"Kim Ballard joins the forum"
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 01:28 PM (EST)

Kim Ballard and I have been in contact for a while - she has said that she would LIKE a chance to tell her side of the story. I have offered her the place to do it.

Trusting the posters to treat her in a civil manner, I have advised her tht we WILL be asking the hard questions and trying to find the truth.

She should be in soon...

3 . "Well,"
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 02:04 PM (EST)

This person contacted someone because she wanted to get some information to the Ramseys. That person put her in contact with me.

I called and listened to what she had to say and I decided not to carry that information to John or Patsy - I don't think it is related to this case.

But we did talk about other things as well and this person says she is Kim Ballard and she has a story to tell. I am not sure how to verify at this point - I have a phone number that I have called twice, the same person answers and we have spoken for hours now. I would have to say I think it is her, but I can not verify because I am not seeing her face to face and checking ID.

I will also say that this person has agreed to speak to Lin Wood and I think this goes far to establish her honesty as far as her identity.

Anyone else have any ideas, let me know...

6 . "Well, I will start "
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 02:09 PM (EST)

... if no one else will (and yes, I know what she is going to say.)

You did meet John once, please tell us the circumstances of that meeting.

When did you see him next?

Did you ever have an affair with John Ramsey?

12 . "Answer's"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 03:27 PM (EST)

Chris Doherty from the Globe (it's really hard for me to type that name without gagging) told me that I was being investigated by the BPD. The BPD told me they obtained my name from the Globe. As far as Geraldo he called me after the Globe story appeared. It was that story that started everything. How anyone ever got my name and unlisted phone number in the first place I don't know.

14 . "4 questions."
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 04:00 PM (EST)

You did meet John once, please tell us the circumstances of that meeting.

When did you see him next?

Did you ever have an affair with John Ramsey?

During the interview, I remember the reporter asking if you felt John was capable of doing this terrible crime, and while I don't have the tape or transcript, I recall you saying, and it DID sound like a "guarded" answer - something like - - based on what I know about him, yes, I think he is capable. Do you remember that statement and what you may have been referring to?

I think I need to get ahold of some transcript somewhere.... this is hard to remember - - long ago and really a brief subject overall...

15 . "Maikai"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 04:31 PM (EST)

You stated based on my television appearance's that you feel I had an affair with John Ramsey, and that I think he sexually assaulted JonBenet. I keep hearing and reading about the " TV talk show circuit I've been on and all the money that I have made". Before I can adequately answer your observation's, will you tell me about my appearance's? As far as John Ramsey sexually assaulting JonBenet I never made a statement remotely resembling what you say you observed.

17 . "Jameson, 4 questions"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 05:21 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-00 AT 05:26 PM (EST)

1. I met John Ramsey in a restaurant. I went there with a girlfriend to meet someone she knew. He was one of I believe four men having a business lunch. I was introduced to everyone at the table.

2. & 3. We talked, but I don't think that constitutes an affair. As in sex.

4.In the interview I had been told that there was a blanket of snow on the ground in Boulder on the night of December 25, 1996. Also that there were no footprints outside of the Ramsey's house. I was thinking if there were four people inside and one of them was no longer alive what is the logical deduction? I was thinking when I was asked the question about John's culpability. I guess I paused too long because the reporter added somthing like " with your brief knowledge of him". I replied " I think he could be involved."

23 . "Confusion"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 06:32 PM (EST)

TeamRamsey, It's no wonder you're confused. That's just the way the media has portrayed this case. Mass confusion. I'm trying to untangle almost four years of confusion. I doubt I can do that in one post. You did ask a lot of logical questions. I think a good place to start is the 1997 report of my not talking with the BPD. Yes, it is true that I did not speak with them when they came to my house and the media was out in full force filming and reporting my coming's and going's. My business is not the world's business. What the general public does not know however is that I have spoken with the BPD on several occasions at length, to their satisfaction. I will answer all your questions, but I need a break now after spending all day at the computer.

29 . "Kimberly told me"
Posted by jams on Nov-06-00 at 11:40 PM (EST)

Kimberly told me that she went to a restaurant in LA in 1993 - she went with a girlfriend because the girlfriend wanted her to meet a male friend of hers - - he was having lunch with three other men - - the four men invited the two women to share lunch with them and so they shared a meal, visited a bit, and then everyone went their own way. An innocent meeting. Kimberly told me that she did not ever meet John again and certainly did NOT have an affair with him.

Under thse circumstances, I can see where John wouldn't remember having met her.

I am not vouching for Kimberly - - just offered her a place to put out her story in her own words - - I can't edit her posts and have no intention of deleting them. So I think we should listen to what she has to say and then decide if she is credible.

OK - - a couple of things - - I have a lawyer friend who sent me transcripts of the Geraldo show so we can judge things a bit better. The same lawyer has followed this case from the beginning and told me in email that hir was always aware that the rumor was Kimberly denied an affair from the beginning. So there is one person who - - well - - hir isn't vouching for Kimberly - but she is saying that she knew from the beginning that the story was supposedly bogus.

OK - going to post Geraldo transcript on its own thread...

30 . "Ashley and others"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 00:28 AM (EST)

I want the whole truth out. If she was honestly misrepresented and hurt, let it be exposed - - if she lied or is lying now, let that come out too.

This isn't going to hurt the Ramseys - the lies did in 1997 - - she was discredited then and most people ignored the rumor but some held onto it - - I would like to see it dealt with and put to rest for good.

I told Kimberly she could have her say - - but that we would ask the hard quesions and the research - - she knows I am looking for a copy of the tapes. If she wants to have her say, I say listen well. Then look at the evidence and decide if she is honest or not.

I never thought John had an affair with her - I think the story is lurid lies - - she is denying they had an affair - at least she is now.

I am sorry you don't approve of her being allowed to post - but you can't fight lies or liars without opening their words to the light of day. If Kimberly is the liar, she will be exposed - - if she is the victim, then she too deserves the opportunity to defend herself.

That's the reason I let her in. She is not a member but a guest - - and Lord only knows how this will end up.

37 . "This appears to be hopeless"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-07-00 at 01:43 PM (EST)

but I'm going to attempt it anyway.

No I DID INDEED not say that. There is no Brown Palace Hotel in Tucson and, I did not say I had an affair with John Ramsey.

I am sick and tired of reading ignorant statement's like the one above. I have never received money from anyone because JonBenet Ramsey was murdered. Not from the Globe, who wrote that filthy story that started all of this mess, or anyone else. Talk about credibility. You posted an out right lie. "for some bucks".

As for the poster who asked about my saying John was capable of this crime; I explained that in post # 17.

To this one asking why The Globe and Geraldo would write about me and have me on his show. I had nothing to do with The Globe. I have no control over what they do. I was never on Geraldo. I spoke with him on the phone once.

To the poster asking if I feel the media made a story appearing the way they wanted it to: Absolutely they did. I know it and they know it.

Maikai, This one would be funny if it was not so sad. " Why did I allow myself to be used in the tabloid's and TV talk shows?" ALLOW...ALLOW? It is obvious that you are fortunate to have never been put in a position like this. There is no allowing. These sleazy reporters do whatever they want to do. They don't care how they do it, who they hurt, and they don't mind lying. "Why is she coming forward now?" Well gee Maikai, I guess I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I try to defend myself I get chewed up and spit out. The Hard Copy show was supposed to be a rebuttal of The Globe story. They let me say everything of course to their camera. I talked for two days to two different reporters. One female and one male. Yet when the 5-7 minute segment aired the female reporter was not there. Only the male reporter and me from both days. If you will notice I am wearing two different dresses, one from each day. So with the editing and cutting there is no way to know what answer goes with what question. I was shocked when I saw the show. They made it look as though I had a sexual relationship with John Ramsey. They knew better.

I did one thing in 1997 that I don't regret. I took a polygraph test. And it had nothing to do with Geraldo. Where that wild story came from I have no idea.

Jameson, What is the situation with Jeff Shapiro as far as I may be concerned ?

I did see an attorney concerning sueing The Globe. We filed suit so the statute of limitations would not run out. It's a public record so verify it if you want to actually start validating information instead of just stating rumors as if they were fact.

I would like to ask you all a question. Why have you posted as fact for almost four years that I have made money? I have read that so many times. If I had a nickel for every time I have read or heard that on TV, I would have money. What made you think that?

32 . "well..."
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 01:05 AM (EST)

I was contacted because she wanted to speak to Patsy - tell her something she felt the investigators might want to know. I passed the information to the investigators and the Ramseys did not call Kimberly.

In the course of that conversation, Kimberly told me that she was misrepresented and really was hurt - - doesn't like her reputation at this point and would like to tell the world that she did NOT have an affair with John and never said she did - - that she told Hard Copy she did NOT have an affair with John but the tabloid TV show and the Globe both ran the lurid stories anyway.

I thought about what she said for a full week then called her back. I told her that I had been unable to find the tape of her on Hard Copy - - was trying to get it and anything else I could so I might judge for myself if she was telling the truth. She assured me she was.

I spoke to her about the GJ that is still working on the Globe situation and offered to put her in touch with Jeff Shapiro - that didn't happen.

I asked her permission to give her number to Lin Wood and she said she would welcome talking to him - was concerned that he had little respect for her and might not be kind - - I assured her he is not one to attack - - and I did pass her number to him - - her allowing that led to here credibility.

Finally - she said she is not looking to be disturbed by the media but wanted a way to explain what she sayd happened - to try to rehabilitate her reputation - - and I offered her a safe place to do that. Here.

I told her she would be facing people who have looked at her for 4 years as a bimbo, that there would be scepticism and hard questions - - but I could guarantee we would be openminded and fair - and she would have her say - unedited.

So, for better or worse, she was given a guest membership - - I figure a week or two should give her plenty of time to say whatever she wants - - and if she was maligned maliciously, we willbe able to figure that out and - - I actually think this group would stick up for any victim here.

I am not vouching for her - - after reading the transcripts I have to wonder why the Hell she agreed to come! But I will listen to her explanations and try to verify whatever she says.

All I can say right now is that it has been an interesting day - - largely because of Kimberly Ballard - - and may the truth be exposed, no matter where it leads.

34 . "Kimberly"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 10:46 AM (EST)

I really don't know what the story is here - you clearly stated that you were hurt by people thinking you were a floozy - - you said the stories were lies but the documentation proives otherwise.

I honestly want to give everyone a chance to tell their story - and I promised we would be openminded and listen - - but you really do need to realize we are very serious about getting to the truth - - not too many people can fool all of us. If you thought to rewrite history - you lose - if you really are telling the truth - - you have some 'splaining to do.

I do hope you will continue to participate and straighten things out for good.

52 . "Kim"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 08:58 PM (EST)

I have pages of notes I took while on the phoe with her. She said people talk like she appeared on many shows, but she didn't fly all over and talk to everyone. Hard Copy taped her at her home, the same tape was aired on Geraldo and she just spoke by phone to him.

Bottom line here is this. She has a child and I think now realizes that child is going to do this research one day - - and she would like to rewrite her part in it.

Well, if she wasn't a bimbo, didn't sleep with John and just got caught up in a lie for whatever reason... I think her some will accept the fact she lied a lot better than he will thinking her story about an ad in USA today and a tawdry affair was true. JMO but I think Kim has to pick the lesser of two evils here. Is she going to look like a slut or a liar? She can't dodge both.

I feel bad putting her on the spot - - or I would have, had she not blatently lied to me in the past 9 days. She really must not have realized just what WebbSLEUTHS do!

59 . "Foster,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-08-00 at 02:39 AM (EST)

Since you obviously have much more experience in these media matters than I did, would you be so kind as to help me get the money from Hard Copy that they should have paid me for my appearance? By the way, how much do they pay? And who is that print or mainstream reporter that goes around righting all the wrongs that the tabloids print or air?

And Lilac, if you want to confess that you once met JR and he rejected you, and then after the murder of Jonbenet, while you were going through a difficult time in your life, and needed attention so you lied, then you go right ahead. But as for me, that sounds like absolute insanity. And as for finding him attractive, he's old enough to be my father and I do not find him attractive. Too many liver spots.

I was told that trying to tell the truth on this, or any other internet forum would be a huge waste of my time because you all have your minds made up. Silly me wanted to have more faith in my fellow humankind.

Jameson, thank you for trying to give me an opportunity to correct misrepresentations of myself by the media, but no one seems to want to listen. I think I'll drop off the planet again, and get back to my normal, everyday life.

68 . "Kimberly"
Posted by jams on Nov-08-00 at 02:32 PM (EST)

Kim has the chance to set the record straight - - no one here can edit her posts and I swore I would not delete anything she posted.

If she wants the opportunity to go on the record and tell her story - - in her own words - - unedited, inlimited, she has it here. And it isn't like Hard Copy where it is seen by people who happened to be in front of a TV during that half hour and happened to have that channel on. This thread is seen by many people and her words will remain part of the record - - unedited and unlimited.

So far she has not told her story - that has been HER choice.

Kimberly, you came on like a bimbo - - said YOU placed an ad? YOU met with a man? You received maybe a thousand dollars? You cried and told me that wasn't how it was.

Well, if you ever had an honest chance to have your say - - this is it!

If you choose to say, people didn't like me and they weren't kind - and not correct anything - then what are we to think?

Explain what YOU said when you called Geraldo - - that is live TV, not cut and edited anything. Explain what you said to Carol - - is she lying?

This forum, believe it or not, is the most civil on the net. You had to expect the questions and challenges - - especially when you didn't come in and tell the truth.

I have offered you a place to tell your side of the story. I have offered you a chance to go a step further with a polygraph. If you want to disappear, you are saying you did not want to straighten anything out. That will not look good, believe me.

You are between a rock and a hard place - - I know that and am not envious of your position. You are going to be part of the Ramsey saga as a bimbo or a liar. I think people who care about you will forgive the lie much quicker than a choice to be a bimbo.

Honestly, it isn't going to affect John at all - - the BPD and media said they didn't believe you. Nothing that happens now will change that and make people believe the story of the affair. YOU told me that you never had an affair with John - that being true (that there was no affair) you told lies. Why not just admit it?

You know, Honestly, this makes me think of Clinton and his situation. I never cared if he cheated on Hillary, he was a decent president and when he was caught I thought he should have admitted it - said, yeah, I am a lousy husband but that doesn't affect my work...

So maybe you made some bad decisions and got caught up in something you are not proud of now. I think the best thing for you to do is tell the truth and just get by whatever screams come your way for what you DID do wrong - - certainly has to be better than having people think you did the things they say...

Ball is in your court now. We can't force you to do a thing.

73 . "Geraldo"
Posted by jams on Nov-08-00 at 05:43 PM (EST)

On the phone, kim told me that she did not appear on the show but was on the phone with Geraldo. She did not deny that and said she made it a point to say she was not paid by the Globe. That was most important to her - that people know she didn't give the Globe an interview and was not paid.

The transcript says that was a truth.

"Will Kim take a polygraph?"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 05:09 PM (EST)

I just called Kim at her house - I left a message for her and want to make sure everyone knows that this offer was made.

I have a friend in Colorado who is a polygrapher - a well-respected gentleman - and a gentle soul. (He damn near has me converted from someone who said she would never EVER take a polygraph to someone who thinks they may be OK - - especially with the newest equipment and a gentle, unbiased examiner.)

I had a long conversation with him today and told him about Kim and her mixed messages. He has offered to polygraph Kim - - if she would like to tell the truth and have it documented for all time. This is no joke - - he would charge me next to nothing for his services, she would just have to get together with him. She could either drive to him or pay his way to her. The polygraph wouldn't cost her a cent and it would become part of the permanent record.

I don't know what the whole truth is here, but I do know there have been lies told and it is time some got cleared up. Kimberly now says (to me) that she did not place an ad in any paper, did not sleep with John Ramsey, it was a disastrous attack on her reputation - - but the transcripts say otherwise.

The questions - - what were the lies - what is the truth.

I confess I can see a few scenarios possible here. If Kim wants to tell the truth, well, there is a very kind man in Colorado willing to help her with that.

If she will not meet with him, I have to ask why. After all, she says she took a polygraph for Hard Copy. THAT polygrapher had an agenda. This man works for no one - won't be working for me - he will be doing this for truth and JonBenét.

6 . "The difference"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 08:52 PM (EST)

There never was any evidence against John or Patsy, just a vicious smear campaign. If someone was a false witness and indicated that John was cheating on his wife, that might indicate marital trouble. If he was looking for a substitute sex partner because Patsy had cancer, it might look like he wasn't terribly moral, and who's to say what lengths he would go to to fulfil his sex urges? If they said he wanted to have the female small and looking like a very young child, it might indicate that he had fantasies of a a pedophile.

None of that story was true - - but it was put out there and the public heard it and hated John for it - - they heard the smear and even if it was cleared up later, the bad taste remained.

It DOES make a difference.

I am willing to swear that the woman who spoke to me on the phone and identified herself as Kimberly Ballard told me she did NOT have sex with John - - met him once at a luncheon in LA in 1993 and never saw him again.

If that is true and that person went forward to say John steped out on his wife because she was sick and he needed something - - that he needed her to be small and youthful and dress in a certain way that was like his 6 year old child... if that is true - then she lied and should step forward and take back the lies, tell the truth and hope John and God forgive her.

8 . "well"
Posted by jameson on Nov-07-00 at 11:38 PM (EST)

the polygraph could ask if she ever met John, if she ever had sex with John and if she was ever paid to say she HAD had sex with John. Pretty important stuff, IMO.

13 . "KIm"
Posted by jameson on Nov-08-00 at 03:02 PM (EST)

She seemed to be rather fragile, I don't think she could stand up to Thomas in an interrogation - - bet she would confess to pulling out Mother Theresa's toenails on her 5th birthday if he screamed at her enough - - and that certainly is NOT what I want to happen here. I just wanted to give her the opportunity to have her say and I admit I was miffed when I received the transcripts and realized they didn't match what she had said to me. That doesn't change anything though - - Kim has the membership here - as a guest - - and she can post the truth if she sees fit - - but NO ONE is going to use this forum as a platform for lies - - what she says WILL be considered, she will be given the benefit of the doubt - but it will be investigated. She has to know that.

14 . "Polygraphs"
Posted by jameson on Nov-08-00 at 03:07 PM (EST)

The first time I spoke to Gene Parker, I told him I was very hesitant to believe polygraphs could identify a liar - - and the man patiently spoke to me and taught me about the new technology and now I think maybe he is right - - maybe they CAN be the exposers of truth.

He walked me through a polygraph test - - told me what should and should not happen, and he spoke to me about how a polygrapher words the questions carefully, makes sure the subject is NOT conflicted about what the question MEANS and is given every chance to answer without great stress.

I told him what Kim said about the polygraph she took and he was.... well, he said he wouldn't have handled it that way. But he wasn't there and wouldn't say much more.

The polygrapher in question is Gene Parker - I have invited him to post here, I found him to be a very articulate man and I hope maybe he will be able to educate all of us about polygraphs.

So welcome Gene, please. He was a police chief in Colorado before this - he is certainly going to add to this group.



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