Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, December 30, 1998

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Posted by Panico on 07:44:06 12/30/98
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Caller: Why not charge the Ramseys with a lesser charge?

PB: I was told that a plea bargain was offered at one time and they wouldn't take it

Caller: Why not go with a lesser -- and it looks to me like they can prove she wrote the ransom note.

PB: Why not take the next step?

Caller Sally: I've pondered in my mind and wondered if there's not someone who knows about a story where someone who has finally confessed?

PB: Talking about Carol McK's figures on cases like Ramseys. They had 550 cases of alleged child abduction 1985-1995-- it's a study -- in all the cases that were like Ramseys, parents reporting kidnapping and the body was found, there were 19 cases and in 100% of those cases, it was the parents who did the killing. I went by this real fast at first, but now I've studied it. It doesn't mean Rams are guilty---but

Caller: I've wondered if there couldn't be an ongoing fact about that on the airways to get one of them to move--to psychologically run them down? (It's open lines today)

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Posted by Panico on 08:00:43 12/30/98
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Caller/Boulder: That was an amazing statistic from FBI. Question is, how did it happen? I heard a theory recently from a source in Boulder. This guy thot that Patsy was subject to rage, and story was that Patsy hit JB in a fit a rage and that John covered it up. Have you heard that one before?

PB: Yes, it's one of the theories. There are a number of theories. But 2 suspects = no suspects. I think Norm Early was the one that said, we can't throw 2 people in front of jury and tell them to figure out which one.

Caller: So if Patsy hit her in a fit of rage--and then didn't killer her--and John did.

PB: There was a daintiness about the strangulation. Was she alive and they knew she was flawed knowing she would never be the same and they would be facing felony child abuse? You've got to be able to say who did this. Let's assume even if she was kidnapped--there were a tremendous amount of clues in that house. Why do the Boulder cops allow these people firm rein in the house? You still have tremendous forensic evidence there. If you're a good crime investigator--I could not go in or out of a room without you knowing it. I don't give a rats petut---you have a kidnapping---. It's a crime scene---the yellow tape goes up.... Marcia Clark wasn't even allowed to go into Nichole's house...because it was a crime scene. Even if they didn't think the Ramseys were guilty... if it was a foreign faction... it was a crime scene. This is Tom Koby and his street cops.. Linda Arndt... blew it! If J & P ever walk free and never do a nickel, it's Tom Koby's fault!

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Posted by Panico on 08:21:54 12/30/98
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Fax: asking about ransom note and book "Mind Hunter" found by John's bed.

PB: I think the ritualistic idea will fade into the sunset.


I'll insert a few of my thoughts while waiting. After listening to all 4 hours of Monday's show, which was excellent, seemed to me the overall tone concerning conviction in this case was turned more negative than it ever has been. It seemed to me that Carol McKinley was the only one of the guests that still sounded positive about this case being solved. Seems there has been a shift in the thinking---that bothers me a lot.

On a positive note---I'm very excited. After 2 days of absolutely no voice--I have voice today! Not loud and clear--but at least audible. After fax discussion yesterday with nurse who gives me chemo, she agrees that chemo IS working--that tumors are indeed shrinking. Somebody up there is looking out after me--plus a very wonderful family, a ton of wonderful cyber friends and also a ton of wonderful local people. How very lucky I am!

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Posted by Panico on 08:40:55 12/30/98
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Caller: With all I've heard about this case, looks to me like Ramseys are going to walk

PB: I just don't know--the coin is still in the air

Caller: And with Crazy Aunt Pam and her appearances...

PB: Yeah, I heard that. She did everything but name Fleet White.