Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, December 3, 1998

"Peter Boyles - Thursday"
Posted by MrsBrady on 10:37:15 12/03/98

From Panico (via email)

Peter says big and strange twist in Ramsey case. Carol McKinley is in Atlanta and called him just half hour before his show went on. Said she's giving him an exclusive on this. Larry Schiller talking on MSNBC Monday night about unidentified DNA found in JB's panties and under her finger- nails.

Carol says DNA has been requested from all of Patsy's family in Atlanta---her parents, crazy Aunt Pam and her husband, and sister Pauline and her husband.

Peter just said he did some local phone checking during the break, and has confirmed that BPD has indeed sent a letter down there to that effect. Peter keeps saying this is such a wierd twist because none of those 5 people were in Boulder at time of murder.

Carol also told Peter that she had a very long meeting with John's brother Jeff. Carol is in some important breakfast meeting right now, and will call in to PB as soon as she gets through with that.

At 6:30, David John Oates will be on---and at some point JT Colfax. But hearing PB talk now--he's changing horses pretty quick--just said that he will get Chuck Green and hopefully Craig Silverman on at the same time Carol is.

26. "here's some more..."
Posted by lewis on 11:48:14 12/03/98

In the last few minutes of PB's show, he took a call from someone who said he was a photographer and had a studio on Pearl St., very close to AG. The caller said the BPD was interested in him because someone had his photos and he had used the same kind of black duct tape on them as the tape found at the hell hole. He said although the tape package said duct tape, it wasn't exactly typical duct tape but it was black.

Anyway, he had been contacted by the BPD and (I thought he said) asked to give handwriting samples. It was really hard to catch what the caller was saying because PB kept interupting him saying how someone had ratted him out- which didn't seem to be the point the caller wanted to make.

PB was really hyped and wanted to talk to the calller privately off the air. PB said he would have this guy on tomorrow.

29. "CM"
Posted by lewis on 12:10:37 12/03/98

Carol said on PB this morning, that she was in Atlanta doing a kind of where are we at 2 years later thing, to be aired on FOX and was interviewing Pam ~I think~ when she found out about the Georgia Bureau of Investigation asking the Paugh family for DNA samples, that it was pure luck she got the story. (you gotta love her, she's so modest It was mentioned that Jeff R and Don Paugh had given samples in the beginning. Does anyone remember if they had gotten samples from JAR? They were saying on PB that it was interesting that they were asking for the Paugh family samples when supposedly they all were in Atlanta at the time.

27. "I heard part of Peter's show"
Posted by lilac on 11:52:04 12/03/98

this morning. If I'm correct, he said that DNA samples were collected from Jeff Ramsey and GPP right at the beginning of the case (Dec. 26 or 27?). I believe he also said the DNA being collected now will be taken from mouth swabs

38. "Hello all"
Posted by Byron on 13:21:53 12/03/98

I was actually up at 5 and ready to report, despite virtually no sleep last night, but try as I might, I couldn't get the forum to load. I could be wrong, but maybe Panico had the same trouble. I e-mailed a post to Chris first thing, but she may be involved with the funeral. Didn't hear much, except early on PB was talking about McKinley eating breakfast with family members (she'll be back on Boyles tomorrow to go into further detail (I didn't hear her report this morning), and the Schiller-DNA stuff which PB just touched on. I heard a few seconds at work of the reverse-speech stuff, and what I heard WAS Ramsey.

I also heard a few seconds of JT Colfax, and he was talking about the greeting JR would get at the Boulder jail if he ever gets there. Also heard the last caller, the photographer, and PB said he'll also have him on tomorrow. Time ran out, and he wasn't expecting that call. PB also talked about "the trainer" with a caller who was thinking a male trainer. PB talked about Miss Kitt. That's about it.

40. ""the trainer""
Posted by lewis on 13:57:40 12/03/98

Byron, did you catch what they were saying about letters or something from Florida and/or who had moved to Japan? How about when the photographer was saying he had all those messages from the media and one of them was from People magazine? Didn't someone say the new issue of People has JBR on the cover? Wonder who took that photo.