanks to God” I don’t think she ever really thought they would actually indict or convict them. She had great faith. But they’re relieved and now get on with finding the person who did it.

Larry: We’re going to look at some pictures that involve you and the like, and ask you to comment on them. First, you also told me that you thought it was illogical to even consider them. Why?

Linda: Because they’re intelligent people. Now this is what you would have to believe they did. They came home from a party, they put Burke to bed, they took JonBenet down the basement, they beat her head in with a bat, they strangled her, the then wrote this ridiculous note, and then you know what they did? They called the police and said “Cmon over, we know she’s in the basement, you’ll probably find her, c’mon in” And then when they wanted a pad to write on, John said “Here take this one, it’s got the practice ransom note in it. That’ll help you find it” Well, what did they do with the duct tape? I mean there’s no logic–if they really wanted to do this, they had plenty of time to get rid of the body, John could have said, “Hey, the front door was wide open.” All of that stuff makes no sense.

Larry: What does make sense though is how many suspects were there who (couldn’t make out the word). Crazy people could do that, I mean you could be smart and crazy.

Linda: Well,

Larry: I mean you could be also–you know, no one knows their private lives

Linda: We do–we do. That’s what the book is. People who have known them since the day she was born, to the day before, to the day after, and nothing in their past or present would indicate anything like this. So they both went crazy on the same night?

Larry: There are those who said they didn’t look sad enough. How do you respond to that?

I guess we deal with our own emotions. I think if I lost a child, I would be beserk

Linda: They were beserk. They were–but they don’t have to get on TV and show you and I. That’s the problem with this Perry Mason and Matlock generation. We want the ----, we want the solution, we want to see them grieving. They do grieve. They are frantic. They did cry. I was with her the night of the funeral. I held her–I know. But she doesn’t have to get on and show the audience. One of them said John was too cool, he went out and got the mail. Somebody else said Patsy cried too much, it had to be fake. They couldn’t do anything right.

Larry: Linda Arndt, maybe the toughest part of that, the investigating officer, when she said “he was cordial” That’s a terrible word.

Linda: That’s her word. She also said her head exploded so, I don’t know what happened in that house, but Larry, you would be so crazy. Do I remember when my husband died – I don’t remember going to pick up my parents at the airport, to this day I deny doing that. You don’t know what you would do. You just react, you’re in shock. I begged her not to go on CNN that day because she was out of it. I’m sure she was medicated, she was crying, she got down there and how would she even know what she said? So you don’t know what you’d do, but yes, they are beserk.

Larry: Do you know if the reward still stands?

Linda: Sure, oh sure.


20 . "Last segment"
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They’re showing various pictures, with explanations by Linda

Linda: That’s Patsy and my first born son in 1979. That’s Patsy and her sister Pam–they were both Miss WV–that happened to be the night that Pam won the Miss South Charleston preliminary pageant. But that’s the Pam that’s on your show

Larry: Ye, she loves her sister

Linda: That’s Pam and I going over to Atlantic City. I was their teacher but I was only 8 years older than they were.. That’s the family up in Michigan, they loved their boat, there’s Patsy, JonBenet, JA, Burke and John.

Larry: Was JonBenet a happy little child?

Linda: Oh yes. We all have that one–Burke and JonBenet, he’s trying to hold her and she was not wanting him to.

Larry: Were you distraught when some considered him a suspect?

Linda: Oh, that’s ridiculous. I mean, look at the size comparison. Look at on the front of my book–I mean he was small for his age. That of course is ridiculous.

Larry: Let’s get a call in, Leesville, LA, hello

Caller: Good evening, Larry, first of all, love your show. And Ms McLean, you had made a comment that there were 2 different stories told, one by Mr. John and one by someone else and I was wondering if you ever went to the police with that knowledge?

Linda: I went to John with that knowledge. And John said to me, “Write it down, send it to the DA” I said, “The DA?” He said “Yes, we share everything we have with them.” And that was in the very beginning. And that’s what I did. I absolutely did.

Larry: Atlanta, hello

Caller: My question is, I’d like to know if that same person that Linda believes may have had something to do with JonBenet’s death–is that the same person who Patsy’s sister believes had something to do with this?

Larry: Patsy’s sister who will not name the person, also says on this program who she thinks. Have you exchanged views?

Linda: Yeah, I think we all have a different view. I think John has a view. I think Pam has a view.

Larry: Is Pam’s view different from yours?

Linda: Yeah. And see, we don’t know. But all I’m saying is that we look at these things and we start focusing on different people and then you can take all the evidence to how it fits your person, which is just as absurd

Larry: Some more pictures..

Linda: They had a little thing–I think it was 4H and she was doing a display of teddy bears or something

Larry: Did she like doing all the entertaining?

Linda; Oh yeah– That’s her, before she had hair. I think that what I object to a lot is the beauty pageant pictures when this is the real kid.

Larry: But that’s what made this a story, you realize, the beauty pageants, and unfortunately, sadly,...

Linda: Patsy took them to Disney World after she got finished with cancer, even though she fought it, she thought maybe it would come back, so that was their trip. But I think they were actually going on the big red boat or some Disney thing after Christmas the year she died.

Larry: There would be no thought in your mind that they would harm their child? Even an instant of thought ever entered your mind?

Linda: And you know people, I hope, that you know well enough that you would never believe that – and people know you well enough to know that you would never kill your child. That’s how well I know them. Yes.


Larry: Hickory, NC, hello

Caller: Hi Linda, it’s jameson, my question for you is, would you please describe the last time you saw JonBenet? I know the people want to hear what you have to say about the last time you saw her?

Larry: You know this person?

Linda: She does a wonderful thing on the internet. She keeps track of every single fact that happened over the... You know, I don’t remember the last time I saw her–I think it was right before Patsy got cancer, she came to see me and she was going to a W. VA reunion, and she said “You know I’m kinda bloated” and a few days later she had it, and a week later she was in Stage 4 of ovarian cancer

Larry: Why did they go the pageant route?

Linda: Patsy didn’t join the pageant. Her first pageant was Demolay Sweetheart when she was 15 years old. You know, she didn’t start that young.

Larry: Why the child?

Linda: She liked it, she enjoyed it, she happened to see, when Patsy went back for that reunion, she saw her mom up there singing and dancing and stuff, and liked it...

Larry: She wasn’t pushed into it?

Linda: Oh, no, no, no. I mean, that was such a small part of her life, it was fun to do, and Larry, even those people that say they don’t like the pageant, let’s assume you don’t like it, let’s assume you it’s.... it’s not good for the kids. Where’s the leap? Go from to they killer their daughter—makes no sense

Larry: I think that made the story though–from the press

Linda: It made the story, and it kept feeding the story, but if you take one of those shots of her and you take Pam back, you’ll see dozens of little girls lined up on that stage, looking exactly the same way, doing exactly the same thing...and how many of them get killed, I mean this is no lead between them.

Giving # to order her book

Larry: What is life like for them today?

Linda: A roller coaster. Well, she cooks, washes, takes Burke to school, and then has to deal with this also. It’s just incredible. Her faith...

Larry: She called in once and told about what it was like to get in the line with her child at a checkout counter and to see the tabloids there

Linda: Oh yeah, she said one time she was picking Burke up from school and she had the radio on and there was a big announcement about know, somebody suspected her of killing her’s just unreal. And yet she’s surrounded by people that care about her. I asked her if she was going to watch this, and she said no. They don’t watch this stuff, they don’t read the tabloids . They are surrounded by people that love them, she has a tremendous faith in God, and she knows that some day the truth will be found.

Larry: Thank you, Linda, she has a great friend in you.

Linda: Thank you for being fair.

Thhhhhaaatts all folks—I have to go throw up now.