Interview: Peter Boyles on the Ramsey Case

David Hale, Jr.
December 26, 1998

This Christmas weekend marks the second anniversary of the sensational murder of child star Jon Bonet Ramsey. The young girl would have been an exceptionally beautiful talking about Santa this year. She isn't because someone bludgeoned her head to the point of crushing her fragile skull. She was then strangled to death.

Two years have come and gone and the case of the murder of this little girl remains unsolved.

Still, it remains a local controversy in Denver, and a national news story. The media most responsibile for keeping the Jon Bonet Ramsey story most alive, is Peter Boyles. Boyles is a top-rated morning drive host on Denver's KHOW and has gained national attention for his unrelenting criticism of the Boulder Police department.

Recently Boyles spoke with about the case.

NewsMax: What is the status of the Jon Bonet Ramsey grand jury?

Boyles: Right now the Grand Jury is in a winter or Christmas recess. They recessed the first part of December and the Grand Jury will reconvene I think January 6th or 7th. At that time they will continue to do the investigation into the murder of this little girl.

NewsMax: In your opinion, how was the little girl killed?

Boyles: The cause of death was asphyxiation. That was the ultimate cause of death because before they strangled her, someone brutally struck her in the head with an object. Most people believe that object was a maglight flashlight that caved her skull in. And there's a time period where its questionable how long she lay there with her skull caved in before someone asphyxiated her -- strangled her with a rope.

Newsmax: By many, the parents have been considered the prime suspects.

Boyles: Again, I think the parents as so many people have said two suspects equals one suspect. I do believe, however, the mother was the person who struck her and was it the father who ultimately took her life. Or was it the mother, Patsy, who strangled the girl? These are a lot of the problems the Grand Jury is facing.

Newsmax:The Grand Jury has been convened for a long time?

Boyles: Since September

Newsmax: After all this time, there should be some conclusion:

Boyles: No one knows. Everyone has been wrong on predicting when it would begin and certainly when it would end. It could be January. It could be March. It could be April. It could terminate at the end of January. No none knows.

Newsmax: You have heavily criticized the Boulder police?

Boyles: Well, it was so mishandled in the beginning. The Boulder police really mishandled the case, they treated these people[the Ramsey's] special. They allowed the entire crime scene to be contaminated. They allowed the father to find the little girl's body. They never questioned the parents. The kind of things given in a case involving a working class family, or minority family, that would have happened immediately. And, indeed, the Ramsey's are wealthy people, social elite and a very different, little city -- Boulder, Colorado -- and all those things added up to what we got.

Newsmax: Sounds like the police might have been involved in a cover-up?

Boyles: No. No, I don't think so. I think it was just lousy police work.

Newsmax: And that would be because of the money these people had and their social prominence?

Boyles: And just that the police weren't prepared. In the time period following that, the Chief of Police in Boulder, Tom Koby, totally mishandled it. He called these people grieving parents and really bent over backwards to let them get away. And the Ramseys have now attacked the cops which is really interesting. Because they're saying the police blamed them from the first day which is really not true. The police actually brought them grief counselors into the house that day. So it's hardly the people they were going to go after.

Newsmax: Is there any evidence or reason to legitimately suspect the parents were involved?

Boyles: The whole idea of the phony ransom note -- the three page ransom note. There's two FBI profilers, experts, and they say no one's ever seen a three page ransom note. Since the father found the little girl's body the whole thing should have been locked down. They kicked the FBI out of the house, they've turned down help from other criminal investigators.

Newsmax: Who turned down the help? The parents or the Boulder Police?

Boyles: The Boulder Police.

Newsmax: The Boulder Police?

Boyles: Yes, run at the time by a detective named Linda Arndt who had no business on the job. She was promoted for God only knows what reason.

Newsmax: What is your reason for being so interested I this?

Boyles: Well there are a number of reasons. When I got involved in this as a talkshow host and quote investigator it was right when it happened. I smelled it first time and read a story about it. I thought what about this doesn't add up? By the second or third day when the parents quit talking to the police, I knew, or believed, that definitely these people were guilty.

Newsmax: What kind of criticism have you had from the press?

Boyles: Not necessarily from "the press," but from certain members of the press. The Ramseys have chosen select people that they'll talk with like Diane Sawyer from 20/20. It's all about controlling the jury, much like the OJ case was handled.

Newsmax: What about the Intruder theory?

Boyles: It's clear to me that there was no intruder who came into that house. There are so many holes in the Ramsey's story that it just doesn't add up. However, what happened that night in that house with that little girl, I don't know.

Newsmax: What about DNA evidence?

Boyles: People are debating what have they turned up. Maybe they are secluding people. But the thing that's interesting is on the DNA question, they're only on Patsy's side of the family. In other words they're only looking at Patsy's sister, Patsy's other sister, Patsy's mother, Patsy's father. So they're only going up her ladder. I don't know what it means.

Newsmax: Recent news reports in the Rocky Mountain News suggest that the police have supporting evidence for the intruder theory.

Boyles: Yeah, they brought in these spider experts. But the problem is, here again, is a cop screw up. They never took pictures of those windows to show those spider webs. They all saw the webs.

Newsmax: Where did you find out about the webs?

Boyles: Oh from sources that said the webs were there. No one came through those webs. No one came over the top of the bushes and disturbed the snow. Nobody came into that house.

Newsmax: Is there going to be a vigil for Jon Bonet Ramsey?

Boyles: Yes it is going to be Christmas night or the next night. They did it last year on the first anniversary.

Newsmax: Will the Ramseys be there?

Boyles: Oh no, they won't be there. They're in Michigan

Newsmax: Why do you think they left the state?

Boyles: Well, there's another classic example. There's never been an example when you talk to the FBI of true victim parents. True victim parents leaving the scene. They stay until the crime is solved. They stay. They never give up. Look at guys like Adam Walsh's father and Polly Class's father. Talk to them guys, I mean geez.

Newsmax: If you could write the story on this, what would your central idea be?

Boyles: Justice denied.