Peter Boyles Show - Monday, November 30, 1998

"Boyles - Monday"
Posted by Byron on 06:27:18 11/30/98

Hello all, I didn't set my alarm, but I'm up.

PB, in addition to JBR, has brought up something which REALLY bothered me yesterday as much as it bothered him. In yesterday's RamseyMountain News, they had an interview with OJ Simpson discussing Terrell Davis in the sports section, and it was as though he had never done anything but set records and retired respectfully. Needless to say, I started a thread in a sports forum entitled, "OJ interviewed about Terrell. Who cares WHAT the Murderer Thinks?"

Well, here goes.

PB - The bottom line is, OJ is a murderer.

Mike (caller) - I never thought OJ was a murderer.

PB - Mike, you're doing this as a joke, right?

Mike - I just don't think he did it.

PB - What time is it? (the first caller said "He was found innocent") That was what was so surprising about the RMN... Why don't we have Charles Manson talking about Elway...Why don't we have John Ramsey talk about child care? Why don't they get Jim Brown? Did anyone else find this amazing? Not one mention of Nicole or Ron. They ought to have Lisa Levitt Rykman talk to Patsy about child care. John Gibson is the host of you watch him. OJ is lionized as this great running back and how he's watching Terrell. We'll have Carol McKinley and Chuck Green on later.

2. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 06:44:30 11/30/98

(When I started the thread about OJ, I was hit with things like, "Hey, that's in the past...but he said he thinks Terrell might rush for 2000 yards TWICE! Cool!")

PB - JG will be with us from Boulder today. What do you think about these cable guys?

Caller - I believe in the system. You're stuck on him (OJ). You're more tormented about this than anyone.

PB - Do YOU think he killed them?

Caller - No.

PB - Then you're a fool!

Caller - I'm black, get off of it. That's a fact. If OJ was someone other than a black man. There's nothing you can say.

PB - OJ Simpson is a murderer...OJ Simpson is a murderer...

Caller - She married a white woman...get off of it. I don't believe he killed her. Get off of it. God help you if you're wrong.

PB - There is overwhelming evidence he did it. We haven't talked about OJ for a year.

Caller - OJ's innocent...I bet it doesn't bother Terrell call him and ask him...

PB - Let me come to some conclusions with you...I'm a narrow-minded white man who's upset because he married a white woman and he's innocent.

Caller - Right! (Boyles hangs up)

New caller - I think this just speaks to the state of sports in this country. As far as the jury in the OJ case, if they would have shown them a videotape they would have let him go.

PB - I agree. (and I agree) It's called jury nullification. The part that triggered this is Rick Folstead's piece in the RMN yesterday. The RMN should hang their head. (I hope someone can link up the article while I'm typing, it's unbelieveable))

This is Sam on a cell phone.

Sam - That was a class lady you had on the phone. (The guy's a bigot, going on about how blacks get free schooling)

PB - All right Sam...eyeeaush. I just can't believe the RMN did this. The Ramsey GJ will meet tomorrow, and then they WON'T MEET AGAIN UNTIL THE FIRST OF THE YEAR. We'll do a round-robin with John, Carol, and Chuck and a Ramsey update.

3. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 07:01:25 11/30/98

New caller - You do this every day...blacks and whites have to work together...and you start this off on a Monday morning.

PB - OJ Simpson is a murderer. This is equivalent to asking the cops who beat Rodney King about the Truax case, or asking Charlie Manson about religion in this country.

C - They have the right to interview a famous person if they want to.

PB - Sandra, do you believe he's innocent?

C - I'm a black woman and (she goes into a litany of Fuhrman)

PB - Denial is wonderful thing.

C - Were you there? How do we know YOU didn't do it?

PB - (groans) OJ Simpson is a double murderer. You would think there would be people with a room temperature IQ. There are still people who think OJ isn't a murderer. Incredible! It's what is called a puff piece. The RMN, which has showed its colors in the past, with LLR and the "Are they Innocent?" piece. Of course OJ is a double murderer.

Kathy - Incredible Monday, huh? About three days after the trial, they interviewed three of the lady jurors, and two of them said they thought he did it.

PB - Of course he did it...of course John and Patsy did it...of course James King did it (United Bank killing) Bugliosi's book...there's not even any question. There is overwhelming evidence he did it. Caller - There were a number of things, but I believe there was enough doubt there.

PB - If you had to decide...

Caller - Mark Fuhrman was dating Nicole..

PB - Where did you get that? This is incredible! They got every goofball in the world in...this is amazing...

4. "URL"
Posted by Byron on 07:07:32 11/30/98

5. "Read the article above..."
Posted by Byron on 07:22:13 11/30/98

...Boyles is FLYING on this. When I read it yesterday, I felt the same way. The quality of his callers is really crappy this morning. I'd call (for the first time) if I didn't have to leave for work soon. He's getting either bigots or black women defending OJ (or are those the same thing), including the current caller.

PB - Why is that wrong? Did you read Bugliosi's book "Outrage"?

BF Caller - I didn't need to, because I saw the trial. (What planet are these people from...sorry...but I am outraged by the stupidity being spouted by these idiot callers)

PB - This is Mike in Denver.

Caller - I wanted to make a comment about Fuhrman. I saw every minute of the trial, and if you have any intelligence...

PB - OJ took a poly and he scored a minus 49. The bottom line was, it was obvious he's a murderer. It's insanity that there's anyone who could believe this guy is innocent.

Caller - For Simpson to be innocent, all the evidence would have had to be planted, there's blood on the glove, the street, the car, the driveway, the gate, the socks...

(My comment - Yeah, and there were a few cc's missing from a vial. In order to have placed this much around, they would have needed numerous vials)

Caller - What about the Ramseys?

PB - That stuff is LL Rykman trying to jockey for position. What I'm saying to you is, why would the RMN choose in this great season to interview OJ Simpson. The crime is they don't talk about the crime.

6. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 07:39:36 11/30/98

PB - How many little kids were killed in the week JBR was killed? Why is the Ramsey case important?

Caller - If OJ had killed his first wife, I think the reaction would have been different.

PB The same thing happened in Boston. When the nanny was let off, and they showed the people in England jumping to their feet, it reminded me of OJ.

caller - He lived white. Peter, you're consistent. The reaction from both sides is often very different from yours. I think you ought to challenge both sides.

PB - What do you do with this glowing piece about OJ?

Caller - That's tabloid though...

PB - This is the RMN...

Caller - If they think it will sell papers, they'll put it in, and the line has crossed over between the tabs and the legit press.

PB - You're right.

(This caller was a black man and he was right on)

7. "John Gibson up next...Panico, are you there?"
Posted by Byron on 07:51:56 11/30/98

PB - Joining us is Craig Silverman, who has an editorial in today's News about perjury. You have followed the R investigation...

CS - The tip-off to me is that they took off election day.with AH in charge, you can bet this will take a long time. This almost seems to be a replay of the Thayne Smike case. Someday, with a different DA in there, something might happen, but I have little confidence in the current situation...

(I'm out of here)

8. "Mornin'"
Posted by Panico on 07:53:23 11/30/98

Byron, guess you didn't know we got into some OJ stuff on Friday because of poll of Jay Marvins show. I'm not going to post on the OJ stuff this am.

PB said Gibson will be there sometime after 7:00--as I said he was on Channel 9 this am-- turned it on at 6:45 and they were just saying bye bye to him. So he has to drive to Boulder--don't think he can get there before 7:15 or so. I'll be back as soon as John or Carol or Chuck come on.

9. "I missed Craig Silverman--"
Posted by Panico on 07:59:50 11/30/98

He couldn't have been on long--- I was getting some needed caffeine. I just didn't think it was a good idea to get into OJ because I guess somebody complained Friday that it was off subject. Time for the news now.

11. "more"
Posted by Panico on 08:23:26 11/30/98

Opening playing tape of JR saying PD had been after them since day 1-- and PB said "Yeah John, sure they did--but then why did they bring in grief counselors for them?"

PB just introduced John Gibson--and said "This is the first time you knew there was more than one 4:00"

Well, they're on OJ stuff-- telling that OJ called him not long ago-- PB saying that OJ, Clinton and John Ramsey all have known just who in the media to call-- JG saying the big difference is that everybody knows what to ask Clinton-- but not what to ask OJ or JR.

PB: Telling about talking to Johnnie Cochran and that he personally asked Johnnie if he ever asked OJ if he killed Nichole and Ron, and that Johnnie said, "I never asked them" Do you think that Haddon & Co know? JG: Most defense attorneys say no--I don't want to know, I don't want any true confessions here, I just want to defend you. I want to know where you were at the time.

PB: We saw Rams lying on CNN lionizing PD--saying they're going to do anything they can do to help them. I personally believe that, if this ever goes to trial, that Haddon or whoever's representing Ramseys, will put BPF on trial.

JG: Why not? That'd make a good trial. (laughing)

12. "More"
Posted by Panico on 08:38:57 11/30/98

Playing tape of housekeeper telling about JB's halloween costume

PB: Someone was making a little adult out of JonBenet.

(NOTE) We'll be on with John on InterNight at 3:00 OUR TIME today.
Normally InterNight is 5:00 our time--don't know if that's the real deal for today or a mistake--so be ALERT (the world needs more lerts)
They're talking generalities--guests on shows--JG says "The story is that if you can fog up a mirror, you can be a guest"

(My energy level is not up to par--I'm not going to type the OJ stuff or trivia-- only what is on Ram case.)

13. "More"
Posted by Panico on 08:57:58 11/30/98

Playing tape of housekeeper talking about a time when Patsy had had a dress made for JB and there was much ado about it--so much so that Burke asked his mom "Am I fat?" She said "No, why?" And Burke said because JB was getting so much attention. Then housekeeper is telling about how at WalMart in fabric dept, sometimes they'll make a dress and hang it above the fabric. And--they had one hanging just like JB's dress-- and that Nedra and Patsy were absolutely livid that WalMart dared to display a dress just like JB's.

PB: Reading article (RMN I think) that says "Gibon + Boyles + Boulder = Ramsey case-- now tht things are dimming on the Clinton case, Ramsey case will come to the front"

JG: laughing--"Smart guy"

PB: One time there was a threat that Ramseys were going to sue me, and I was sent a "Cease and desist" letter or something,. and my attorney says "Bring 'em on!" Geraldo brought that up when I was on his show and asked if it was true--and I just said "Geraldo, how many times have you been sued?"

14. "More"
Posted by Panico on 09:19:32 11/30/98

Another tape of housekeeper--- "Between the time when she was 2 1/2 and 4, JB did wet the bed--but it wasn't every night, and Burke wet the bed once in awhile too:

Carol McKinley on

PB: I understand the GJ will meet tomorrow and then not again until after the 1st of the year. Carol, what does this all mean?

CM: This doesn't mean that they're stopping work on it. I know for a fact that there is DNA that still hasn't been tested. I don't believe that this is just Alex Hunter making decision. Of course Kane is doing the presenting. I think it is a collaboration of decisions.

JG: What could they possibly be investigating at this point

CM: There are lot of people who were close to Ramseys, who suddenly the Rams have just dropped the friendships--and so it could be that some of these people are starting to having their doubts. I know there are people who are absolutely paniced about having to come in front of GJ.

PB: For John's edification--the GJ prosecutors have fogged window vans--tell them Carol

CM: I think that whoever is going to be in there to testify--that they meet somewhere, and bring them in the back ramp. Most times I can make out a haircut, suit or tie--but not always

PB: When govt employees go, they just walk in.

CM: I don't think the coroner has even gone in yet

PB: Who do you guesstimate is in those vans?

CM: I don't know

PB: It looks like they have talked to civilian witnesses?

CM: We don't know that for sure. John, do you think that's a problem or is it just business?

JG: There are people close to Rams who have been dumped, and are now having second thoughts and just don't want to be a party to it. It makes sense that they would go in in a van with smoked windows. The initial difficulty that PD created in the first place--we're going to have to live with it. I don't think it takes a great Hal Haddon to stand up in front of jury----

CM: They're trying to do a good job--they only have one shot at it. At this point, I know there is investigation still going on. You still wonder what happened to the other part of the garrote, and you wonder what happened to the duct tape. I know some DNA hasn't been tested because they didn't have the proper equipment to test. Lou Smit is ready to testify---there's other people waiting to testify. It's a mess.

PB: When I found out that they will not meet entire month of Dec, I know I've read some pieces that it will go on till spring.

CM: They're on their own schedule. They're taking this very seriously. There are no leaks. I've seen people waiting to go in and Kane would come out and tell them they're just not ready for them. One person would say that they found this piece of evidence--the next day another person would say no. We're just going to have to wait.

PB: See ya pal. Who's going to be on show John?

PB: Bob Grant and I think Larry Schiller will be.

Sounds like he's saying bye to John too. PB saying they're coming back to callers. If there's any more I'll be back.

15. "More"
Posted by Panico on 10:03:33 11/30/98

NOTE: This message was edited 10:03:33, 11/30/98

Chuck Green standing by--

PB: You're on your way to the dentist?

CG: There is nothing I dread more.

PB talking about 3 page piece RMN did on OJ stuff "Chuck, how do you think this happened?"

CG: Knowing the business the way I do, I would suspect that they got the interview by promising not to bring up the murder--the same way they did with Lisa Ryckmans story

PB: They just made a deal with the devil--

CG: Yeah. Like interviewing Patsy about beauty pageants--

PB: This smacks of the Ramsey Mountain News issue

CG: It's a pattern of news at Rocky Mountain News

PB: The Ramsey GJ will meet tomorrow and that's it till after 1/1--what's happening?

CG: I think most people think it is being used as an investigative tool, but I think in the Ramsey case, the major purpose, if not the entire purpose, is a trial run--running the evidence before these 12 people, trying to discover areas of doubt and vulnerability, then they're going back and patching their areas. I think this is a rehearsal for the trial. I think they're using this GJ as a rehearsal. It's been done before, but never to the extent it is now. It is not needed for investigative work. It explains why the GJ is meeting so often--- if you're chasing hot leads, you don't take December off.

PB: I think when they find weaknesses, Kane sends somebody out to plug that hole.

CG: I think that's right. They're trying to put together a circumstantial case that will give them the very best shot at a trial. It may be, that the case was so terribly screwed up at the beginning, that the loopholes will be too big to fill. They can do more with GJ than a trial jury. If they can't convince a GJ that they have a case beyond reasonable doubt, they don't have a chance with a trial jury. I think that's what they're doing. I recall them saying several months ago that if GJ was needed to investigate, they would only need 2 months to do it. I think, given the sad state, that this is a very good move by Alex Hunter.

PB: I agree

CG: I think they're going to run every witnesses they have before the GJ-- it just exposes all the little vulnerabilities in this case that needs to be reinforced.

PB just said MSNBC is broadcasting all this stuff this afternoon from a roof top in Boulder.

16. "more"
Posted by Panico on 09:43:36 11/30/98

hmmm, sure is lonely on this thread

In addition to not feeling at all well, I am trying to paste up my paper--have already missed my deadline-- so I am not going to be able to type the whole 2 hours this afternoon--I'll do what I can, but some other locals are going to have to pitch in.

18. "OH geez"
Posted by Panico on 09:49:56 11/30/98

I'm sure glad I'm not addicted to this--I was ready to check out--

Caller said he thinks "the scream" wasn't JonBenet, but was Patsy discovering John molesting her.

PB: Could be. What I personally believe is that it was Patsy's scream upon realizing what had been done.

Another caller and PB agreeing with what Chuck had to say and that they think it is a good thing they're doing with GJ. Caller giving PB a hard time about being on the rooftop--saying "That's scary"

PB: (laughing) That's what I said. I think I know what the deal is--it has been rumored that a network has leased the roof of the building thinking that there would be a trial

20. "More"
Posted by Panico on 09:58:04 11/30/98

Caller: I've never heard who you think killed this little girl?

PB: There's 3 theories that I could run with. But my personal belief is that Patsy struck her with a maglite. I believe that John and Patsy are directly involved in this murder--but you can't go to trial with that...We've caught them now in so many lies. I honestly believe, and this is a belief, that they will be indicted. I've learned some interesting things about the case this weekend. I've learned that the FBI was out of that house by 1:00 pm on the 26th. They had to be called because it was a reported kidnapping. But the note says if you call PD, she's dead---yet 3 black and whites pull up.

Caller: The whole family's foundation is built on lies. John had a lover--

PB: That's not known as a fact. But the FBI just packed up and left.

PB and caller agreeing that a real ransom note does not go on for 3 pages and things like "we respect your business"-- and "don't try to grow a brain"

PB: It's just craziness--John goes on CNN singing praises of PD and we'll do everything we can do to help them-- then later says just the opposite-- it's all craziness

21. "The end..."
Posted by Panico on 10:00:55 11/30/98

Playing tape of John from CNN saying "I'm making that the sole mission for the rest of my life".... to which PB responds only with "Yeah!"

See ya