Peter Boylese Show - Wednesday, November 18, 1998

"Boyles - Wednesday"
Posted by Byron on 08:43:15 11/18/98

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Carol McKInley - We did see Tom Haney bring up papers today.

PB - Haney is the investigator from Denver. We're giving a Ramsey update.

CM - Most of the time they've been meeting Tue, Thurs.

PB - What's been happening lately is the darkened windows. To the credit of everyone, they've been keeping this very serious. Maybe they've been touring the house at night.

CM - Yes, maybe they want to see the shadows at night. JR has a new plane. At this point, they probably just want to see the comings and goings.(as per hanger records)

PB - That was the plane the police kept a watch on.

CM - At this point, we're just riding out the grand jury.

PB - What do you do with the story that the gj would be there into 1999.
CM - That doesn't surprise me a bit.

PB - In the vans, is there anything to indicate that anyone who was in the house was brought in?

CM - We've heard that possibly last Tues. that might have happened. There was lots of talk on the scanners, and that something happened before the media got there.

PB - What about the batteries?

CM - The conclusion was that only a person who thought about it , possibly after the fact, might have thought about it. You were gone when the boiler-room story was out. That theory was that only an intruder would have taken her that far into the basement, particularly if it was an accident. But that's not much of a theory...if she was hit anywhere in the house, she would have been out of it before then, besides that the scream could have been heard from other places in the basement. Besides, there was no physical evidence left in that room. There have been stories in the tabs lately about Burke.

PB - Yeah, Craig Lewis of the Globe has a story out about it being Burke, and that kind of surprises me. I'm trying to get him on.

CM - I don't think Burke has anything to do with it. There's going to be a part of a 48 hours episode where they're going to trash the linguist, and I understand Tracey has been hired on to produce that segment, and I understand Jameson, from the internet, is part of that story as well.

PB - That's just ridiculous. There's also a story coming out in Penthouse about the R's. There are also those who believe in the angers me so much when I read the puff pieces from those who believe so strongly in their innocence.

CM Most of us are looking at early spring before this is through.

PB - and again, Michael Tracey is involved with 48 hours?

CM - Yes, that just happened yesterday.

PB - That's just amazing. What do you know about the fed's reproduction of the crime?

CM - I understand they've recreated her skull, and have struck the model with a flashlight. Why would batteries be wiped down?

PB - Do you think the FBI has a very accurate time of death?

CM - No, I think they have a window. When you look at the autopsy report, I think there's a four-hour window.

PB - What do you hear about what PR and JR doing now?

CM - Well they've married off their last daughter. I understand there were 800 people there, and that PR dressed like a southern belle.

PB - How'd you like to have your kids spend time with grandma Patsy?

CM - I can't comment.

PB - Well, you're a news person. I understand she wore white at the wedding.

CM - There were rumors they were in Boulder.

PB - Yeah, that's what I heard too. Who knows?

23. "More Boyles"
Posted by puma_overlooking_Boulder on 11:57:41 11/18/98

Just a few points I heard this am:

(1) Re vans: I took it to mean the vans are police vans with privacy glass all around so only shadows within are visible; ie, greater effort on the part of law enforcement to shield who is appearing in front of the Grand Jury. I also took the scanner comment to be greater activity on police scanners as they assist in this effort.

(2) Peter said his sources indicate that there MAY have been a nightime Grand jury visit to the house last week.

(3)Carol surmised (re recent flood of Burke stories): Are they trying to put pressure on the R's thru Burke?

(4)The upcoming R article in Penthouse will out Larry Schiller - caught in a lie by the article's author.