"My letter to press and authorities"

Posted by jams on Dec-10-00 at 11:17 AM (EST)

The Ramseys will never be arrested for the murder of JonBenét Ramsey; clearly there is too much exculpatory evidence. The urgency to protect innocent people from being jailed on trumped up charges is gone.

The investigation continues, and I have great respect for the work being done by people like Ollie Gray and Lou Smit - - but until a special investigator is brought on, I think we may as well admit the chances of solving this are between slim and none. The BPD won't do the work -- - and some people are wisely refusing to participate in their mis-investigation any longer.

Evidence has been mishandled and lost by the Boulder authorities. The BPD has turned away people who say they may have information dealing with this open murder investigation. Witnesses have openly stated that they felt the cops didn't want to talk about any suspect ot named Ramsey. Right or wrong, people don't trust the Boulder police anymore, they are unwilling to work with the Boulder Police and when they are told they either work with the Boulder cops or forget it - - people are walking away.

I have informed Alex Hunter that I know of some evidence files that are being withheld from the BPD - - specifically DNA on three very reasonable suspects. I will tell them exactly where those envelopes and files are when and if a special prosecutor is appointed. I FAXed this to the DA some time back and received no response.

For those concerned about the evidence - it is properly stored, I called Henry Lee himself and went over this with him. He said he couldn't accept or test evidence unless it went through the BPD - - I advised him that wasn't an option and, thankfully, the gentleman went over proper storage of evidence with me. I got the feeling I was not the only one who had had that conversation with him.

Since Henry Lee and Alex Hunter are personal friends at this point, I think it is fair to assume Lee has told Hunter about the conversation - and I hope it convinces Hunter that this is not a joke.

As you can see, I have once again gotten involved in a way that might stir some controversy - but I am very serious here - I will not aid any more BPD bungling. I believe the case can be solved, the evidence is there. I am hoping that DA Alex Hunter will request that a special investigation be started - remove the BPD from the equation.

So what have I said?

The exculpatory evidence is there - the Ramseys did not kill their daughter.

People no longer trust the BPD and they are unwilling to carry information or evidence to them because they fear it will be ignored, mishandled or "lost".

There is evidence being withheld - the BPD will NOT be handed that evidence. That evidence is not in one place but all are safe. When a special investigator is brought in, I will tell them exactly where it is. None of it is now in my personal possession.

Will this letter make any difference? I don't know - - probably not. But i carefully thought out the pros and cons of releasing this letter and I can't see the downside.

No matter what side of the fence people are on, I hope they will join me in calling for a special investigation in the Ramsey case. Investigate all the leads, all the evidence - let the truth be exposed and let the chips fall where they may.

Written with all sincerity - let the chips fall where they may,

December 10th, 2000