Peter Boyles Show - Friday, November 21, 1998

"Boyles caller on Globe Burke article(Friday)"
Posted by puma_overlooking_Boulder on 16:39:40 11/21/98

Didn't see this posted anywhere (it was 5:08am and the very first caller to Boyles) so here goes:

Caller asked Peter about the latest Globe article on Burke she "read in the supermarket checkout line" (hehe...). Peter answered with "A lot of people at the Globe are very unhappy with the story on Burke." He brought up Carol McK's theory discussed on Wednesday that it may have been run to flush out the R's. He went on to say that gives the R's more credit than they deserve. "The only thing that flushes them out is when it's in their best interest. If innocent as they claim they would be challenging the Burke articles. Instead they leave it out there to muddy the water..."

Peter also mentioned that MSNBC (John Gibson) will be in Boulder in ten days (11/30?) for LIVE coverage on JBR/Grand Jury...(so ready your VCR's for Internight).

He also mentioned that Tracey has been hired as a consultant by CBS for another R piece. The caller responded: Oh, another propaganda piece!

Peter ended with what a great judge and how good a job Hunter and Kane are doing so that there have been no leaks. "Tighter than a crab's 'you know what' and that's waterproof" as his Dad used to say...

Thaaaaaaat's all folks!