October 26, 2000

Fluff and nonsense: Juliet Wittman's "Justice, Boulder Style," about ex-detective Steve Thomas, misrepresented facts surrounding the Ramsey case, including the truth of what took place between me and Vassar professor Donald Foster. I was really not surprised: Thomas had played that game of twisting facts when he wrote his book. It seems this female reporter was doing a fluff-and-puff piece on Steve and forgot that reporters are supposed to look just a bit beyond. She missed a good story; what she wrote was pathetic in comparison to what she could have done.

Sadly, I was not surprised to find that, once again, a reporter didn't make any effort to contact me and find out that Thomas had misrepresented the "Foster file," didn't ask if Foster had just incorrectly thought I was John Andrew. It was much more than that, much more. She didn't say why Don Foster's "evidence" was not accepted, or why he never was, and never could be, the solution to this mystery.

I would caution readers that when a reporter is engaged in stroking a person to get an interview to fill up space in a paper, a lot of what the reader gets may be totally unrelated to the truth.

Susan Bennett, aka Jameson
Hickory, NC